Hand writing on Christmas Cash Envelopes For Budgeting Printables

Christmas Cash Envelopes For Budgeting Printables

Whether you’re an old pro at using the cash envelope system or a complete beginner, these Christmas cash envelopes for budgeting will help keep you out of debt this holiday season.

Money envelopes can be dually used for both budgeting and creating sinking funds.

Below, I show you how you can use these envelopes for both.

Christmas Money Envelopes For The Cash Envelope System

Christmas Budgeting Printable Pack

Check these Christmas Cash Envelopes out here >>

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What Are Budgeting Cash Envelopes?

Budgeting cash envelopes are simply labeled envelopes that you put your cash into. Each

envelope is assigned a category and all the cash inside that envelope is the budget you have for that category for the month.

These envelopes even come with a tracker on the back so you can write down where you spent the money.

Want a more in-depth overview of how to use the cash envelope system? This ultimate beginner’s guide will help.

How To Use Cash Envelopes When Budgeting For Christmas

Christmas budgeting envelopes are an easy way to organize your holiday money. Each envelope has a category assigned to it.

In this cash envelope bundle, the envelopes are labeled:

  • Gifts for Family
  • Gifts for Friends
  • Gifts for Others
  • Meal
  • Decorations

When you get closer to Christmas, take out the cash you have budgeted for the above categories and distribute it to the envelopes.

This is the only cash you have to spend so it’s best to plan out gift ideas and costs ahead of time. Once you run out of money in an envelope, you’ll have to make do with what you’ve purchased.

If you didn’t get all the gifts you intended, you’ll need to find alternative options. Homemade gifts like baked goods are a great option.

How To Use Christmas Cash Envelopes As Sinking Funds

Alternatively, if you want to start sinking funds for your Christmas budget, these envelopes can double as that.

Earlier in the year, print out the envelopes and write the goal savings amount on the back of the envelope. As you save money and put the cash into the envelope, tally up the money on the back table.

The Christmas cash envelope set can be downloaded here.

What’s Included:

These budgeting envelopes are in a downloadable PDF format.

  • 5 horizontal printable cash envelopes in different patterns each labeled with a different category.
  • Spending/savings tracker is part of the envelope design.

Additional Features

  • You’ll have a file you can reprint again and again.
  • These Christmas cash envelopes work with Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system.
  • Standard printing on US letter size paper.
  • One side of the envelope has a tracker table so you can tally the remaining money inside without needing to constantly count the money.
  • Envelope patterns include pine boughs with berries, Christmas trees, doves with candy canes, hanging ornaments, and poinsettias with zig zag background.
  • Budgeting categories covered are Gifts for Family, Gifts for Friends, Gifts for Others, Meal, and Decorations.

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What Additional Supplies Are Needed?

After you print out the envelopes, you’ll need scissors to cut them out. Additionally, you’ll need something to adhere the envelopes into shape like tape or glue.


Holiday Money Envelopes for Sinking Funds And Budgeting – Conclusion

If you’re looking for a festive way to hold your holiday sinking funds or way to use the cash envelope system then look no further than these Christmas cash envelopes for budgeting.

Their fun and cheerful design will keep you in the Christmas spirit even while living on a budget. Let me know how you budget during the holidays below.

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