Improve Website Ranking In SERPs – 12 Dos & Don’ts

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In SERPs: Every time Google makes an update to its search algorithm, it’s “SERP havoc”.

SEO pros, web developers, and bloggers scramble to figure out what they’re doing right or what they’re doing wrong in the dominant eyes of Google.

Google is famously vague about what their formula for ranking websites is. It usually takes a month or two for the pros to get a sense of it and make the proper adjustments.

Thankfully, there are still proven ways to improve your website ranking in SERPs (search engine results page) no matter what.

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How Does Google Rank Websites In SERPS?

The websites that appear on the first page of Google search results are the ones that Google has determined are the most relevant and useful.

To determine this, Google’s website ranking system in a complex mathematical process.

They take into consideration more than 200 factors – most of which are not made public knowledge.

Indeed, many people attempt to figure out how to game the system to outrank their competition. But it isn’t really possible out game Google!

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Recently Google released, (pictured above) a website testing platform that offers a bit more insight into what can be done to your website, to improve website ranking.

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In SERPs – Don’ts

Here are some basic tips to increase your website ranking on Google:

  1. Don’t use tricks on your website like hidden text loaded with keywords, or cloaked pages with redirects.
  2. Don’t have multiple pages on your website with significantly similar content.
  3. Don’t ONLY use the same anchor text for all backlinks leading to your homepage.
  4. Don’t buy bulk links from web spammers.
  5. Don’t overuse keywords in articles or throughout your website.
  6. Don’t ONLY target backlinks from highly ranked websites. Diversey your backlinks!

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In SERPs – Do’s

  1. Do post as much quality original content as possible.
  2. Do write guest posts for a variety of websites with ‘do-follow’ links.
  3. Do Diversify the keywords used in links back to your site (See how to find good keywords).
  4. In addition to repeating the main keyword phrase once or twice in articles, use a few synonyms as well.
  5. Do target backlinks from highly relevant websites no matter what their PR strength is.
  6. Do get your bulk backlinks from social bookmarking sites instead of spam link networks. (see below for more info)

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What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is an off page SEO technique you can do, which entails promoting your website links on other websites.

This is a good way to gain good backlinks.


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Social bookmarking helps boost traffic as well as improve your website ranking in SERPs, thanks to faster site indexing.

Basically, you submit links to your blog posts on social sharing sites or social bookmarking sites that have high PA (page authority) as well as DA (domain authority).

Social bookmarking helps improve your website ranking because:

  • Bookmarking is is a fast way to get quality backlinks, because top bookmarking sites have high PR
  • Your website will get indexed by search engines
  • It’s a great way to generate new traffic and leads
  • It helps improve your domain authority over time
  • As well as help search engines categorize your website better

Top 50 Social Bookmarking Websites

 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

How To Improve Your Website Ranking In SERPs

These tips for ways to improve your website ranking in SERPs will help.

But above all, one of the most important things to remember is to keep learning.

SEO is a process that continues to change. You are never really ‘done’ when it comes to good SEO.

Algorithms change, competitors come and go. Old blog posts should be updated with better SEO techniques every so often.


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