How I Made $8,426 In March 2018 Blogging


Hey friends! It’s time to look back on the past month and account for how my blogs and business did.
March 2018 was a busy month for both HerPaperRoute and my beauty blog BeautyIsCrueltyFree, with several site updates and changes.

Update – I have since sold the beauty blog – you can read about that hereFor my most recent income reports, see here!

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Blog Income Report March 2018: Here’s How I Made $8,426 Blogging This Month

This post is a blog income report & blog progress report. You can view all of my blog income reports here.

My total income for the month of March before expenses is $8,426. I’ve listed everything I did to get there in this post, below.

blog income report how to make money blogging - affiliate marketing course how to make money blogging


Blog Income Report March 2018: Here’s How I Made $8,426 Blogging This Month

If you are thinking of starting a blog, or if you have a blog but are stuck trying to figure out how to make money from it, enroll in my free ‘Start A Blog & Monetize It’ course.

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Why Do A Blog Income Report?

Everyone should do a monthly blog report to track your income, traffic, and progress, regardless if you post is publicly or not.
It is so important to reflect on how things are going, and see what areas you need to improve on.


I post these income reports as a way to stay accountable, stay focused on my goals, and keep tabs on how my business is doing, and how it can be better.

I started my blogs with the goal of making $2000 per month, so that I could stay home with my baby, never have to put him in daycare, and never have to return to the job I hated.
Before I knew just how possible making a real income from home was, I felt trapped and unfulfilled.


My only regret about starting a blog is not doing it sooner.



Blogging Rules, Real Talk

I am still growing, and still developing my life as an online entrepreneur.
But I get to stay home and work braless, in my PJs (which is awesome, let’s be honest!), while hanging out with my kid each day, all while earning an income doing something creative, fun and fulfilling.

I hope that if you are an aspiring online entrepreneur reading this, you will be inspired knowing that you can make a living as a blogger too.

You just have to start!


Making Money As A Blogger

It is worth noting that although I have over a decade experience in marketing, (I worked as a corporate marketing strategist for more than 10 years before quitting to blog fulltime last year), you don’t need that much experience to make money as a blogger.

If you have the desire to start a blog, and the dedication to put in the work to develop it is a business, you can be successful.

It just takes a little time and a whole lot of belief in yourself.

My education and background in marketing helps me make money blogging, as far as the marketing my business side goes, but it isn’t necessary!

Check out my MakeMoney Blogging Guides, that’s where I share all of my blogging, marketing and money-making advice via free guides and training.

To put yourself on the fast-track to developing your blog as a business and earning money with affiliate marketing, enroll in my profitable blogging course Be Your Own Blog Boss, which covers blog development, affiliate marketing, email marketing and more.


Blog Income Report: Ok, So How Did March Look?


Website Design

This month I gave both HerPaperRoute and BeautyIsCrueltyFree mini makeovers, improved their homepages with nice new images, cleaned up some messy older pages, and got serious about my footers.



In March my page views went up 30% on both sites, thanks to my Pinterest strategies, which I wrote about here. I am using Tailwind to automate pins to over 100 group boards, as well as taking full advantage of my Tailwind Tribes.

Using both of these tools has been sending a ton of traffic each day to my websites from Pinterest. Actually, 90% of my traffic overall! I manually pin a bit each day too.

I feel like I have Pinterest sorted out at the minute, and so my traffic goals moving forward are to focus on organic search traffic. I am tightening up my on-page SEO and seeing where I can improve it.


The Blogs

I spent most of my energy in the second half of March planning my marketing attack for the April release of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. So I didn’t publish as many posts as usual, nor did I do as much manual promotion of my websites or services.

As a result, my blog income dipped a bit this month from last, but it’s OK because all of that Ultimate Bundle planning paid off in April, which I can tell you about next month.


Top Posts In March @


Bluehost start a blog


Blog Income Report: Month Of March 2018 = $8,426

Total Before Expenses $8,426


* Sponsored Posts & Advertising – The majority of this is from brand-sponsored posts on my Instagram, where I am paid a flat fee to promote a brand that I am partnered with. I have a small Instagram account, yet make a good income from it by way of micro-influencer marketing. I chat about micro-influencer marketing strategies in this interview.

** Services – This is a combination of the services that I provide to clients such as building websites, developing social media campaigns, giving blog audits, and 1:1 blog mentorship/coaching. To inquire about any of these services and to hire me, send me a message.





  • Webhosting: Bluehost $2.95 (That link gives you 60% off!)
  • BoardBooster – $20 (An absolute MUST for Pinterest traffic. See my guide on that here.)
  • Tailwind – Paid for a year
  • ConvertKit – Paid for a year (The best tool for your email list management)
  • Smarterqueue $22 (This is the best social media automation tool, ever)

The above-mentioned expenses are crucial to the growth and success of my blog. I don’t know where I’d be without ConvertKit as it’s tools have made it possible for me to easily grow and manage my list across all the different campaigns I run. (Check out my guide to email marketing and get ConvertKit free for a month here.)

Equally as important is the social media automation app Smarterqueue. It constantly posts and then re-posts my posts and links as evergreen content across social media, without me having to do a thing. You can try it free here.

Additional expenses to consider are that I am a self-employed person, so 20%+ of my year-end income will go to taxes, along with healthcare insurance and other self-employed related expenses.



Guest Posts & Press

This past month I was featured in the ‘Side Hustle Success‘ series at I got to chat about how I developed my small niche cruelty-free beauty blog into $5,000+ per month business within a few months of launching.


chelsea clarke interview side hustle success


Also in March, I was featured on, alongside 20 other online entrepreneurs, discussing how video content plays an important role in social media marketing.


21 Expert Opinions On Using Video Content_


Since they used the photo of me with my baby, I think l should have mentioned in this interview just how difficult making videos is when you have a toddler – since actually producing videos is the most difficult part of my business right now because of it!

A lot of my blog school students and blog mentorship clients have young kids and say they struggle with wishing they could create video content for their websites and social marketing, but it is such a pain trying to do it with a screaming squirming mini human in the room!

On that note, it is a goal of mine to develop my little Youtube channel into a more useful resource with more videos, but finding a quiet moment these days to put makeup on, shoot and then concentrate on editing honestly is a stretch!

I am considering instead, starting a podcast….maybe that is something I will explore in the months to come.


How Was Your Month

What worked for you? What didn’t? Do you do a monthly income blog report?

Let me know on Instagram @HerPaperRoute!





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