The Top 100 Pinterest Trends For 2019

The Top 100 Pinterest Trends Marketers Should Know

Pinterest has released its annual Official 100 Pinterest Trends Guide, which details the most searched for keywords by Pinterest users.

As businesses and bloggers prepare their marketing plans for the new year, these statistics provide insight into what consumers are in the market for most.

The Top 100 Pinterest Trends Marketers Should Know

Unlike Google which provides the Google keyword tool for keyword research, Pinterest’s keyword tool is less intuitive.

As seen below, Pinterest offers a keyword research tool that is displayed when creating an ad.

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But it only shows general search volume and not competition statistics or PPC bidding prices. 

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So, this annual user search data of Pinterest Trends is currently the next best thing that businesses can reference to determine Pinterest consumer trends.

Here are some of the stand-out statistics from the 100 Pinterest Trends Guide. 

Pinterest Trends – Travel

  • Bus Travel +32%
  • Less-traveled Islands +179%
  • Zero waste travel +74%

Pinterest Trends – Health And Wellness

  • Elderberry recipes +685%
  • Resistance bands +1913%
  • Sleep optimization +116%
  • Goat milk soap +231%
  • Sober living (Motivational quotes about sobriety and non-alcoholic drink ideas) +746%
  • Natural ginger oil +659%
  • Reusable beeswax wraps (as an alternative to plastic wrap) +146%

If you are in the hospitality business Pinterest suggests offering ginger oil and goat milk soap to your guests, as they are trending searches this year.

The way we know an idea is trending is by looking at what all those people are searching for.

If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.

– Pinterest newsroom

Pinterest Trends – Hobbies And Interests

  • Side hustles at home +690%
  • 52-Week Saving Plan +275%

With the rising cost of living paired with low wages, more people are looking for legitimate work from home ideas and side hustles.

This is especially the case for millennials and seniors who are the largest group of workers in the gig economy.

Pinterest Trends – Celebrations

  • Backyard weddings +441%
  • Gold wedding gowns +1550%
  • Godparent proposals +152%
  • Smoke bomb photography 436%

Pinterest Trends – Kids And Parenting

  • Geometric decor +1178%
  • Toy share subscriptions +313%
  • Smart bassinets +851%

We’ve reached a new milestone that I couldn’t be prouder of: more than 250 million people each month are now using Pinterest to discover and do what they love.

If Pinterest were a country, we’d be the fifth largest in the world!

– Jon K, Pinterest Newsroom

More Pinterest Trends

Other topics that are discussed in the 100 Pinterest Trends For 2019 Guide include:

  • Food
  • Men’s Style
  • Women’s Style
  • Beauty
  • Home

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top 100 Pinterest trends marketers should know

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