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Proofread Anywhere Review: is It Worth The Money?

I get it. You’re uncertain about whether Proofread Anywhere is a quality proofreading course. I hope to put your mind at ease by giving you my honest review.

There are many benefits to working from home as a proofreader. Some examples could be that you have more spare time on your hands and fewer expenses.

The glamorous side to working from home often outshines some of the negatives. I guess that’s a good thing because it shows that working from home is preferred over being in an office space.

The downsides to working at home may be forgotten over time, but that doesn’t mean that these issues shouldn’t be discussed.

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Trying to find an occupation that allows you to work from home can be challenging and frightening, especially when your entire career history has been spent in an office or other traditional workspace. You feel like a fish out of water.

Honest Review of Caitlin Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere

Being in this position, I found myself on the trusty web and looked at countless courses that promised to make it easier and provide me with the ‘secrets to success.’ Many were later labeled as scams. A similar-sounding course to the ones described above is Proofread Anywhere.

The big question is, “Is Proofread Anywhere a scam?” No, this course is not a scam. In fact, it goes into great detail over the basics of proofreading and how to start a freelance proofreading business so you can work completely independently from home.

I am going to discuss all of the benefits and much more in this Proofread Anywhere review. This is to help shed some light on a topic that is somewhat controversial and misunderstood.

If you want to check Proofread Anywhere out for yourself, join this FREE workshop.

What Is Proofread Anywhere?

Since you’re here, you probably already have a general idea of what Proofread Anywhere is but if not, I’ll briefly go over it.

Proofread Anywhere is a company that teaches proofreading. The main focus is on the General Proofreading Course but there is also a Transcript Proofreading course and one on Money Mindset.

The focus of the proofreading courses is so that you can become a freelance proofreader and work location independently.

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Who is Caitlin Pyle?

Proofread Anywhere is a course designed by Caitlyn Pyle. She was an in-demand proofreader herself and would consult and help guide hopeful proofreaders.

Caitlyn has been offering expertise to proofreaders since 2007. Her eBook was created and sold on her website in 2014. Her book started becoming very popular, and as the number of readers increased, so did the volume of questions that were sent to her.

She was thrilled to have so many people interested in the book and even more excited to answer the questions, but the problem was that it was very time-consuming.

This dilemma sparked an opportunity centered around expanding her eBook and developing it into a complete course. She decided to take this idea by the horns, and by 2015, Proofread Anywhere was launched.  

Her life has changed forever since the launch of her course, which has brought in more than $575,000. Caitlyn has been featured in publications such as ‘Fortune,’ ‘Fast Company,’ and ‘Insider’ as a result of the immense success received from the release of Proofread Anywhere.

Is Proofread Anywhere Legit or a Scam?

This is a common question that many people ask. It’s also a fair one to ask, but no, Proofread Anywhere isn’t a scam. 

Whenever it comes to making money from home and online, people immediately question the legitimacy of it. This is for a good reason, though, since there are many predatory companies that are in it for the money alone.

To most people who have been in an office environment their entire career life, working from home seems too good. We’ve been conditioned to think that working from home is too good to be true.

Another reason working from home is seen as impossible is because of the vast amount of scams out there on the internet. These scams have given the entire make-money-online industry a bad reputation.

You may have heard of people that participated in Caitlyn’s course, Proofread Anywhere, and didn’t end up with the goal they wished to receive. This happens all the time in life, especially with college students. How many people do you know that have jobs which have nothing to do with their degree? 

Many college graduates are classic examples of this occurrence. The fact still remains, much like universities, Proofread Anywhere is something to be taken seriously and is also highly recommended for anyone that wishes to work within the proofreading industry and do this work from home.

See for yourself how legit Proofread Everywhere is in Caitlin’s free workshop.

Proofreading vs Editing

Something that’s commonly misunderstood about proofreading is that it’s similar to editing. This isn’t exactly true. Proofreading can involve editing, but only if you notice errors in the writing. 

Editing is a lot more than fixing errors in the writing piece. You’re required to do a number of things that can be labeled as editing. Some examples of this are removing chunks of writing that can be seen as unnecessary, rearranging, and re-writing certain parts of a particular writing piece. 

All of this is done before the project reaches you, the proofreader. You, as the proofreader, are responsible for the addition of the finishing touch.

You’re required to dig through the nearly-complete writing piece to detect any punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. A sharp eye for detail is needed if you wish to be a proofreader.

The course details precisely what’s expected from a proofreader, as well as helps in improving your proofreading skills. The goal of the course is to provide you with the skills needed to be an excellent proofreader. You’re also given insights on how you can achieve a life where you work at home as a proofreader.

How Does It Work?

After you watch the free introductory workshop, you’ll have the option to sign up for the course if you’d like to join.

For the General Proofreading course, you have two options: Ignite or Ignite Plus. Ignite contains all of the course modules. Ignite Plus contains the course modules plus a hand graded exam, certificate of completion, a listing in a proofreader Rolodex, and membership in a separate marketing mastermind group.

With both general proofreading course levels, you’ll be taught not only how to proofread but also how to market and find clients.

There is also a Transcript Proofreading course but this one is highly technical. Unless you know you want to absolutely proofread courtroom transcripts, I’d recommend going with the General Proofreading course.

After you’re signed up, start at Module 1 and work your way through. Take your time so that you are able to fully understand the lessons.

General Proofreading Course Overview

There is a TON of information packed into this course. Each module has multiple lessons and you’ll also get access to bonus lessons. To complete the entire course, it should take you between 2-3 months.

What you get with the General Proofreading Course:

  • Module 1: Introduction to General Proofreading
  • Module 2: Successful Proofreader Mindset Workshop
  • Module 3: Proofreading Basics
  • Module 4: Proofreading Methods & Practice
  • Module 5: Turning Proofreading Into A Business
  • Module 6: Finding Clients
  • Module 7: Job Workflow
  • Module 8: Thriving As A Freelancer
  • Module 9: Wrap Up Everything You’ve Learned
  • Bonus 1: Handbook of Commonly Misused Words
  • Bonus 2: Freelancer Tax Guide
  • Bonus 3: Mindset Mastery Guide
  • Bonus 4: Mindset Shifts for Confidence

And if that’s not enough, there are two additional super bonuses:

  • Super Bonus 1: Access to the First Level of the Transcript Proofreading Course: Theory and Practice
  • Super Bonus 2: Access to the entire Money Mindset Transformation workshop and workbook

If you’d like to take the first step in getting started, join here.

Who Is Proofread Anywhere Good For?

If you can spot grammatical errors a mile away, this may be your calling. Successful proofreaders pay meticulous attention to detail and want to provide their clients with the best work possible.

Qualities of successful proofreaders:

  • Good at spotting errors
  • Attention to detail
  • Provide high-quality work
  • Meet Deadlines

If all of those qualities describe you AND you want to be your own boss, then Proofread Anywhere’s course is a great fit. Many courses teach proofreading but this course goes into how you can set up and run your business profitably as well as how to find proofreading clients.

Someone who wants to start their own proofreading business at home is also a great candidate. After you learn the basics, the course goes into creating a successful work-from-home proofreading side gig or full-time career.

Proofread Anywhere Reviews

One encouraging discovery is that the majority of the reviews are positive. People have a lot of wonderful things to say about Proofread Anywhere. Some of the most common reviews found are: 

  • “Caitlyn’s course is more than a ‘nuts and bolts’ type course. It’s a marketing degree that shows you how to find work, set up your own business, and earn higher rates.”
  • “Caitlyn is able to constantly stay in contact with her students through email.”
  • “When you complete the course, you’re given more confidence in yourself and your ability to manage a work-at-home career.”

Proofread Anywhere Complaints

It’s not all positive, as some people haven’t had the excellent experience most have gotten to partake in. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Everything that’s in the course can easily be found for free online.” This complaint is one that I don’t particularly agree with. 
  • “You can’t get a refund once you log in. The business claims that you’ve gained access to proprietary information after logging in.
  • “There are errors in the course material which wouldn’t be an issue for most courses, but… it’s a course on ‘proofreading’ so…

Almost anything you want to learn about can be found on the internet for free. This is true, but it doesn’t mean that the concept of this information is easy to digest and grasp.

The internet is an excellent source of knowledge, but there is no teacher. It’s all fine and well having the information needed, but what if you don’t understand it.

When investing in a course like Proofread Anywhere, you’re given access to tons of quality information that has been gathered for your convenience. You’re also granted ‘tutors,’ with vast amounts of experience to help give you everything the course has to offer. You can’t get this type of service for free through different internet sources.

Also, unless you’re already knowledgeable on a subject, how are you to know whether the free information you found is even relevant or correct?

What I like about Proofread Anywhere

As soon as you begin the course, you realize you made the right decision. Here are some of the things I liked about Proofread Anywhere:

Learning at Your Own Pace

When you take on the Proofread Anywhere course, you’re able to work at your own pace. This applies to almost all of its courses, except if you select the four-level installment plan that’s offered for the Transcript Proofreading course, as it has restricted time access until you complete level four.

Grants Access to Amazing Content and Learning

All of the courses are guaranteed to bring you enjoyment and encourage you to learn. The information provided by Proofread Anywhere is world-class, which is used to give students access to technical tips and tricks that can launch you into success, as well as engaging and rich information. 

Lends a Helping Hand for Setting Up a Business

The Proofread Anywhere course offers its students guidance that goes far beyond the tactic of proofreading. The course includes modules on the most effective way to market yourself and set-up a business.

Beginners, among other students, will be guided through the weeds and onto the best path. This path provides them with the tools to make additional money, become an excellent proofreader, and work from home. All of this saves the beginner student years of frustration.

Related: After you’ve set up your business, you can take a look at some of these online proofreading jobs.

Lifetime Access

When you take part in this course, you immediately gain lifetime access. There are no strings attached. You’re free to go back and work through updated material, continue growing your knowledge, and continue your path to mastery.

Exceptional Resources

You’re encouraged to get started thanks to the brilliant volume of resources that are made available for students. The Proofread Anywhere course grants you access to high-quality programming, reference guides, and books.

Your ability to understand the content available in this course is exponentially increased by the resources. You’re able to grasp the concepts at a quicker pace, due to the handy tools provided within the course.  

The Presence Of An Online Community

An online community, Caitlyn’s Facebook group, is another feature that makes this course so attractive. The group is designed to give students some support. This is important as online courses can be isolating and lonely. 

The creation of this group helps establish connections between students, where they can ask questions and relate to specific topics about the course or proofreading, in general.

This helps make the student feel less alone, which can result in them being more engaged. You’re also able to get insider information that may not be referred to in the course itself. 

Caitlyn’s Facebook group creates a pillar of strength and is a great source for tips, tricks, and work-at-home hacks for students.

Sign up for the completely FREE workshop here to get an in-depth look.

What I Don’t Like About Proofread Anywhere

Nothing can ever be perfect, and there’s always room for improvement. This is the case for the Proofread Anywhere course, but it does come pretty close to perfection as I only have a few remarks. These are the things I didn’t like about the course:

You Need Well-Trained Eyes

The training transcripts module could benefit from some adjusting. The reason for this is because there is a large volume of practice pages. Court reports can have different preferences. 

Some reports may find a piece of writing to have a particular error, but another report may not consider it to be one. This makes it difficult to check your work.

You Need to Be Passionate

This is not so much a critique but something to take note of if you’re debating joining. To partake in something and excel in it, you need to have the passion and want to do it.

This is no different when approaching the Proofread Anywhere course. It takes approximately three months of a passionate attitude to get through the course. 

Success takes more effort, but you’re also able to make progress by taking advantage of the online community and fully immerse yourself in proofreading. A common misconception is that proofreading is easy, and is an easy way to make money without effort.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Proofreading takes a lot of skill and passion to do correctly. The most successful proofreaders are those that put strategic effort into what they do each day. 

Proofread Anywhere Review – Conclusion

After reading this article, I hope I have shown that Caitlyn Pyle’s Proofread Anywhere is a legitimate and beneficial course. If you choose to sign up, the course will aid you in improving your proofreading skills while teaching you how to make money through proofreading.

The course is excellently designed and provides all the necessary guides and information to drastically grow as a proofreader, no matter what level you’re at. It’s even perfect for beginners who have no experience proofreading at all. 

The implementation of practice sheets, exercises, and other materials makes this a beneficial course to aid in mastering CMOS, English sentence structure, and punctuation rules.

Individuals looking for a way to make some extra money by proofreading, while having the potential to grow this side hustle into a business, will find this course extremely beneficial at helping achieve their goal.

Proofread Anywhere gives you the proper educational and practical skills needed to help succeed within the proofreading industry. The course is jammed with a lot more information than you’d expect and is overall the best online proofreading course available.

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  1. Thanks so much. I appreciate your review. I’m wary of get-rich-quick schemes. This was great information!

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad this Proofread Anywhere review was helpful. No matter what type of training program you take, there is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Everything takes effort and implementation from you, to be successful.

  2. Carlos Polit says:

    Your Proofread Anywhere review was the most helpful among the several others I read. Thank you!

    1. Chelsea says:

      Thank you Carlos! Also, the Proofread Anywhere course is set up in modules that are videos you can watch on your own time. So they’re pre-recorded and not live. This is excellent news because then if the course creator goes on vacation or has a family emergency, there isn’t any interruption to the course. You can continue to learn and build your business.

  3. Any proofreading course leaves you with two options: setting up your business or competing on Fiverr. It takes time and patience to gain experience. Patience is what most of us lack 🙂

    1. Chelsea says:

      Hi Josef,
      I completely agree about patience. Too many people go into things hoping they’ll earn money fast and without effort. Fiverr is one good option to gain clients and experience. Upwork and even Facebook Groups are two other places to offer your services. The best promotion is by word of mouth so if you impress someone in a group with your skills and professionalism, they’re likely to recommend you to others in that group.

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