Sell More By Adding Bonuses To Your Offer

Sell More By Adding Upsells To Your Offer

Want to know the best trick to sell more courses and affiliate offers?

…Easy! You will sell more by adding upsells to your offers! That is when you do it strategically.

An upsell is an additional offer that can be added on to the main offer. Giving the customer more options to increase their cart value!

How To Sell More By Adding Upsells To Your Offer

If you’ve created a course before, you’ve probably included some upsells (or at least thought about including them).

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Or maybe, you’re brand new to creating offers and you have no idea what upsells are or how to choose the right ones.

Either way, the upsells you choose will help you sell more —but only if they’re strategic.

Why Use Upsells to Sell Your Courses?

Selling online courses is a popular way to make money online. Put them together and it’s a recipe for success.

If you want to sell more, it’s important to make your offer stand out from the crowd by getting a potential customer excited.

Building a multi-million dollar business means that you put effort into putting together solid sales funnels.

I specialize in sales funnel marketing – and it’s what I teach my clients in detail, inside my group program.

As a client of ours, you’ll be led hand by hand and shown how to create your own offers, bonus packages, and a solid sales funnel that sells.

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5 Types Of Upsells You Can Add to Your Online Course

There are really five categories of upsells you can create for your online course.

But – you could also use these as included bonuses to increase the perceived value of your offer, and with it increase conversions, too.

Digital Downloadable Resource

First, you can create a digital downloadable resource of some kind. This could be an eBook or a workbook. I create lots of swipe files in my courses, which let people “swipe” copy from my own launches or sales pages.

You could also create a template of some sort. These types of downloads are a great way to entice people so you can sell more easily.

Extra Video Content

Second, you could include some extra videos. Video content could be an extra lesson or additional module in addition to the core content in your course.

People love feeling like they’re receiving something special, and extra videos are a phenomenal way to create that feeling.

Additional Masterclass Or Workshop

The third type of upsell you could create is some kind of mini-course, masterclass, or workshop in addition to the actual course content.

This could even be something that you repurpose, like an older workshop you no longer sell that ties in really nicely with one of your new courses.

This type of repurposing is a really great strategy to sell online courses. It saves you time and effort while helping entice people to sign up for the course for this extra content!

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Offer Extra Personalized Support

The fifth option is to include some kind of extra support for your students, positioned as an upsell. This could be a special one-on-one call with you or a call in a small group atmosphere on Zoom.

You could also include an exclusive Facebook Group for course members, like a student community. That’s a very popular upsell (and a really great one).

Some people even sell online courses with the additional of Voxer support for a limited period of time. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a walkie-talkie app with text and voice memos.

To do an upsell this way, offer the first few students who enroll in your course a few weeks of Voxer access to you for questions, tips, and support. Another option for this type of upsell is a Q&A call for your students.

Some people host weekly or monthly office hour sessions. There are so many ways to get creative with upsells.

Sell More By Adding Upsells To Your Offer – Conclusion

Think about what stands out to you, feels feasible to offer, and aligns with your course!

If you want to learn more about building an awesome offer that will have people falling over themselves to buy from you, apply for a spot inside the HerPaperRoute Society

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