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How to Do the 100 Dollar Challenge [with Printable]

Are you brand new to saving money? Does it seem impossible to save even a few dollars?

By the end of the 100 dollar challenge, you’ll realize how easy and totally doable it is to save. Check out how to simplify your savings and get some extra money in your bank account.

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How You Can Save 100 Dollars In 30 Days

The object of this savings challenge is to save up $100 quickly, in 30 days. This is simple to do if you follow this plan. 

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  1. Day 1-5, save up $1 per day.
  2. Days 6-10, save $2 every day.
  3. Days 11-15, save $3 for each day.
  4. Days 16-20, save $4 per day.
  5. Days 21-30, save up $5 every day.

All of this will add up to that extra $100. Then you’ll have some extra room in your budget, and you can start saving up more and more money.

How Can I Save $100 Fast?

When you need to save up money quickly, it can be hard to know what to do first. Maybe you have an unexpected bill or something that’s going to cost more than usual.

You can use the 100 dollar challenge to save up that extra money in just a month’s time.  And if you don’t think $100 will be enough and you’d like to save up more, you can easily double or possibly triple the amounts for each day, saving much more in the span of 30 days.

Why Saving $100 is Important

Maybe you have tons of debt or big savings goals, and $100 doesn’t seem like it will help. However, there are many benefits to this challenge. Here’s why it can be useful to you.

1. Saving for 30 Days Changes Your Mindset About Money

$100 is a great amount to begin with because it’s manageable and also changes your mindset about money. It gets you into a mindset of saving and helps you to start thinking of saving as an option, even if it’s something that’s new to you.

2. Develops a Consistent Saving Habit

If you like to save money but staying consistent has been a battle, this challenge can really help you out. Since you are saving some amount of money every single day, you’ll start to get into a habit

3. Once the Savings Habit is Developed, You Can Continue to Save Larger Amounts of Money

There’s no difference between the habit of saving $1 or $100. Once you’ve formed the habit, you’ll be able to save larger and larger amounts of money.

The most difficult part is forming the mindset and habit, but once that’s done, you’ll easily up your savings rate.

Why the 30-Day Savings Challenge Works

There are lots of reasons why the 100 dollar challenge really works. Here are the top points.

1. It Starts Small, So You Feel Successful Right Away

It’s pretty simple to save $1 a day, which is how you start out for this challenge. That being the case, it’s easy to succeed and difficult not to.

So right away, you’re going to feel like you’re winning, and this will help you to keep moving forward with the challenge.

2. Use a Printable Chart to Keep You on Track

A printable can really help you to track your progress and stay focused. Since the challenge starts off easy, and you’ll have a way to organize your savings using the printable, this whole process is going to be much easier for you.

$9 Debt Payoff Savings Challenge Bundle Printables -3

Use this 100 Dollars Savings Jar printable to help you keep track.

How to Save $1000 in 30 Days?

You’ve decided that saving $100 in 30 days isn’t near enough. How can you save $1000 in 30 days instead?

First of all, this is a big goal. It shows initiative, and it may be very necessary for your financial situation. Here are some ideas to help you.

1. Once You’ve Developed the Savings Mindset, it’s Easier to Save Larger Amounts

Step one, get your brain on board. Make sure your thought process supports a savings mindset.

You might want to start the first month by saving $100 and then save $1000 after you’ve had time to get into the right mindset.

2. Be Determined

The second thing to remember is to be determined. Focus on your goal and keep that $1000 set in your mind. Knowing what you want and being focused on getting there is most of the battle.

3. Use this Printable to Save $1000 in 30 Days

Last, use this printable to save up your $1000 in 30 days. It’s simple to keep track of and will help you to keep everything visually organized.

Tips for Successfully Completing the $100 Challenge

There are a few ground rules for completing the 100 dollar challenge. Use these guidelines to be successful and save up that $100 fast!

1. Pay Yourself First

When you do this challenge, whether the day calls for $1 saved or $5, pay yourself first. This money is for you and your future, so save this before you do anything else with your budget.

Having your savings taken care of means that you won’t be wondering where that money should come from later on. 

2. Use a Chart to Help Keep You Motivated 

Next, use a chart to keep you on track and focused. This printable can easily help with this and is the most efficient method.

3. Mix Up the Challenge, so All the Small and Large Amounts Aren’t Together

You don’t have to save the amounts in order. As long as you do save all the money by the end of the month, you could save $3 on day 1, $1 the next day, and so forth.

This will help break up the larger amounts and keep things exciting and fresh as you save.

4. Start with the Large Amounts First While Your Motivation is the Highest and Work Backward

Another way to stay motivated is to start off with the most difficult part of the challenge. Do your $5 savings days first, then your $4 ones, etc.

Then you can easily get the most difficult part out of the way before the saving inspiration runs out.

The $100 Savings Challenge is a Good Way to Start Saving

The 100 dollar challenge is an excellent way to begin saving, whether you are new to adding money to that savings account or you’re a pro at storing up funds for the future. It’s simple to start when you use our printable, and best of all, that money can help you reach some of your financial goals faster than ever.

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