flowers Unique Sinking Funds Tracker Coloring Sheets Printables

8 Unique Sinking Funds Tracker Coloring Sheets Printables

Not sure how to keep track of all your sinking funds? Having savings goals are great but it can get overwhelming to have lots of savings accounts.

The simple alternative is to keep track of all your sinking funds using fun and inexpensive sinking funds tracker printables! Below I’ve listed the best ones you can find.

Don’t have time to read? Go here to see all the sinking fund trackers right now.

What is a Sinking Fund?

Before you can use a sinking fund, you first have to know what a sinking fund is. Basically, a sinking fund is a set amount of money you set aside for a specific goal.

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This can be for fun things like vacation savings but can also be for known upcoming amounts of money. For instance, you know you have to pay your car insurance or life insurance premiums every year.

In some cases, you can get a discount for paying it in full instead of monthly payments. So you’d start a sinking fund where you divide the total amount of your premium amount by the number of months you have before it’s due.

Example: If your annual car insurance premium is $1,000, you’d need to put $83.33 per month into your car insurance sinking fund in order to have enough saved by the time it’s due.

Ok, now onto the best sinking fund trackers.

1. Bee $1,000 Savings Tracker

savings challenge pay down deby bee honeycombs

This adorable bee savings tracker is perfect for saving up for a $1000 sinking fund. Each honeycomb is labeled with a number.

Once your savings reaches the number on the honeycomb, you can color it in. There are 100 honeycombs in total and they increase in $10 increments.

This coloring worksheet works great for tracking your starter emergency fund and other sinking funds. Check it out here.

Saving more than $1000? You can get a blank honeycomb bee tracker here.

2. Umbrella Rainy Day Fund Tracker

rainy day debt pay off challenge coloring sheets

This umbrella rainy day fund tracker is fully customizable to any amount you want to save. There are 50 raindrops so divide your total money savings goal by 50 in order to determine the value of each raindrop.

As you save, color in the raindrops as you reach the savings threshold. Check it out here.

3. $500 Unicorn Cloud Savings Tracker

unicorn cloud coloring sheet savings printable

This sinking funds tracker helps you save $500. Each part of the picture equals a different amount of money.

As you save money, you can color in the scene. This is perfect for anyone who loves unicorns, adults and children alike. Check it out here.

4. Savings Thermometer

pay off debt coloringchallenge

This savings thermometer sinking funds tracker is perfect for saving up for your emergency fund, Dave Ramsey baby steps 1, vacations, birthday gift funds, Christmas presents, and more.

You get the navy blue and light green version as shown below as well as a plain black and white version if you prefer not to print in color. This savings thermometer is entirely customizable to fit whatever sinking fund goal you’re trying to reach. Check it out here.

5. Savings Jar

debt pay off challenge jar

This adorable savings jar sinking funds tracker is filled with 100 marbles for you to color in. This savings tracker is easy for kids to use which makes it great for teaching about financial literacy and savings goals.

Simply divide your total savings goal by 100 in order to find out what each marble equals. Then as you save, color in the marbles. Check it out here.

6. House Savings Tracker

house down payment savings coloring sheets

Are you saving for a downpayment on a house? This house savings tracker makes the long boring task of saving money for a home actually fun and motivating.

When you have large money goals, having a visual you can hang somewhere where you’ll see it every day is a huge step in keeping you motivated instead of worn out. As you save up your downpayment, color in the bricks.

There are 100 bricks total making it easy to divide your total savings goal by 100 to find out how much each brick is worth. Check it out here.

7. Unicorn Savings Tracker

unicorn sinking fund coloring sheet printable

This fun sinking fund tracker is great for adults and kids alike. If you love unicorns, this savings tracker is for you.

You can use the coloring sheet for any sinking fund amount, simply divide your savings goal by 10 to find out what each line is worth. As you save, color in the unicorn until you reach your goal. Check it out here.

8. Mason Jar Savings Tracker

One of the original sinking fund trackers that you can use for any savings amount. You can even print off multiple copies to have a tracker for each savings goal.

fireflydebttrackerflatlayonnotebooks_360x sinking fund tracker

Divide your total amount by 10 to find out what each line equals. Color in the mason jar as you save. Check it out here.

Examples of Sinking Funds

Wondering what sinking fund categories you can use these for? Here are some examples:

  • Medical (max out of pocket amount, future surgery)
  • Dentist/ Vision Expenses
  • Pets (upcoming vet expenses)
  • Vacation Savings
  • Home Maintenance
  • HOA Dues
  • School Tuition
  • Property Taxes
  • Christmas Spending
  • Birthday Gifts

These are only a few ideas. For a more complete list, check out these 21 sinking fund categories you should be using in your budget.

Sinking Funds Savings Trackers For All Your Needs

Now that you know about all of the sinking fund trackers available, you can make a plan to tackle your savings goals. Staying organized will help keep you on track with your money and these coloring trackers will give you a boost of motivation along the way.

Even better is that all of these trackers are digital downloads so you can print them off immediately at home to start using today. And once you download the file, you can reprint the tracker again and again whenever you set a new savings goal.

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