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Bluprint Affiliate Program (Formerly Craftsy)

The Bluprint affiliate program: Formerly called the Craftsy affiliate program, Bluprint offers makers and creatives educational training on all things creative expression.

Bluprint lets you dig into anything you’ve ever daydreamed about doing, like dance, fitness, yoga, art, and home decorating (plus all the arts and crafts categories you know and love).

More than 13 million enthusiasts – from artists to quilters and beyond – make Bluprint their home for binge-worthy on-demand content, access to the world’s top experts and curated supplies, all served up in a fun-loving creative community.

The Bluprint Affiliate Program Offers:

  • 75% of first-time class or DVD purchases by new customers (30-day cookie)
  • 15% of class or DVD purchase by existing customers (5-day cookie)
  • 15% of physical product purchases by new customers (30-day cookie)
  • 4% of physical product purchases by existing customers (5-day cookie)
  • $5 Bluprint trial signup (15-day cookie)
  • $15 Bluprint monthly membership signup (15-day cookie)
  • $25 Bluprint annual membership signup (15-day cookie)
  • $15 Second-tier

How To Join The Bluprint Affiliate Program

Join the Bluprint Affiliate Program and earn commissions for every new customer you refer.

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bluprint affiliate program craftsy affiliate program directory

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