What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome? Delusion Manifesting Explained

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome? Delusion Manifesting Explained

Are you asking yourself “what is Lucky Girl Syndrome?” You may have heard the buzz about it lately.

This guide will give you everything you need to know about the latest mindset trend sweeping the Internet.

And, I’ll show you how to use it to succeed at literally anything you want.

Read on to learn exactly what Lucky Girl Syndrome is, and how to use it to manifest your dream life.

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What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a manifestation and mindset concept where if you truly believe you are a lucky person, good and lucky experiences will naturally and inevitably be drawn to you.

It’s when one assumes that no matter what, only good things and good fortune happen to them because they are just lucky that way.

You simply believe that good things always happen to you, and they do.

It’s a concept that is gaining popularity thanks to TikTok. But the concept is not new by any means.

Lucky Girl Syndrome Explained

Lucky Girl Syndrome pertains to individuals who appear to possess an innate ability to effortlessly attract positive experiences and opportunities.

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They are “just lucky.” These individuals seem to seamlessly attract good fortune, This could be anything the individual desires.

For example:

  • landing great jobs or finding success in their own businesses
  • meeting ideal romantic partners
  • finding the exact thing at a Thrift store that they were hoping to find
  • or even winning the lottery or receiving a surprise cash windfall

Nevertheless, it is not just luck.

In addition to forming a positive mindset and adapting the law of assumption (where they believe everything will always work out in their favor,) Lucky Girls also exhibit qualities such as tenacity, diligence, and a positive outlook.

They are hard-working and seek results in real-world action, as well as through manifestation.

Because they possess a positive mindset paired with a hard-working nature, they naturally attract positive outcomes and opportunities from their surroundings.

It’s a shift from a negative, lack mindset to a positive – near delusional one that actually works.

What Is The Lucky Girl Syndrome On TikTok?

Lucky Girl Syndrome is a term that has gone viral on TikTok, with creators proclaiming that being “totally delusional” is the ticket to getting everything you want.

The word “delusional” may bring up unpleasant connotations for you at first.

As, we have been brought up to think that if someone is delusional, they are crazy, irrational or untrustworthy with their intentions.

But nowadays, the word delusional also means something positive and powerful.

It now means that no matter how wild your dream is, and no matter what anyone else thinks, you believe in yourself so much that you know it will come true.

Delusion manifesting is tricking your brain to believe even the most far-fetched goals you have. By telling yourself that those things will absolutely, 100% happen for you.

It’s simply inevitable.

On TikTok, Lucky Girl Syndrome is a popular hashtag, with thousands of creators sharing their experiences of being fully, unapologetically delusional about their lives and dreams. And then finding that their dreams really are coming true.

As amazing things really do start happening around them, once they believed it was possible.

My Experience With Lucky Girl Syndrome And How It Changed My Life

After college, I went through a rough period. I graduated in 2007 and the following year the 2008 recession hit, and I found that I was having a hard time landing any jobs in my degree’s field that paid enough to live on.

So for a few years, I was a waitress living on tips, who was stuck in a cycle of low-vibration experiences, opportunities and relationships.

Regrettably, I was partying too much, and overall just totally unsure of what I wanted to do with my life and didn’t see a future.

I even found myself near homeless at some point. When my rent became too expensive, I sublet my apartment to cover the rent, while I stayed in my friend’s closet for a few months. Yes, a closet!

It wasn’t looking too good.

Now fast forward to today. I own my dream home and am looking to buy another investment property.

I have bought and flipped 2 houses and started a family. I built a 7 figure business I love, my life is filled with positivity, and I even got sober!

So what changed?

Well, in 2015 I made the decision that the situation in life that I was in thus far was not going to dictate the next half of my life.

  • I started to tell myself that good things were always happening to me, every day. Even though at the time it felt unbelievable (had to flex my delusion manifesting muscle!)
  • I started to do the inner work to change my mindset about what was possible and began believing that no matter what I wanted, I had the ability to make it work out
  • I removed myself from negative situations, people and places
  • I got real about my finances and started saving
  • I stopped drinking (this was HUGE) and stopped hanging out with friends who encouraged drinking
  • I quit waitressing/bartending and started a business
  • I picked up positive daily micro-habits to better myself
  • I told myself that my success was inevitable daily, and that I am simply a lucky person who always wins

Back then, I didn’t know that what I was doing had a name.

I had never heard of the law of assumption or attraction, and it would be many years until the Lucky Girl Syndrome hashtag took over TikTok.

But I was embodying Lucky Girl Syndrome nevertheless.

And within just two years, my life did a complete 180. By 2017 was a homeowner, a thriving business owner, savings in the bank, met my partner, and had become healthy and happy.

Trust me, it works.

Is Lucky Girl Just The Latest Interpretation Of The Law of Assumption?

…Yes, it is!

Just as aioli is really just mayonnaise rebranded, Lucky Girl Syndrome is the Law of Assumption rebranded.

The Secret” a book that had a chokehold on humanity in the early 00s was also an interpretation of the law of assumption.

Lucky Girl Syndrome is simply the trendy new moniker for the concept that you can get anything you want if you believe in it enough.

The Law Of Assumption is a belief that when we act as though we already have the thing we desire (and truly believe that we already have it) then we will be rewarded with that thing we are simulating to have.

Basically, when we raise our vibration to the energy of what having that thing would really feel like, the Universe will meet that vibration and start giving us those opportunities/things.

By fully embodying the belief that our desired reality has already materialized, we pave the way for its manifestation in our lives.

The act of fully embracing this state of being allows us to attract and ultimately receive the very things that we desire most in life.

It is based on the idea that we create our reality through our thoughts and beliefs, and that by assuming a certain state of being, we can manifest that reality into existence.

The law of assumption is a concept that is often discussed in the field of manifestation and is closely related to the law of attraction.

But where the law of attraction focuses on being grateful for what you already have to attract more of what you have, the law of assumption assumes that you already have everything you want and that anything you desire will always come to you.

The law of assumption is a powerful manifestation tool that involves assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled in order to attract that reality into our lives.

Aka, delusion manifesting, aka Lucky Girl Syndrome!

But How Can You Manifest Luck When You’ve Never Been “Lucky” Before?

Manifesting luck simply involves focusing your thoughts and energy on the positive outcomes you desire.

It’s an act that anyone can do at any time, regardless of what hardships one may have experienced in the past.

So it doesn’t matter if you felt you were unlucky in the past.

Once you decide that you now have Lucky Girl Syndrome, you can begin the next phase of your life believing that only good things happen to you.

Of course, setbacks and negative situations will happen sometimes, its a part of life.

But a Lucky Girl knows that even the most unfortunate hardships or failures are actually just lessons to learn from, and she will find a positive aspect in it to see the silver lining.

But How Do You Just Trick Your Mind Into Believing You Have Something That You Don’t?

I know it sounds a bit insane to just tell your brain something and expect it to believe you.

But the truth is, that’s exactly how your brain operates.

Your brain believes everything you tell it – good or bad.

And this is science!

Our brains have something called a reticular activating system (RAS). Our RAS filters out unnecessary information in our surroundings so that you can focus on what’s important in the moment.

No matter what you tell your brain, your RAS will listen and interpet it as what is important to you.

Then, it will constantly look for signals to prove that what you are saying is fact. It will guide you towards evidence that it’s possible.

It doesn’t know if what you are saying is true or a lie. It can’t differentiate if what you are saying in your head is actually happening in front of your eyes, or being imagined.

So it makes 100% sense to only tell yourself positive things that you want to happen, as if it’s already happening.

So how do you embody the Lucky Girl Syndrome and start winning at life?

1. Decide you are lucky

The first step in “catching” Lucky Girl Syndrome is to decide that you are lucky.

Say it out loud.


2. Raise Your Vibration

Next, you will need to raise your vibration, by doing things that make you feel happy and grounded.

This could be by dedicating time each day to doing something you enjoy. Think, meditate, exercise, practice gratitude, listen to high-vibrational music, write, and so on.

The more empathy you can feel for others means the higher vibration you are.

Simple ways to practice empathy for others is to:

  • offer support when a friend is in need of advice
  • to be vegetarian
  • to let spiders out of your home, instead of hurting them
  • really trying to feel what it would feel like to be in someone else’s shoes and to act out of compassion toward them

I have a few excellent tips on morning routine tips for a high-vibe day.

3. Have a positive mindset

Having a positive mindset and positive outlook on life means that you always try to see the positives in any situation.

You catch yourself when you start thinking something negative about a person or thing. You don’t gossip, and you try not to hold grudges or dwell on the past.

Instead, in your mind, you can revisit past experiences that were unpleasant or negative and work on learning from those memories and forgiving yourself and others for past mistakes.

And once you have made amends (internally or with others), you let it go and move on.

It’s essential to surround yourself with positivity and avoid negative energy and people that may hinder your progress.

Know that having a positive mindset does not mean that you are unrealistically happy all of the time, or that you don’t care about life’s issues.

It just means that even in tough times, you remind yourself that good things will come your way.

4. Have an attitude of gratitude

Just as practicing gratitude raises your vibration as noted above, it also helps you embody the essence of Lucky Girl Syndrome.

Practicing gratitude can help you attract more good fortune into your life.

Download the Lucky Girl Kit below which includes helpful gratitude journal prompts to help you with this. I have also included many more resources inside the kit, which you can get for free below:

The Lucky Girl Syndrome Kit Includes:

  • Lucky Girl Habits Bible & Habit Tracker
  • 40 Luck Affirmations To Attract Good Luck & Positive Experiences Everyday
  • Vibration-Raising Tools
  • Gratitude Journal Prompts
  • Access To The Glow Up Challenge – A Daily Motivational Experience To Keep You Focused On Your Lucky Girl Transformation Journey

5. Visualize just how lucky you are

To succeed with Lucky Girl Syndrome, visualize yourself already having achieved your desired outcomes, and feel the positive emotions associated with it.

Stay open to new opportunities and take action towards achieving your goals.

The law of assumption states that we must first assume the feeling of the desire fulfilled, in order to bring it into our reality.

So to make Lucky Girl Syndrome work for you, you must feel as though your desired outcome has already happened, rather than focusing on the lack of it in your current reality.

Of course, there’s the law of attraction, which states that what you focus on, you attract more of. So focusing on the lack of something is never a good thing to do, anyway.

6. Trust Your Intuition

To embody Lucky Girl Syndrome you will need to listen to your inner voice, trust your instincts and follow your intuition.

Often, that voice of intuition is actually one of your Spirit Guides, sending messages to guide you toward opportunities and experiences that align with your goals.

Your plan to catch Lucky Girl Syndrome isn’t just you on your own. A Lucky Girl co-works with her spirit guides and spirit entourage.

You will need to assume that your best possible timeline is always playing out and happening for you. Trust is crucial.

Lucky Girl Syndrome Manifestation Example

For example, let’s say you want to manifest a new client in your high-ticket coaching program.

Rather than focusing on the fact that you don’t have that client yet, you would instead assume the feeling of already having the client you want.

You might visualize yourself interacting with your new client over Zoom, visualizing their payments coming into your bank account, and feeling fulfilled in your work.

You could repeat something like “high-paying clients always come to me,” a few times every day. Really believe it.

By assuming this feeling of already having your desired outcome, you are aligning yourself with that reality and allowing it to come to fruition.

This is because the universe responds to the energy we put out, and by assuming the feeling of already having what we want, we attract more of that energy into our lives.

Habits Of Lucky Girls

Now let’s look at a few habits of people who experienced Lucky Girl Syndrome.

Lucky Girls practice gratitude.

As mentioned earlier, gratitude is a crucial aspect of the lucky girls’ mentality.

But it’s not just a thought in her head. She makes practicing gratitude a habit in the physical world by doing something to appreciate what she is grateful for each day, such as journaling.

Write down what you are grateful for each day.

Take time to appreciate what you have in life and focus on the little things that bring you joy.

Instead of fixating on what you lack, direct your attention toward the positive elements of your life.

  • Tip: Start a gratitude journal

Lucky Girls create their own opportunities.

Lucky girls do not wait for opportunities to come to them; they actively seek out and create them.

They are proactive and take the initiative to achieve their goals, rather than relying on chance.

Tip: If your manifestation is to own a successful online business, don’t just wait around hoping to start ‘one day’, and instead, buy an established online business that is already successful today.

Lucky Girls avoid negativity.

Surrounding themselves with positivity is another key aspect of lucky girls’ mentality.

Take a close look at who you spend your time with.

If you want to be successful, you need to surround yourself with positive, successful people.

Do things that raise your vibration every day.

And avoid negative, low-vibration people and surround yourself with people and things that inspire and uplift you, energizing you to achieve your goals.

  • Tip: Don’t gossip. If you find yourself gossiping when you are with certain friends, catch yourself next time and don’t engage. Or, stop hanging out with those people.

Lucky Girls practice optimism.

Another defining characteristic of lucky girls is their positive outlook on life.

They view challenges as opportunities for growth and remain optimistic even in difficult circumstances.

This mindset attracts positive outcomes and reinforces their belief that good things will come their way.

Tip: Say to yourself every morning “The Universe is rigged in my favor.”

Lucky Girls trust their instincts.

Trusting their instincts and following their intuition is also a trait common among lucky girls.

Listen to your inner voice and don’t be afraid to take risks. Make decisions that align with your gut feeling.

Lucky Girls Manifest their reality.

Finally, lucky girls understand and practice the power of manifestation.

By focusing their thoughts and energy on their goals and desires, they align themselves with positive outcomes, bringing those things into their lives.

If you truly want to become a Lucky Girl, fully embrace the idea that you can manifest everything you want, making it a reality through your mindset and energy.

What Is Lucky Girl Syndrome? Conclusion

You no longer have to wonder “what is Lucky Girl Syndrome?”

As you can see, there’s more than just luck to it. But anyone can do it.

To catch Lucky Girl Syndrome takes sheer belief that you are capable of achieving and having everything, while also embodying the feeling that you already have everything in your reality.

Then, have an attitude of gratitude and take action.

Join the Glow Up Challenge For FREE:

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How to Use Lucky Girl Syndrome to Manifest Your Dream Life
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