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Last updated on July 29th, 2018

How To Find Pinterest Group Boards To Boost Your Blog Traffic

Pinterest group boards are a good reason why my pins get so much traction, and why my blog traffic grows on auto-pilot, consistently each month.

I have joined several awesome group boards and consistently post my content and other blogger’s content to them with a handy online tool called Tailwind.

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For a step by step guide on how to use Tailwind and try it yourself for free, check out this post.


Why Pin To Pinterest Group Boards?

Pinning to group boards will help grow your reach, increase your blog traffic, and better your chances of ranking higher on Pinterest.

But how do you find Pinterest group boards?


How Do You Find Pinterest Group Boards?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a group boards directory on Pinterest (which would make things way easier), so you need to do a little bit of digging to find Pinterest group boards to join, yourself.

So, how do you find Pinterest group boards to join? There are a few main ways to find group boards.


how to find pinterest group boards

  1. Look at profiles of Pinterest users that you follow, check out their boards, and see if they have any boards that have multiple ‘avatar’ images of other Pinterest users on them – those are group boards!
  2. Check Facebook groups for anyone advertising their Pinterest group boards
  3. Check out, an online directory of Pinterest group boards which you can search for by niche.

How Do You Join Pinterest Group Boards?

Most group boards will mention in the description if they are currently accepting new members. If they are, it will usually list an email address that you can contact.

how to find pinterest group boards

Send them an email simply asking to be added to their board, along with your Pinterest username and email. Make sure you follow the board and the board owner’s account. The board owner is the first picture listed in the member’s list, as seen above.


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I am currently accepting new members to these Pinterest group boards:

To join any / all my boards, make sure you follow me on Pinterest and then send this form letting me know which boards you want to be invited to:



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Increase Your Pinterest Reach, Use These Apps:

It is recommended that you be pinning content at least 40 times a day in your Pinterest boards and group boards, to keep your ranking high. Pinning this much would be difficult and incredibly time-consuming to do alone, fortunately, there are scheduler apps that can pin to your group boards on auto-pilot for you! I use Tailwind to do this.



how to find pinterest group boards Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote | www.herpaperroute.comTailwind – It’s crazy how much traffic it brings in! Tailwind is a pin scheduler wiyth in-depth analytics. Tailwind is partnered with Pinterest, so it’s believed that Pinterest and Pinterest’s algorithm favors content coming in from Tailwind, and ranking those pins higher in search results.




Top tools to grow your blog & business:

Click here for the list of must-have blogging tools


Tailwind Tribes – You Should Be In Them!

In addition to joining Pinterest Group boards, you will also want to join some Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes make it easy to post to several Pinterest groups at once and are an excellent way to increase your ranking on Pinterest, FAST! Once you are invited into one you have access to thousands of other pinners who can re-pin your content quickly, and you can repin theirs. It is an encouraging way to boost and support your and your fellow blogger’s content. You will be surprised at how fast your pins get repinned once you are in a tribe.

Join My Tailwind Tribe - Creating Your Social Media Game-Plan - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote |

I have a Tailwind Tribe open for members, come join my tribe here – It’s free to join, plus you will get a free month of Tailwind too! Finding more tribes to join is easy from your Tailwind dashboard, once you are in the first one. You can also check out group boards on Facebook to see who has tribes open for new members.

What Are You Struggling With, When It Comes To Pinterest?

Let me know in the comments!

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