10 Easy Ways To Stay Organized

10 Small Tips To Get You More Organized

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you were a bit more organized? If you were able to find the thing you always lose, or if you’re working from home, to have the mental clarity of a clean and organized workspace?

A disorganized place means a disorganized mind.

You might not be able to feel 100 percent organized every minute of every day, but by forming good organizational habits and establishing a solid daily routine, you can definitely feel more organized most of the time.

Here are 10 small tips that can help you get more organized in your everyday life.

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10 Easy Ways To Stay Organized

1. Unsubscribe from unwanted emails.

Taking the time to unsubscribe can save you time in the long term if you’re searching for important emails, as deleting and unsubscribing allows you to have clutter-free and organized email accounts.

I definitely find it helpful to remove unwanted emails as soon as I spot a spammer.

When I started blogging, I signed up for a lot of services and then had to unsubscribe from a lot of them. It’s tiring when people send you emails every day saying the same thing.

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2. Declutter Your Workspace.

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind; I don’t know about you, but I just can’t achieve peak productivity levels when my workspace is all cluttered up.

An organized workspace and home can help you with limiting distractions around you, and thus being more productive.

Make it a habit of tidying up your workspace every morning before you start working or better after you finish working/studying in the evenings.

3. Keep A Password Journal.

When everything is online nowadays, creating passwords is a necessity.

And if you aren’t using one password for all of your apps and Social Media accounts, trying to remember every single password becomes a huge problem.

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Keeping a journal with your passwords is a great way to organize this important information in one place.

You can keep track of all your passwords and when you last updated or changed them. 

4. Set reminders.

Numerous studies have shown that the average human being can hold only up to 7 things in their short-term memory.

That means…Nobody has a perfect memory and most of us will forget to make *that* call or complete *that* task when we have other things and distractions going on in our lives.

That’s why it’s beneficial to set up alarms and reminders, firstly to build good healthy habits, but most importantly to remind us of important tasks we have to do.

Just like with To-Do lists, there isn’t a perfect way to set up reminders.

It can be anything from an alarm on your phone to old-fashion post-it notes on your fridge or desk, whatever you find that works best for you.

5. Have A Digital Declutter.

Have a day every week or once a month and sit down and go through your digital devices.

Unfollow the accounts you no longer want to follow, and remove old photos, screenshots, and notes you no longer want/need.

Also, take some time rearranging your computer files and desktop, to keep it neat and only the necessary apps/folders you actually use. This is my desktop at this moment:

Some of the chaos we feel in our lives is the result of too much stuff, too much to do, too much to think about.

Consider this when aiming to organize your life: less is more. 

6. Do a brain dump.

A brain dump is writing everything you’re thinking of in your mind. From the most stressful one to the smallest, unimportant thought.

This will help you clear up your mind from running thoughts, distracting you, and making you less organized, thus less productive and focused on your tasks.

Also, a great tip is to have once a week a To-Do brain dump, where you put all your tasks in one place, instead of having small little lists on your phone or your desk.

7. Automate.

Think about the areas in your life where you spend time doing manual work that an app or website could do instead.

Here are a few areas in your life that you can automate:

  • Personal finance (e.g. paying bills, investments, etc.)
  • Work (e.g. sending emails, coordinating projects, booking, etc.)
  • Home (e.g. grocery shopping, meal prep, furniture assembly, etc.)

Organize your life by setting up automation that removes the active effort and frees up your time and energy.

8. Set a weekly declutter session.

Look, homes get messy, period. Dishes, clothes all over the place, unnecessary paper, dust, you know it.

Make a habit to set an evening aside from your week to clean out and organize your space.

A clean and tidy space means a clean and tidy mind which will enable you to be productive. Less clutter equals fewer distractions, at least for me.

9. dedicate A Day To Plan Your Week Ahead.

Time-blocking a day of the week (or a morning or evening) is a great practice you have to start doing. It can save you tons of time and stress during workdays, because you’ll know from the start what tasks you need to tackle, instead of wondering and wasting time thinking about what to do next.

I like to plan out my weeks on Sundays, so I can step into Monday with motivation and a plan to follow. You can check what a productive Sunday looks like for me.

10. Stop Trying to be perfect.

For many of us, an “all-or-nothing” attitude can be a source of self-sabotage.

When we fail to meet the unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves, we throw in the towel altogether.

By understanding the impact of incremental progress and the power of compounding effort, we can be more realistic and get more out of life.

The thing is, those perfectionist tendencies you have are going to kill your productivity.

This happens because you spend more time on tasks than necessary, trying to add every little bit of last magic to your work, when often, it just doesn’t matter!

Unrealistic plans set us up for a walk of shame and regret when we ultimately fall short of our goals.

Make consistency a part of your life and get used to imperfection.

I know this is easier said than done but, stop being a perfectionist; know when a job/project/task is done, and move on to the next one!

10 Easy Ways To Stay Organized – Conclusion

Which of these tips do you already practice? And which are you going to try?

Let me know in the comment section down below!

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