The Brave At Business Bundle

The ultimate bundle of business growth and CEO wellness resources, valued at over $2,200!

Your mental health and well-being are just as important as the success of your business.

Life as an entrepreneur, especially as a busy CEO, can be incredibly demanding, and it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of responsibilities. 

We believe that a healthy and balanced CEO is a thriving CEO. 

So, take the step today towards nurturing your mental health while growing your business. 

Embrace the opportunity to transform your entrepreneurial journey and live a fulfilling and harmonious life.

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Unlock The Ultimate Resource Kit That Helps You Balance Both.

See What’s Included:

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Sales Funnel Solved

Online course by HerPaperRoute

Unlock a complete sales funnel system for your business, one that works 24/7 behind the scenes to attract, convert, retarget, and re-convert customers into your business again and again. [more info]

Regular Price: $600 – Included!

become a course creator training

Course Creation Kickstart

Online course by HerPaperRoute

Go from burnt-out service provider to confident course creator in the next 30 days. Even if you can’t spend 20 hours a week working on your course, are worried no one will buy it, and don’t feel like enough of an expert to teach online. [more info]

Regular Price: $997 – Included!

launch training

The Launch Vault

Online course by HerPaperRoute

All the templates and swipe files you need to successfully launch your thing. [more info]

Regular Price: $297 – Included!

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Affiliate Marketing Profit Planner

eBook by HerPaperRoute

9-Step success guide to grow your affiliate income. [more info]

Regular Price: $29 – Included!

wellness resources

The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring

Online course by Well & Wealthy

The practical step-by-step system which helps you up-level your self-worth, know that you are enough and, love and accept yourself exactly as you are. So, you will finally have the confidence to create and nurture the life you’ve always wanted and know in your heart is right for you. [more info]

Regular Price: $67 – Included!

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The Pitch Pack

Online course by Boss Pitch Packs

Everything you need to pitch yourself to potential brand sponsors and clients with confidence.

Regular Price: $97 – Included!

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Get It Done With a Smile Deluxe Planner Kit

Online course + planner by Well & Wealthy

Perfect for anyone who loves a planner, but has yet to find one that integrates effective self-care, mental health awareness AND simple life organization methods, without becoming overwhelming to use. Includes digital and printable planners for daily routine planning, meal planning, goal setting, master to-do lists and more. [learn more]

Regular Price: $72 – Included!

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Sales Funnel Email Swipe Copy

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Tripwire Funnel Workshop

sales funnel solved page templates

Sales Page Templates

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AD Retargeting Guide​


How to Use Affirmations to Improve Your Self-Worth Guide


Offer Mockup Templates


Printable Self-Worth Affirmations Wall Art 


30-Day Printable Positivity Journal (with prompts for each day!)

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6-Figure Sales Page Kit

You Get:

  • Sales Funnel Solved course ($600 value)
  • Course Creation Kickstart course ($997 value)
  • The Launch Vault ($297 value)
  • Thrivecart Funnel Starter Kit ($49 value)
  • Affiliate Marketing Profit Planner ($29 value)
  • The Seven Step System to Send Your Self-Worth Soaring Course ($65 value)
  • The Pitch Pack ($97 value)
  • Get It Done With a Smile Deluxe Planner Kit ($72 value)

Total Value: $2,206

Regular Price: $600

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Each product chosen to be in the bundle was chosen specifically for people like you, who want to grow their business while prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

It’s a comprehensive collection that combines expert guidance, practical strategies, and a supportive community to help you navigate the challenges of life  without sacrificing your mental health.

When you have this bundle, you’ll learn:

45 Peaceful Sleep Affirmations to Say Before Bed

Mindfulness Techniques

Discover practical mindfulness exercises and stress management strategies to help you stay centered and focused, even during the busiest of days. Learn how to create space for yourself, reduce overwhelm, and find a sense of inner calm.

Growth Vs Fixed Mindset: What's the difference?

Self-Care Rituals

Explore the importance of self-care and establish rituals that nourish your mind, body, and soul. From setting boundaries and practicing self-compassion to incorporating exercise, nutrition, and rejuvenating activities into your routine, you’ll discover how to recharge and replenish yourself.

15 Best Online Research Jobs to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Income Boosters

Step-by-step training on how to create a digital product to sell, and how to set it up in a sales funnel that can generate income for you WITHOUT you having to be at the wheel 24/7.

25+ Creative Morning Journal Prompts To Kickstart Your Day

Time Management & Productivity

Master the art of efficient time management to optimize your productivity and create a healthy work-life integration. We’ll share valuable tips and tools that will help you streamline your workflow, delegate effectively, and make the most of your precious time.


A ‘bundle’ is when you get access to a huge resource library of digital products, at a huge discount. The Brave At Business Bundle is a collection of eCourses, ebooks/digital and printable planners, and templates to help you thrive as the CEO of your company.

We know! It is a crazy amount of value for such a low price. But yes it’s 100% for real. The way it’s possible is because we only sell the bundle for one week. 

This flash deal allows you to score a huge discount, and it allows the contributors in the bundle to reach an all new audience. After the sale week ends, each product goes back to being sold individually at full price. 

There’s no catch, aside from the fact that if you don’t buy it during the sale week, you miss out!

Yes, when you buy the Bundle, you get lifetime access to each program in the bundle. Just make sure that you enroll in each course before June 25 2024.

No, of course not. You can choose to use just the products that make sense for your business. And since you have lifetime access to each product, and they are all self-paced, you can take your time, and use the products on a schedule that works for you.

The Bundle contains instant downloads and content from multiple businesses, and the passes are all digital, so refunds are not available. All sales are final. Please read all the details before you purchase and contact us at if you have any questions.

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