17 Uplifting Things To Do When You Bored

17 Uplifting Things To Do When Alone and Bored

Wondering what to do when alone and bored? Need some ideas for entrepreneur downtime? I have the solution.

You’ve had a rough day or week and you finally get the chance to spend some time by yourself. But other than napping, you don’t know what to do.

With everything that is going on in your life, finding quality things to do alone is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Especially as a busy entrepreneur. You need to be able to turn your brain off, stop thinking about sales funnels for a minute, and actually relax!

Here are 17 uplifting things to do when alone and bored today.

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Here are the 17 Uplifting things that you can do alone When You Need Entrepreneur Downtime

As a business owner, you have 10,000 things on your mind every day. It would be easy to burn out if you don’t allow yourself some time to reflect, and recharge.

1. Sit back and relax.

Watch your favorite series on Netflix with a hot cup of tea, scroll through Social Media, and catch up with your friends and family.

I know this doesn’t seem too productive, but every now and then you need to relax and let your mind go on autopilot.

2. Clean your room/house.

Hear me out for a second, I know this sounds like a chore, BUT, cleaning your room has some mental health benefits.

Maybe you’ve been working/studying hard all week, or you just didn’t want to clean your room.

Now it’s a whole mess.

By tidying up your room, you’re actually tidying up your mind and your thoughts. Decluttered room means decluttered mind. And decluttered mind means less stress and anxiety.

Why not declutter your closet and make way for a functional all-season capsule wardrobe?

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3. Workout.

Nothing feels better after you’ve finished a workout session.

The benefits are dozen: from improved physical and mental health to a great activity to do when you feel bored, working out is a quality way to spend time alone.

4. Listen To Music.

Music is a gift. You’ll see it being mentioned a handful of times in this article.

Listening to old songs that you haven’t listened to in a while, travels back the time in a nostalgic manner.

5. Evaluate Your Life.

Be brutally honest on this one. Look back at your day/week/month/year.

Ask yourself: How’s it going? Is everything on track? Have you met your goals/projects?

Doing this lets you know if you are in the position you want to be in your life.

6. Create A List Of Goals.

This goes hand in hand with the above one.

If you feel that you are stuck in a bad place in your life, say, you’re not healthy enough, you are not doing good financially, or whatever the reason; making a list of goals you want to achieve is a great way to kick-start your self-improvement journey.

If you want to know about self-improvement I wrote an article that deeply explains this concept.

7. Read A Book.

Start a reading habit!

Reading books is a great productive way to spend time alone as it reduces stress and anxiety, expands your vocabulary, and your fantasy, and packs you with knowledge.

Can’t say no to more knowledge, can you?

I have many favorite books, but a good one on this subject is The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, By Mark Manson.

8. Start A New Hobby.

Now it’s the best time to start the hobby you always wanted.

If that is photography, or learning a new instrument, you should start it right away. You’ll see that you’ll adjust your plans to have more time for yourself.

9. Study.

If you have school or college going on and you are reading this article, shame on you, you should be studying right now!

10. Work on your side project.

Having multiple income streams is a huge financial relief, personally.

By side project, I mean to work on your dream goals, other than school or the typical 9-5 corporate job.

Start that new business you’ve always wanted, and be your own boss.

11. Meditate.

Meditation is a huge topic on this site.

Meditating has shown a large number of benefits for your mental health, from stress reduction and a clearer mind to improved productivity and overall well-being.

You should definitely incorporate it into your daily routine.

Oh, what’s this? You don’t have a morning routine? No worries, just see the related post down below:

Going for a walk just clears up your mind just like cleaning your room, it just does.

Put your athletic shoes on, listen to music or your favorite podcast, and go for a walk. Small or big, doesn’t matter, just get your blood flowing and you’ll feel better after you finish your walk.13. Cook or learn to cook.

After you finish cooking a meal and you know you’ve nailed it, the sense of accomplishment is just impossible to describe.

14. ride a bike.

If you own a bike you are very lucky.

Bike rides are the best, especially if you live somewhere with a sea view or mountain view.

Hop on your bike and just go for it.15. go for a car ride.

There is just something special about car rides by yourself, especially at night.

Put your favorite music to max volume, and open up your windows. I treat it like my own therapy session, it’s just special.

16. Sing And Dance.

Probably the best thing to do when you are alone.

Singing and dancing by yourself, even if you are terrible at doing both, you’ll have you at the end with a big smile on your face and a pumping heart rate.

17. Play Video Games.

Leaving the best for the end, at least for gamers.

No, it isn’t bad to play video games. Just don’t overdo it and get yourself addicted to it.

17 Uplifting Things To Do When You Bored – Conclusion

These were my top picks for things to do when you are alone and bored.

Let me know what works best for you and if you have any suggestions for this list, feel free to comment down below!

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