How To Cash a Cashier's Check without a bank account

How To Cash a Cashier’s Check (Even Without a Bank Account)

A cashier’s check is not the immediate go-to for many people when they are looking for a way to pay for something. But it is an option, and in some cases, it could be the best one available.

But what is a cashier’s check? And don’t you need a bank account to use one?

Actually, it’s a safe and intelligent way to get money to someone or to cash a check yourself. Here’s how to cash a cashier’s check. 

What Is a Cashier’s Check?

Before I get into the particulars, what is a cashier’s check, you may be wondering? A cashier’s check is a check that the bank issues, and it’s a lot more secure than handing someone a personal check.

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It’s backed by the bank, making it ideal for high-security money transactions. If you purchase something that costs a lot, like a home or a car, a cashier’s check might be the preferred method.

The safety of the funds makes it ideal, and you can use it for larger amounts of money. It can also only be cashed by the person whose name is on it, adding to the security.

How Do I Cash a Cashier’s Check?

If you receive a cashier’s check, the first thing you should do is endorse your check. This makes it possible for you to get the funds.

Then, head to your bank. From there, they can help you cash it. This is the most straightforward way to cash a cashier’s check, and it’s one of the easiest.

Where Can I Cash a Cashier’s Check?

So, is the bank the only place where you can cash your cashier’s check? Are there other options available? Find out here where you can cash your check. 

  1. The bank that issued the cashier’s check. This is the first and best place to look to cash the check. The bank where the check came from should be able to quickly cash the check for you. 
  2. Try your personal bank. The bank where you have an account is another place that can get you the money. Take the cashier’s check over to them and get the cash or put the money in your account.
  3. A check cashing service. This may have an added fee, but it’s still a good option in many cases.
  4. Large retail stores. Try Walmart for this.
  5. Try any bank. Ask a teller if they can cash your check for you.

Can You Cash a Cashier’s Check Immediately?

What if you receive the check and need the funds right away? Is it possible to cash the check immediately?

Most of the time, you should be able to trade the check in for cash without waiting. But it may also depend on the policy of the place you are cashing the check, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Can a Cashier’s Check Be Cashed by Anyone?

Just how secure is a cashier’s check? If you lose it, can someone else cash it without your approval?

The answer is no. Only the person the check is written to may cash it, and their identification has to match the name on the check.

That’s one of the reasons it’s a more secure process, best for large sums of money.

Do Cashier’s Checks Clear Immediately?

Typically, a cashier’s check will clear within one business day. They are pretty fast but not immediately available. Funds are collected when the check is issued.

What’s the Easiest Way to Cash a Cashier’s Check?

The most straightforward process would be the same way you’d cash a regular check. For most people, that means either taking the check to the bank or making a mobile deposit.

Mobile deposit works out great if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go by your bank.

How to Cash a Cashier’s Check Without a Bank Account?

If you don’t have a bank account, check cashing will look slightly different. But it’s not hard to do, and you can quickly get your money when you follow this process.

Option one is to go to the issuing bank where the cashier’s check came from. They should be able to help you since the money came from them in the first place. 

Another way to do this is to use a check-cashing service. There will likely be a fee when you cash it this way, but it is still an easy option that works well if you don’t have a bank account.

And last, try a large retail store. You might find a fee associated with this, but if you do not have a bank account or need the funds quickly, this can work.

Can I Cash a Cashier’s Check at an ATM?

Yes, you can cash a cashier’s check at an ATM. It’s best to use the bank’s ATM where the check came from when cashing it.

If you want to deposit the money into your bank account, use your bank’s ATM for the cashier’s check. Cashing your check can be much more convenient this way when you are too busy to go to the bank during the week or daytime.

How to Cash a Cashier’s Check Online?

What if you don’t want to bother with any of that and instead want to simply cash your check online? This can be done through mobile deposit.

If the bank you use allows mobile deposits, use that and add the money to your account that way. 

A cashier’s check can be cashed in much the same way you would cash a personal check. 

While cashier’s checks often deal with larger amounts that need to remain secure, the most significant difference is just that – the security.

When you are cashing one, the process is quite similar to what you would do to cash a personal check. You can go by a bank, an ATM, a retail store, or a check-cashing service.

Using these tips, cashing your cashier’s check will be quick and simple. And whenever you obtain a check of any kind, remember to add the money to your budget, save some, and most of all, have a plan for how you’re going to spend it.

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  1. Allen Parrill says:

    I have a cashier’s check for $143084.00 from BofA and they say I need an account to cash the check. I said no it’s your check you need to cash it. They said if you had an account we still would not cash it? Is this legal?

    1. Hi Allen,
      That may be the bank’s policy for such a large amount of money. They may not have that amount of cash on hand to give to you which is why they say you’d need a bank account with them so they can deposit it. Usually, if you want a large amount of money in cash, you’d need to give the bank a heads up and a few days to collect the cash for you.

      This article may help:


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