5+ Law of Assumption Success Stories

5+ Law of Assumption Success Stories

What you assume about the world, what you assume about others, and what you assume about yourself is reflected back to you in your life.

So, if you assume that what you are trying to manifest has already been fulfilled, soon enough it will become your reality.

As a self-improvement enthusiast, I stumbled upon the Law of Assumption 3 years ago. I was so excited and I decided that two of my goals would be to improve my body and to gain confidence.

I had assumed that I was ripped and confident (despite the fact that I suffer from social anxiety), and my lifestyle had changed as a result.

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I was thoroughly enjoying working out after only a few weeks, and I had seen incredible results in both my body and my confidence.

I’ve also become significantly stronger in the gym, as well as more confident in all aspects of my life, especially in social situations.

I’ve since gone above and beyond that goal by employing The Law of Assumption in my life.

Here is some other Law of Assumption Success Stories:

Law of Assumption Success Stories

The Law of Assumption is a powerful concept that can help you succeed.

There are numerous Law of Assumption success stories on Reddit about people who have taken advantage of this law, and it will be interesting to hear them all.

A user on Reddit shared their experience with the Law of Assumption and how they manifested a new job:

He had been trying to find a new job since last year September 2020 but wasn’t getting any interviews. He made the assumption that because C0v*d had struck, it was a difficult time for business and that the competition was tough.

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Then, when his country went out of loc-d@w*, he did have some interviews but with no luck. He was applying for jobs in which he had no particular interest.

Then, in August of 2021, he found out about the Law of Assumption and the teachings of Neville Goddard.

He then made the assumption that getting a job was easy for him and visualized himself living in the end, working the job he liked.

He said that:

“My job is a work-from-home role, so I visualized myself going to sit on my desk, on my laptop, and turning it on then I had the companies website up where I could clearly see their name. And I visualized myself in a Zoom meeting with other people in the company. That was about it.”


Another Reddit user shared their experience with the Law of Assumption and manifesting her ideal body:

After hearing about the Law of Assumption and reading the teaching of Neville Goddard, this Reddit user understand the power of her beliefs and assumptions about herself.

Jane decided to walk confidently, as if she was dressed in designer clothes, had a supermodel body, and a great sense of style.

Sooner rather than later, people around her started to look at her with admiration. She started getting compliments about her style everywhere she went, even though she didn’t wear anything fancy.

The thing is, because she assumed she had a great taste in style, people followed through with that assumption.

It’s basically just the belief that whatever you assume will become your reality. If you assume that you’ve always had a fast metabolism and that eating cake will make you lose weight then that will become your reality.

Know that you are in charge of yourself and can easily change your life however and whenever you want.


She added:


Another user on Reddit shared their success story with the Law of Assumption. She was dealing with bureaucracy in a foreign country she was living in.

If it didn’t go well, she’d have to travel all the way back to her home country for some extra paperwork. And all she wanted to do was to be done with paperwork and bureaucracies.

Here’s what she did:


Neville Goddard Success Stories

“If I am still in the machine, I think the good things come only by accident or chance. Let the wheel turn, for each must go through all the furnaces until he awakens and sees the whole universe as infinite response.”

– Neville Goddard

Here are some Neville Goddard success stories to fuel up your motivation:

A Reddit user shared their experience with the teachings of Neville Goddard and how it improved their life in such a short time.

He only started using Neville’s methods a few weeks ago. As he mentions, nothing was happening in his life at the time.

But after applying the Law of Assumption, every minor desire he has is fulfilled almost immediately, from a friend paying for his meal to a part-time job to pay his travel expenses.


Another Reddit user manifested 50€ for his brother, just because he applied Neville’s teachings:


5+ Law of Assumption Success Stories – Conclusion

I hope these Law of Assumption and Neville Goddard success stories have motivated you and given you a sense of empowerment.

You must take action in order to experience the full power of the Law of Assumption as seen in these success stories.

Remember, we are powerful creators with the ability to change our own realities.

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