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Best BoardBooster Tribes Alternative

BoardBooster Tribes.

**Note, this post has been updated as the information below is now depreciated. Pinterest no longer allows users to use BoardBooster, so please refer to our Tailwind resources as Tailwind is the approved tool for Pinterest scheduling – thank you!

What’s Different From Tailwind Tribes & BoardBooster Tribes?

By now you are probably just getting the hang of Tailwind Tribes, and if so, you are probably seeing a big increase in your Pinterest engagement and blog traffic because of it. Tailwind Tribes are pretty amazing, like that.

The HerPaperRoute Tailwind Tribe has grown like crazy with some tribe members gaining over 3 million impressions on their pins!

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As an affiliate partner of various brands and sponsored content, HerPaperRoute may earn commission on qualifying purchases. Disclaimer | Advertise With Us

If you are interested in learning how I use Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes to massively boost my traffic, read this guide. You can also join my Tailwind Tribe here.

BoardBooster Has Released Its Own Tribe Feature

The BoardBooster Tribe Tool is a bit different than our beloved Tailwind Tribes. Here are some key features with the new BoardBooster Tribe Tool:

  • Each tribe will have a set number of pins each member can contribute, so say the max is 18 pins and you’ve reached 18, you would need to delete a pin to make space for a new one.
  • The tribe owner can choose rules for the tribe such as to only accept rich pins, only tall pins, only voted-in pins ect.
  • Tribe members can vote-in new members, or new members can be automatically added
  • Tribe members can vote other members out if they aren’t pinning within the rules!

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How to use BoardBooster Tribes

Once you are in a tribe, you simply select which of your Pinterest group boards your account will share the other tribe member’s pins to, and how many posts per day you share. The tribe tool will then start sharing the other tribe members pins on auto-pilot.

To add your pins to the tribe click the ‘upload’ button.

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