Three Blogs Accepting Guest Posts Write For Us Guest posts wanted

Blogs Accepting Guest Posts! Write For Us!

Update: Guest post submissions have closed.

We have various blogs accepting guest posts right now. Guest posting is an excellent way to build your backlinks, traffic, and authority.

Here are few websites currently accepting guest writers, and invite you to submit. Please read the submission guidelines carefully.

In addition to this list, you can also find a list of websites accepting guest writers in Debbie Garter’s Easy Backlinks book.

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Blogs Accepting Guest Posts! – Write For Us!

Update: these Blogs accepting guest posts are no longer currently accepting submissions. These will re-open for guest post submissions in the future.

I send guest post invites and blogging opportunities to my community via email.

If you are a member, you’ll get a notification when a call for submissions is available. This is a free service I provide~! Get on the guest post submissions list here

Guest Posting Opportunities For Bloggers

If you are a blogger and/or business owner, seek out guest post opportunities, and to them today.

Guest submissions at HerPaperRoute are currently closed and are invite-only to members of our list.

Note: DO NOT Email Me Asking If You Can Submit A Guest Post. You can submit your guest post via the directions below. No need to ask me first. Such emails get deleted instantly.

Also, your article must be original, as in, it does not appear anywhere else online. That includes your own website. You must specifically write a new article for the submission, and not post it anywhere.

To work with us, you can purchase a sponsored post or ad placement.  See the advertising rates.

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More Ways To Get Backlinks

blogs accepting guest posts websites guest writers submissions easy backlinks book

To learn 31 interesting ways to get backlinks, I recommend Debbie Garter’s Easy Backlinks book.

Debbie gets over 400,000 monthly page views herself, and shares her amazing SEO and backlinks strategy in this book.

Inside you will also find a big list of blogs that are accepting guest posts, with contacts, organized by niche.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, send me a message.


The HerPaperRoute Profitable Blog Toolkit is my members-only resource library of tools to help you start a blog and develop it into a thriving, income-earning business!

Blogs Accepting Guest Posts Write For Us Guest posts wanted Websites accepting guest writers submissions

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