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Where to Get Quarters [10 Easy Places]

While most of us don’t like to carry a lot of change around, quarters are still pretty useful. They are great to have for vending machines, sometimes parking meters, and other essentials or conveniences.

Or you may need them to do laundry. Most of us have a few quarters in our wallets, but what if you need to get a bunch of quarters quickly?

It can seem like the most inconvenient thing in the world to not have quarters when you need them. Are they easy to find? I’ll answer the question of where to get quarters with these ten easy places.

Where Can I Get Quarters Besides a Bank?

Sure, you can always grab some quarters from a bank. But this can be time-consuming, especially if there’s a line and you’re in a hurry.

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Plus, you may need to have an account with that bank sometimes. Where else can you get change?

Lots of places, it turns out. There are many places that are able to give you change, and there are likely more than what I’ll mention here.

Remember that the best way to find out is to ask, so ask the cashier if you’re at a store. They will probably be happy to give you some quarters in exchange for bills.

If you need a lot of quarters but don’t want to go to the bank, you can try stopping by an ATM for some dollar bills. Then try out a few of the places on this list to get the maximum amount of quarters.

While convenience stores and gas stations may not have a ton of change, going to more than one place can get you what you need. If you can find a couple of locations near each other to get change from, it shouldn’t even take too long, so you can still do this quickly.

Where to Get Quarters Quickly?

1. Laundromat

Turns out one of the places you’ll need quarters most often will usually carry them. You can get quarters from the laundromat sometimes.

They may have an exchange machine to turn bills into quarters. This is super convenient if your laundromat has one.

It can save you some time if you need the quarters to do laundry. If there is no exchange machine, you can use some other suggestions as long as you plan ahead. 

2. Grocery Store

This is an easy way to get quarters. Usually, you should buy something, so that you’re a paying customer and then they may be more inclined to help you.

One way is to ask for change at checkout. Another way is to ask at customer service.

This might be a better idea than the first, although either way, it’s best to try this if you don’t need a whole bunch of quarters. Definitely not more than $10 worth.

Again, customer service desks are going to be your best bet for this.

3. Bank

This is a tried and true method for getting quarters. Banks will probably keep the most money on hand out of all the places listed here.

So if you need a large number of quarters, this will be the best place to find them. You may be able to go to a random bank, but you may have an easier time if you have an account.

Opt for your own bank whenever possible. Banks usually have quarter rolls equal to ten dollars, and you can exchange there for as many quarters as you need.

You might try planning a regular trip to the bank to pick up all the quarters you’ll need for some time.

4. Gas Station

Gas stations may be able to give you quarters, as well. This is one of the fastest ways to get quarters, so it’s a convenient method when you’re rushed.

Remember, they may not have all that many quarters on hand. You will probably need to buy something small and then get change.

You can also just ask them if they’ll exchange dollars for quarters, but it’s more polite to buy something.

5. Pharmacy

A pharmacy may have some quarters available for you to exchange your dollars for. This isn’t recommended if you need a lot of change, though.

But it’s a good option, and it can be more convenient than other things. You may need to make a purchase. So just stop by a place like Walgreens or CVS to see if they can help you out.

6. Arcade

Some arcades have change machines. This is one of the better places to get quarters because you might get a larger amount than from other places.

But it isn’t always the easiest option. It is worth looking into if there’s an arcade close to where you live or in a convenient location.

7. Car wash

Car washes have change machines that can be helpful. It can serve two purposes if you also need to wash your car.

Car washes are pretty common, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one close by, either. Just use one of their machines to exchange for quarters.

8. Ask a friend

If you are really in a bind and nothing is open, you can ask a friend if they have some quarters they’d exchange for dollars. Most people would be happy to do this because carrying around change can be annoying and heavy.

This is a pretty simple way to get quarters, but you’ll be limited to whatever your friend has on hand. You could ask them if they keep a change jar or have a lot of change in their car.

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9. Fast food establishment

Simply ask the cashier if they have some change in the register and can give you quarters. You will probably need to buy something, in which case you can ask for your change in quarters.

Keep in mind that they may be limited in what they have, though.

10. Vending machine

A vending machine will sometimes give you some quarters back if you insert a bill. But you will have to buy something.

However, if you use a larger bill, you can possibly get your change back in quarters. But vending machines often have issues with not giving change back, so use caution.

Can I Get Coins from an ATM?

Typically ATMs give dollar bills, not quarters. An ATM really isn’t designed for giving back coins, so it could be a waste of time.

It may be challenging to get quarters from an ATM, so I’d recommend choosing another way to get change.

Where to Get Quarters During a Coin Shortage?

This can be tricky, especially when some places have turned to using tokens instead of regular change for their machines. During a coin shortage, you may need to get creative to find quarters.

You can still try a couple of the above suggestions, like asking a friend or going to the bank. These places are the best ones to look at during a shortage.

Banks especially are pretty likely to have quarters, but it’s best to stick with a bank you have an account with. 

Where to Get a Roll of Quarters?

If you have ten dollars in cash that you want to exchange for a roll of quarters, there are several places you can check out. The bank is again your best option.

They are in the business of money and are likely to have quarter rolls. Grocery stores may also have quarter rolls but try the customer service desk first. 

Some of the other options like gas stations are also possibilities, but the first two are probably a bit better and may have more change to spare. 

Get Quarters Delivered to Your Home

You can sometimes buy quarters online, but it isn’t a great idea. You may be able to find some websites like eBay, Etsy, or Amazon that sell rolls of quarters.

You can order them and then get them delivered to your home. However, a roll of quarters is worth $10.00.

If you buy quarters online, you will likely pay more than this, which means you are losing money. It’s not an efficient way to get quarters, though it might be convenient.

Because of this, I’d recommend other ideas for where to get quarters.

How to Not Run Out of Quarters

It’s frustrating to be in a situation where you feel like you don’t have what you need. Especially if it’s something like quarters.

Since you usually need quarters quickly for something important, it would be great to never run out. But how? You just need to plan in advance.

First, budget your quarters. What that means is to think about how many quarters you use per week or per month.

Add up how many you need for laundry, vending machines, and anything else you use consistently. Once you have your total for the week or month, you can plan to always have the right amount with you.

After you know the amount you need, add it to your budget. Whatever amount you spend per week in quarters is still money that needs to be included in your financial plan. That way, you aren’t wondering where that extra twenty dollars went.

Next, when you leave for the day, try to take the number of quarters that you’ll need. Think about what you need to do that day to decide how many quarters are needed. 

Another thing is to have some backup quarters. Even if you budget the exact right amount you need for the week or month, you may find that something happens.

A vending machine doesn’t work, or you lose a few coins, and suddenly you don’t have enough. That’s why you should keep a backup roll of quarters on hand if possible.

Last, keep track throughout the month. Store your quarters in one place and make sure you aren’t running low. Have a plan for replenishing quarters by stopping by the bank once a week or somewhere else convenient.

Why Carrying Change is a Good Thing

While it may at first seem inconvenient, carrying around change is actually pretty clever. You’ll have change if friends need it.

You can also be prepared for situations that come up throughout the week. Things like forgetting lunch and needing a snack from the vending machine or something else.

It’s a good idea to have quarters with you on a daily basis.

Where to Keep Quarters

Some people like to store their change in a jar or box. You can find a container at home to keep your quarters in.

While you may not want to have all your quarters with you all the time, you should keep some in your wallet in case you need them.

You can also store some quarters in your car for emergencies. If you run out, you’ll have some extras during the day.

For your wallet or purse, you should probably keep a couple of dollars worth in quarters unless you know you’re going to need more than that. It’s enough to buy a soda or snack, but it won’t be too heavy to carry around with you.

There are Easy Places to Find Quarters

It can be a hassle to run out of something important like quarters. But if you do, don’t panic! There are many accessible places to find quarters.

You can always ask a friend, stop by a grocery store, or head to the bank if there’s time. Using some of these suggestions, you will never be at a loss when looking for quarters. 

Also, remember that even when you’re talking about change, it’s essential to budget. Your quarters might be part of fun money for snacks or drinks, or maybe you use them to do laundry.

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