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How To Send an Electronic Check?

Do you like using checks but want a better and safer version? The electronic check is the perfect way to get money to whoever you need to pay in a check form, but since everything is electronic, you have less risk of the check being lost or stolen.

It’s safer, it’s faster, and it’s way more efficient. But how does it work? Answers to this question, plus why to use an eCheck, and more, are below.

What Is an eCheck and How Does It Work?

An eCheck is a check but in an electronic form. It’s a payment you make from your checking account.

It gets withdrawn from the account and transferred using the automated clearing house (ACH) network. This allows the eCheck to be sent to the intended person or business. 

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A lot of times, an eCheck will make more sense than sending a paper check. This is especially true if sending the check through the mail or if you aren’t going to be able to hand the check in person to the recipient.

eChecks are extremely helpful, and it’s wise to know how to use them in case you ever need to.

How can I send an electronic check to someone?

You need to pay someone, and you want to use a check, but not a paper one. You can send an electronic check to someone using your bank or another service that helps with electronic checks. 

The person you’re paying can send you a payment form online for you to fill out. Just remember to add all the detailed information you’ll need. 

Why use eChecks? 

Is this process more complicated than a regular paper check? Why even use it?

No, actually, eChecks are more convenient and quicker than a routine check. Here’s why.

First is the convenience factor. You don’t have to mail an electronic check. You just send it electronically, so there is no need to find stamps and mail it, hoping it doesn’t get stolen.

Also, there’s no paper to fill out like there is with a paper check, saving you time. And an eCheck can be scheduled as a recurring payment if you like, which is much better than having to write one out every time a bill is due.

As you can see, eChecks are far more convenient. It’s also faster than using a paper check.

Your eCheck is delivered electronically, and the process is quicker than someone cashing a paper check. 

Can I send an eCheck from my bank?

What if you want to use your own bank to send an electronic check? Maybe you feel more comfortable using a financial institution you’re familiar with.

Yes, most banks provide this service. Ask your bank how they handle this by going in person or calling to ask about their policy.

How to Send an eCheck From a Bank 

So you’ve decided you want to send an electronic check from a bank. But how do you do this? Here are the steps: 

Log into your checking account. 

Go online and log into your checking account with your bank. 

Select the option to send an electronic check.

Choose the eCheck option.

Fill in the information required.

Don’t leave out anything important; fill out all necessary information. Here are all the parts of a check and what each section means.

Send check.

Finally, send the check to the intended person.

It’s pretty much that simple, and if you run into any problems while trying to send an eCheck, be sure to contact your bank right away for help. 

How do I create an eCheck? 

Do you need to create an e-check? You’ll need to first find a service that does this. Then create your check. Remember to:

  1. Fill out the recipient’s name and email.
  2. Fill in the amount.
  3. Brief description.

How do I send a PayPal eCheck?

Maybe instead of sending an electronic check using your bank, you’d rather use PayPal. But how do you do that? It’s a simple process; check out the steps here:  

1. Log into your PayPal account.

First, log in to your PayPal account. You’ll need an account before you go further, so if you don’t have one, create one first.

2. Select “send money.”

There’s an option to send money to others in PayPal. 

3. Enter the required information.

Add the information of the person you want to send money to.

4. Click “Continue”.

5. Click “Change.”

6. Click “eCheck”.

7. Click “Continue”.

8. Review the transaction information and click “send money.”

Prior to sending, make sure all the information is accurate, including that you’re sending the money to the right person and that the amount is correct.

Can you get scammed with an eCheck?

People generally like electronic checks because they present a safer option for sending and receiving money than using a paper check.

Unfortunately, no system is perfect, and fraud is still possible with eChecks. Then can also bounce, just as a regular check can. 

While you will likely have no issues with any of this, it’s good to be aware of what can happen so you can be prepared.

How to Decide if You Should Use a Paper or Electronic Check

You might be struggling with whether to use a paper check or an electronic one. After all, they’re very similar, so does it really matter which you use?

Yes, there are situations where you should use one or the other. Here are some examples:

Use a paper check if:

  • You are giving the check directly to the person and not sending it in the mail. Because you are handing it right to the intended recipient, there is no need to worry about it getting lost or stolen.
  • It’s a one-time payment that can be given directly to the person who will cash it. If you aren’t going to repeat the process and provide the recipient with another check at a later date, a paper check can make sense for a one-time payment.
  • If you don’t have any concerns about the check safety, and you aren’t concerned that it might be lost. If you know for sure that the check will get to the right person and will not be lost or stolen, then you can safely use a paper check.
  • The recipient doesn’t need the money by a particular time. If there isn’t a time factor for the money, then a paper check, which takes longer, isn’t an issue you need to be concerned about.

Use an electronic check if:

  • You have concerns about the check being lost or stolen. Suppose you think there’s any possibility that your check could end up in the wrong hands. In that case, you should definitely use the safer option of an electronic check.
  • You are considering sending it in the mail. Sending a check in the mail isn’t the safest idea. If you’re considering this, an electronic method is much better.
  • The payment is time-sensitive. If the recipient needs the money quickly, then an eCheck is a better option than paper since paper checks take longer.
  • You want to complete the payment process quickly. If you want the payment dealt with promptly and efficiently, using an eCheck is a smart idea.

Reasons to Give Up Paper Checks

With eChecks being a quick and straightforward solution whenever you need a check, paper checks are becoming less and less useful. They aren’t as safe, and it takes more time for your money to get there. 

Meanwhile, the eCheck is a much better version of a paper check. Sort of the next step as far as making checks more modern.

While some might argue that paper checks still have their place, it may be time to give them up entirely. Here are the reasons:

First, you don’t have to carry paper checks around with you if you switch to electronic. There’s no need to look for your checkbook or keep checks close by you in case it’s needed.

Electronic checks are fast and simple, plus you don’t have to keep them on your person at all times.

Next, it’s a hassle to order paper checks. If you discover you’re running out, no one wants to have to order more checks and wait for them to get to you in the mail. eChecks solve that problem entirely.

Last, it’s just much safer. While there’s always a bit of risk, overall, eChecks are a more secure option. You can breathe easier knowing that your money is more likely to be safe as you transport it to the correct person.

eChecks are a fast and convenient way to send money.

Whether you need to pay someone for something and you want the payment to be secure, or you have a recurring bill you’d like to pay through check, eChecks are quick and convenient.

Your money gets to the recipient faster, the process is more secure, and it’s electronic. Plus, no more carrying paper checks around!

You don’t need to mail a paper check or spend time filling one out. Instead, the process is online. It’s easy, and it makes sense to know how to do this. 

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