Where Can I Sell My Phone for a Good Price

Where Can I Sell My Phone for a Good Price? 12 Best Places

Do you have an old phone that you’d like to sell? Maybe you want to upgrade the phone you have and get something different, or perhaps you’re just looking to make some cash.

And obviously, it’s important that you aren’t selling it for pennies and can make an actual profit from this.

There are plenty of easy ways to find buyers for your phone.

If you’re wondering, “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” I’ve found out the best places to save you time.

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Which Old Cell Phones are Worth Money?

This is the first place to start. You need to know if you’ll be able to make any money from the phone you have, or if it won’t be worth your time. This depends on your particular cell phone. 

Some newer models can fetch prices of a few hundred dollars. If you own a more recent phone model you might be able to make a good amount of cash.

But the condition of your phone also matters. A phone that is in pristine or good shape will get you a better price than one that is beaten up or broken.

You might think that if your phone is ancient, it isn’t worth anything, leaving you asking “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” It isn’t necessarily true that old phones aren’t worth money. Some old models are.

Some classic phones are considered collectibles and can be worth big bucks. So if your phones have been sitting at the back of your closet for the past 20 years, make sure you don’t have a collectible first.

As you can see, it’s best to do some research, because you really never know. Your old phones might be collecting dust in a drawer, and maybe they’re worth hundreds! It never hurts to find out. Especially if you have no use for them. 

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Used Cell Phones?  

There are tons of places to sell your used cell phone. It can be a great way to make some cash, depending on your model and how old it is.

It’s not easy to know how much a phone is worth without some research, so I recommend looking around at a few different websites to see what offers you get for the price. That way, you’ll get an average amount that can help you to know if you’re getting a good deal or not. 

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And now to answer the question, “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” These companies are good places to start, and you might even find that your phone is worth more than you thought!

1. Gazelle  

Introducing Gazelle, a quick way to sell your phone. In about thirty seconds, you can get a quote for how much your device is worth.

They deal primarily with phones, but they do also accept tablets and iPads. This helps if you want to sell more than one device at a time. 

This company has been featured on Tom’s Guide, Honest Brand Reviews, and more. The cell phone models they accept are limited, though. So keep that in mind when checking out the website. Overall, an excellent company to sell to.

2. Decluttr

Decluttr is a site for buying electronics and other items. It’s a well-known company used by many people. In fact, they claim that millions of people have sold things on this site. 

They make getting a quote for your phone really simple, too. There’s a “sell my phone” button on the main selling page, so it’s easy to find.

Then, you just enter the type of phone you have and immediately get an offer. It’s a trusted website that you can use to sell your phone fast. You can also sell books, movies, and other tech if you’re interested in making even more money for your old stuff.

This company also offers to remove data from your phone for you and pay you the next day after receiving your phone. There’s an app, as well, which some might find helpful.

3. SellCell 

SellCell has been around for several years now, and you may have good luck finding a great price here. They have an easy way to find out the cost. Just enter your phone model on the main page to see what its value is. 

The cool thing is you’ll get prices from multiple sites here. They don’t just give one solution for selling, but many. And it helps you to see the average amounts your phone could be bought for. It’s a great place to start and find a lot of information at once. 

They also offer pricing for tablets, Xbox, Fitbit, and more. Basically, any tech you’d like to sell. You can also buy on this site if you’re maybe thinking about selling and then buying a different phone. 

4. Buyback Boss  

Buyback Boss is a great site for selling phones. They are highly rated by many reputable companies like TrustPilot, Forbes, and The Huffington Post. You can sell a Samsung phone or an iPhone here, in addition to other devices. 

They feature a high price guarantee, so it’s a great way to ensure that you are selling your phone for the best price possible without having to deal with any frustration. The website is user-friendly, and getting a quote is simple. You’ll save time and energy selling your phone this way.

5. Swappa  

Swappa offers a great approach to used cell phone prices. On the main page for selling items, they immediately show the going rate for various types of cell phones.

This is a super-fast way to see what the average price is and what kind of money you might make from your device, all without having to add any information at all. 

You can sell laptops, tablets, and Apple watches in addition to Samsung phones and iPhones. Easily search for products and prices by simply typing in what type of phone you have.

This website is easy to navigate. With this site, though, you need to sell your own phone by uploading photos of it and a description. Then you wait for it to sell, so it isn’t as guaranteed as some other websites. 

6. BuyBackWorld  

BuyBack World is an excellent site for selling any old cell phone. Featured in the New York Times and PC World, among others, this site is dedicated to no fees and warranties when buying.

The company wants to know that you’re happy with the phone you get if you buy, and sellers are not charged fees on the money they make from their phones.

They accept a ton of different phone models, from iPhones to Acer to LG and more. In just a couple of moments, you can get an idea of what price your phone will sell for if you’re asking where can I sell my phone for a good price. It’s convenient and practical.

7. ecoATM  

ecoATM is a unique way to sell your old phone. They have kiosks in various locations that you can physically take your phone to and get money for it right then and there.

Because of this, it’s probably the fastest way to earn money for your used cell phone. If you have no time (or patience), this is the perfect company to sell to.

Their website asks you a few simple questions and then gives you a quote for what your phone could be worth. It’s fast, and they also offer advice about how to prep your phone for selling. It’s a very original idea for when you want to know “where can I sell my phone for a good price?”

8. OCBuyBack  

OCBuyBack is a great place to sell used Apple products. Their three-step process is super simple and will get your phone sold quickly. They also buy Google phones, OnePlus, and Samsung.

It’s a pretty simple process with a few easy questions about your phone, and you’ll immediately be quoted a price for the device. Your quote is valid for two weeks, and your phone will be evaluated. You still have the choice to get the phone back if you don’t like the offer. 

This site is suitable for first-time sellers who have an Apple or Samsung device and want to get paid relatively quickly without a lot of hassle. It’s perfect for when you’re asking where can I sell my phone for a good price.

9. Gizmogul  

Gizmogul is featured on BuzzFeed and ABC news, plus more. This company focuses specifically on electronics, too, which is helpful when selling your phone.

This business stands out above others, as well. They don’t just buy your phone; they make a difference through charity.

They donate $1 for every transaction, and the money goes towards building schools. What a great way to sell your phone and help people at the same time! 

They get you a price right away that lasts for 30 days. The company also handles data deletion for you, and the quote process is super simple and fast.

A great company to work with and an excellent way to make some cash. It’s perfect for when you’re asking where can I sell my phone for a good price, and also make a positive impact?

10. NextWorth  

NextWorth is another company that offers a very user-friendly experience. Their website is simple to understand, and they have a cool feature that provides instant quotes to specific devices.

The process is similar to other sites in that you receive a quote, mail the phone, and get paid. It’s pretty easy. They also have an extremely detailed FAQ page if you have a lot of questions.

Most answers can be found there. It’s a trusted company, and the selling process is quick. You should be able to sell a variety of phones and tech on this website.

11. MaxBack  

MaxBack is a ten-year-old company with a no-nonsense approach to selling your phone and electronics. The website layout is user-friendly and straightforward.

Their quotes are honored for 30 days, and you can simply click on the image of the phone you want to sell. It’s very simple.

When you click on the phone type, they also offer additional information, including a FAQ section, to help you understand more about the process. It’s a good site with valuable information.

12. uSell  

uSell offers an easy way to sell your old phone. The website is simple; nothing fancy, but it makes it pretty easy to get a quote and quickly find a price for your device. You can sell either an iPhone, a Samsung, Google, or other types of cell phones. 

It isn’t the fastest way to sell your phone because it takes about five business days after the company gets your phone to get paid. But it’s a solid option.

As with most websites, it’s an easy process to get a quote. They have a group of pro buyers, so you should get a decent offer, and the process should be simple.

Can I Sell My Phone At A Pawn Shop? 

Yes, some pawn shops sell cell phones. But you’ll need to ask because some pawn shops are specialty or niche.

It’s an individual decision for each store. If there’s one in the area you live, you can ask and see what their policy is.

The best thing to do when you’re thinking about selling your phone is simply calling the shop. Figure out what the usual cost is for phones like yours to see if it’s worth going to the store and selling the device.

You might not need to take a trip to the shop if the phone is worth nothing, or it could make your selling process faster if it does have value. 

How Do I Prepare My Phone Before I Sell It?

It isn’t a great idea to just grab your phone and hand it over to the buyer. Phones contain a lot of information like contact numbers and even credit card information.

It’s extremely important to ensure that no personal information is lingering on your phone once it has a new owner.

Preparing your phone to sell involves getting rid of the information. Some phone wiping methods depend on whether you have an Apple or Android device.

Here’s how to handle prep for each type of phone:

Apple Phones

According to Apple’s website, the best way to prep your phone to sell involves a few steps. First, you need to transfer your info to your new phone to not lose it.

Do this by moving essential numbers to your new device, and you can use QuickStart, iCloud, or other programs to help transfer things.

Then you need to unpair devices, back up everything, sign out, and delete all the settings and content. You can quickly find all this information plus more on the Apple site, including extra steps to take.

Android Phones

For an Android phone, you’ll need to go to “erase all data” in your settings. This article states that you should encrypt your phone prior to doing the reset in order to be extra secure.

Making sure to get rid of your data is an important part of security before selling your phone. If you take this step, you won’t have to worry later, and it can help to make the process smoother.

You may also want to remove things like PopSockets and screen protectors. These are items that can be reused on new devices, so you probably don’t want to include them when you sell your phone.

Basically, use common sense when you’re prepping your phone to sell, remove all information and any extra accessories, and you’re good to go.

How to Recycle Your Old Phone  

Maybe you’ve decided you aren’t interested in selling your phone. Still, you want to make sure your old device is recycled correctly and not harmful to the environment. There’s a right way to do this for the best results.

There are recyclers, like Call2Recycle, that would be happy to take your old device and recycle it for you. You can also donate it.

The main point is to not let your phone or other electronics end up in the landfill. Cell phones, in particular, contain an ore called Coltan which is destructively mined from gorilla habitats.

The more people recycle cell phones, the less of this ore that needs to be mined. Yay for saving gorillas while making some extra cash!

Obviously, selling your old phone makes you some money, while donating and recycling do not. But selling also has the good effect of reusing tech items rather than creating more waste for the planet, so that’s a good thing, and it includes a profit for you.

Just choosing to do something with your old phone is a great start. It shows that you’re thinking about how your old tech can help others and make a difference.

So even if selling your old phones turns out to not be something you want to do, you can still make sure you make a good impact with it, instead of just ignoring it.

What to Do With Cash You Make from Your Phone

Now you’ve answered the question of where can I sell my phone for a good price. Suppose your phone is worth any significant amount of money, even $50.

In that case, this can be an opportunity to save or use the cash for something important. Obviously, you might choose to use the money you get from an old phone to help purchase a new one.

While it probably won’t cover the whole thing, it can definitely help bring down the cost and maybe help you pay for most of the purchase in cash.

You might have noticed that many of the sites listed above offer a chance to sell not just phones but other electronics. If you can sell a few things at once, you can definitely start saving up a good amount.

Creating a savings account or placing the funds from used electronics into an account is the perfect way to save up cash for emergencies, or to help you buy something expensive that takes time to save for. 

Last, you can spend the money you make from your phone. I’d recommend that you already have a plan for spending the money you earn when you sell.

Because if not, it might disappear without you realizing you spent it. So make it count! Spend it on something you truly want, like a vacation, new clothes, a charity, or a fancy dinner out.

There are a million ways to spend the money you make, but the great thing is you are being savvy about selling stuff you no longer need.

Selling items that are used is a great way to make a continuous amount of money, even if it’s small. It’s an excellent way to start to build up savings and reach financial goals.

There are a lot of options to get cash for your old cell phone 

As you can see, there are a lot of great options for when you’re wondering, “where can I sell my phone for a good price?” Online is one of the quickest and easiest ways to sell your old devices, and there’s even a way to use kiosks if you prefer that to mail. 

I’ve also discussed how you can adequately prepare your phone before sending it out to the buyer. Even if companies will handle data deletion for you, it’s still a good idea to do so yourself before you send it in. 

In addition to the twelve sites I mentioned here where you can sell your phone, there are many other options. You can try a pawn shop. You might sell your phone to a friend or an acquaintance.

There are many different ways to sell your phone, but the ways that I talked about here are a good place to begin, especially if you’re new to selling your old phones. 

As a final reminder, remember that any money that you make from your phone should be money you have a plan for. After all, if you don’t decide what to do with extra cash, it’s likely to disappear fast. But with a plan for your finances, making extra money will be helpful, and you can reach your goals more quickly.

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