100 Envelope Challenge Tracker (Printable)

Save your way to over 5000 with the 100 Envelope Challenge!  This money-saving challenge is a fun way to create a new savings habit over 100 days.  

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How to do the 100 Envelope challenge:

  1. Label 100 envelopes from 1 to 100. 
  2. Mix the envelopes up and place them into a box.  Every day, randomly choose a new envelope.  
  3. Place the cash savings into your envelope on a daily basis.  The number on the envelope is how much money should go inside.  For example, envelope 5 should have 5 dollars saved.
  4. Color the corresponding envelope using colored pencils on the printable pdf form.
  5. Once the 100 days are up, you’ll have over 5k saved!

This challenge can be intense but in slightly over 3 months, you can have a good amount of money saved.  This can be perfect for a starter fund, car fund, gift fund, or other sinking funds.  

Alternative ways to use the 100 envelope challenge are:

  • Pick 2 envelopes a week
  • Pull 2 envelopes every paycheck

These two 100 Envelope Challenge variations will take longer to complete but many people find them more manageable.

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PDF Document, US Letter size 8.5x11in

What You’ll Receive:

One PDF copy of the unfilled black and white 100 envelope challenge printable.

*This is a printable file and no physical products will be mailed to you.  For your personal use only.

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