Is Coronavirus Affecting Blog Traffic Do This To Fix It

Is Your Blog Traffic Tanking Right Now? Do This To Fix It

Is your blog traffic tanking due to the state of the world right now? Many bloggers who are in DIY, crafts, food, travel, and lifestyle niches are saying that their traffic is way down. 

In the real world, governments are telling us not to travel (or banning travel altogether), schools are closed, events are canceled, companies are sending employees to work from home, and hand sanitizers are sold out from stores pretty much everywhere.

To avoid catching and spreading the virus, it’s all about self-isolating. You would think that with everyone being at home right now, they would be online, visiting your blog more, no? No.

Well, homie, people are online and they are searching for things and reading blogs and websites like mad right now. Just not so much about recipes, fashion or garden party planning. But I can help you get your blog traffic back up, still!

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Is Your Blog Traffic Tanking? Do This To Get It Back Up

Over here in the work from home niche, my traffic is up and rising. People are looking for ways to make money online, now more than ever. That, and they are looking up healthy living and germ-avoidance tips more than ever. 

But what if your blog isn’t in the work from home niche? Or the health/germ avoiding niche?

* Raises fist * I should have bought that germaphobe health blog last year!

Ok. So you don’t already own a germaphobe health blog. Don’t panic. I want to make sure that your blog doesn’t tank.

I thought to share some tips on how you can turn tanking traffic around today. It’s all about what to focus on now, and the type of content you should be creating.

blog Articles To Write

Here are some content ideas for what types of articles you should write today.

  • Anything work from home, make money online
  • Course creation tips
  • What to pack in your hospital bag to avoid catching the virus at the hospital
  • Ideas to keep kids entertained and educated while off school
  • Health tips to avoid the virus at work/school/the grocery store
  • A list of online stores where you can actually buy hand sanitizer these days
  • Immune system boosting tips
  • Tips for self-isolating, shopping online
  • Here are some ways to rustle up good and original blog post ideas 

Anything that relates to the current pandemic could boost your blog traffic right now.

If you have a travel blog, you may have noticed significant dips in traffic. People aren’t searching for weekend getaways, beach vacations or destination weddings right now.

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But they are searching for travel. Just from a different angle.

Types of articles to write:

  • Flight cancelations
  • Hotel / Expedia / ect refund policies
  • What to pack in your carryon to avoid catching the virus on a plane
  • Tips for ‘luxury’ staycations at home

People are searching for news articles more than ever. They want the latest virus news and they want to know how to protect themselves.

Remember, no matter what your niche is, your audience is people.

So, serve the people and provide resources and tips for virus prevention however you can. If you do that, it will boost your traffic.

(Get your statistics and information from the World Health Organization, and the Worldometer. Don’t just make stats up, or spread misinformation, obviously)

Affiliate Products You Should Be Promoting Right Now

Once you have published some new blog articles that will have your tanking blog traffic on the mend, it’s time to monetize them with products that make sense

When I say ‘make sense’ I mean that they are products that will be wanted and needed by the people who are coming to your blog.

Some product ideas:

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The Blog Monetization Course

Get Into The Work From Home Niche

As mentioned, my traffic in the work-from-home niche is UP right now! And it has been climbing consistently in recent weeks, as more people look to work from home in the wake of the virus.

If you want to get into the work-from-home niche, start building up your current blog’s WFH content, or buy an established one.

Did you know that one of my hats is being a blog broker? I’m a digital realtor who helps people buy and sell profitable websites. I founded a company called Niche Investor, and we have a marketplace where you can purchase established income-earning websites. 

We have a few businesses for sale right now that fit this need for self-isolating while earning income from home, perfectly

  • 11-year-old blogging niche blog that earned $25,758 in 2019, offering blog set-up services *so you can earn from home and not have to be near people in person while selling a product that allows other people to do the same
  • Virtual coaching business offering digital products, courses, and coaching programs all online *so you don’t need to be in contact with people in person
  • Amazon FBA business that earned 30k in 2019, selling jewelry online, that is fulfilled by Amazon *so you don’t need to go out to the post office to ship anything
  • Subscription box startup selling a healthy food subscription box *so you and your customers don’t have to go to the grocery store, food arrives on their doorstep
  • We also have a few starter WFH blogs under $1k available too!

Note: If you are more in the market to SELL your website rather than buy, we are accepting listings. Fill out this form to get started.

Focus On SEO Right Now

No matter what, this is also a good time for you to focus on improving your SEO, and improving old articles for when your traffic comes back. (Ok, its always good to do that!!)

Take an SEO course.

I have a free one for beginners, and I recommend this one for when you want to take your SEO to the next level and start dominating search results.

All in all, stay healthy, stay at home. Wash your hands. Don’t travel. Don’t touch your face.

Cheering you on! 

– Chelsea

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