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Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers – Craft/DIY, Publishing, Weddings, Creative Business Niches

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Helping bloggers earn money from their blog is what I’m all about here at HerPaperRoute! You will find a ton of resources here to help you on your path to building your full-time work from home blogging career.

Joining affiliate programs and promoting the brand’s products is a fantastic way to monetize your blog and add to your monthly income. Affiliate marketing can be extremely lucrative.

Affiliate Marketing Tip:

When you are just starting out it can feel like an uphill battle to get those first 10,000 page views, first 1000 mail subscribers, and that first $1000.

But the thing is, once you reach those first milestones it becomes easier, and your traffic, subscribers, and income will increase each month.

So hang in there! Just keep at it!


A few frequently asked questions I get about making money blogging:

“How much money can you make with affiliate programs?”

“What are some of the best affiliate programs?”

“What are some of the best high paying affiliate programs?”

“How do you join affiliate programs?”


Ok, in brief here’s the scoop on affiliate marketing…

How much money can you make with affiliate programs?

With affiliate marketing, there is no “magic number” and there is no limit to how much you can make. The commission you earn will vary depending on which brands you work with, and the products you sell.

How much you earn as an affiliate each month depends on a few things:

  • How well & often you promote the products
  • How many people  your promotions/blog posts are seen by
  • The demand, how many people want the product


What are some of the best high paying affiliate programs?

There are a ton of high paying affiliate programs (See this list of high paying affiliate programs by niche), I’ve listed the Craft/DIY, Weddings, Creative Business niches affiliate programs on this page.

What makes these programs great is that they have quality products that people want to buy, a dedicated affiliate management team to help you, high-quality creative (banners, promotional tools) and a competitive commission structure.

A brand that pays you 10% per sale may not seem like much, but if you are selling a luxury item that sells for $800, an $80 commission every time someone uses your referral is pretty sweet! So consider the price of the products you are selling, and what your commission will be.


How do you join affiliate programs?


To join any of these affiliate programs you must first:

  1. Have a ShareaSale account. It’s free!
  2. Have a blog – Here’s how to start a blog
  3. Click the program links below to sign up to each program

Becoming an affiliate is fairly easy, and you don’t need a ton of page views or followers to be approved by most companies. So even if you are a brand new blogger with a brand new blog, you can still be a successful affiliate. There’s no need to wait until you have a bigger following, you can (and should!) monetize and start earning affiliate income from day one.


Quick Tips for getting approved to affiliate programs: 

  • Your blog is live and has a few pages of content. No ‘coming soon’ or ‘under construction’ websites
  • Mention in your application your best stats (social media followers, page views ect)
  • Mention in your application how you intend to promote the brand (on your blog, your social media, ect)


Best High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers – Craft/DIY, Publishing, Weddings, Creative Business Niches

This list is updated often so bookmark this page and check back often!


Mixbook 15% per sale plus a$20 affiliate bonus

Contentmart 20% per sale plus $20 affiliate bonus

Blurb 15% per sale, plus affiliate bonus on free product

Grammarly $20 per sale, .20 per lead, $25 affiliate post bonus

CreativeLive 30% recurring

ASOS 5% plus multiple global markets

Sizzix 15% per sale

Cricut 12% per sale

IdeaChic 15% per sale

Zazzle 15% per sale

Stella & Dot $100 per lead (if you recruit a stylist), 12% per sale

Professional Resume Writing Services 30% per sale

LogoNerds 25% per sale + 5% affiliate bonus


More High Paying Affiliate Programs

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High Paying Affiliate Programs Bloggers Can Join - Make Money Blogging - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote |




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