Black and White Dots Budget Envelopes Printable (Low Ink)

Cash envelope budgeting is so easy to do!  This is what makes it perfect for beginner-budgeters.  You tangibly see what money you have to spend where.  

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Need to head to the grocery store?  Check your grocery envelope to see how much you can spend.  Need to take your dog to the groomer?  See if you have the cash.

Cash budgeting can drastically help you stop overspending and eliminate your reliance on credit cards.  You simply only spend the cash that you have on hand for each category.  

These cash envelopes can help you:

  • Save money in sinking funds.
  • Stop overspending on your credit card.
  • Think critically about whether you need an item or not.
  • Allows you to track your cash by using the tracker on the back of each envelope.


PDF, US Letter size 8.5x11in

What you’ll receive:

One PDF document containing the 8 versions of the black and white dots cash envelopes plus instructions.  

Also Included: A 3rd party release agreement so that you can bring the file to be professionally printed for personal use without copyright issues.

print at home cash envelopes

*This is a printable file and no physical products will be mailed to you.  For your personal use only.