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Complete List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Complete List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags: Instagram has some strict rules about hashtag abuse, and they have a collection of banned hashtags that if you use could cause serious problems for your account. have you been shadowbanned?

Get your copy of the banned Instagram hashtags list below.

The Complete list of banned hashtags on #Instagram. Heres What You Need To Know - Have You Been #Shadowbanned - #bannedhashtags #instagrammarketing @HerPaperRoute|


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Complete List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Any hashtag that is offensive, spammy or overused may be added to the ‘no-no,’ list and if you use it, it will either result in your image appearing in fewer search results, or not show up in any search results at all.

A completely banned Instagram hashtag may get you shadowbanned!

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Download The Complete List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

You can download the list of banned or restricted Instagram hashtags below. Warning: Some of the words may be offensive to some readers.

Many of the words are slang or curse words, as you would expect to be banned. Interestingly enough, there are many harmless-seeming words that are banned too!

What could happen if you use any of these hashtags? If you use any of these hashtags your post will not appear in search results, and your account may be targeted for a shadowban.


Download The Complete List Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

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How Do You Know If You’ve Been Shadowbanned? 

Log into Instagram from a different account, which doesn’t follow your account, then look up one of your recent hashtags.

If your image doesn’t show up in that hashtag’s search results when viewing from a different account, there is a good chance you have been shadowbanned.

Alternatively, you could ask someone who isn’t following you to check if your posts appear for them via their account.


How To Get Un-Shadowbanned, And How To Avoid Being Shadowbanned In The Future

If you have been shadowbanned, the good news is there are a few ways to un-shadowban yourself, and ways to prevent yourself from being shadowbanned in the future. See my step-by-step guide on how to un-shadowban yourself here.

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