8 Self-Improvement Podcasts You Need To Listen To

8 Self-Improvement Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Listening to self-improvement podcasts is such a great, passive way to level yourself up.

Do you struggle with self-improvement and mindset? Do you find it to be a daily struggle to see the bigger and brighter picture?

A few years ago, I finally decided to work on myself. I was getting tired of not living up to my full potential.

Throughout my journey, there were a lot of times when I doubted my progress, and these podcasts helped me stay on track and actually bettered me in many ways.

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I’m sharing these podcasts with you today in hopes that they can a positive impact on your life, just like they had on mine.

I personally use Apple Music to listen to my Podcasts, but they’re also on Spotify, Podbean, Google Podcasts, and a few more platforms.

Ready to listen to some amazing motivational podcasts?

8 Self-Improvement Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Here are 8 self-improvement podcasts you need to listen to, along with *my favorite* episode from each one.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan is an American comedian, podcast host, and mixed martial arts, color commentator.

I’ve heard about the podcast, but the length of the episodes was putting me off.

That was until I stumbled upon his YouTube videos, which are 5-15 minute clips from his episodes, and I got hooked!

You can find episodes with different kinds of established people, from comedians, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, MMA fighters and the list goes on!

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2. The Mindset Mentor.

The Mindset Mentor podcast is designed for anyone desiring motivation, direction, and focus in life.

Rob Dial, the host of this podcast, is a brutally honest motivational speaker, and he goes over the power of our brain, and how we can create the life that we truly desire.

He talks about productivity, anxiety and stress, business, money, routines and habits, self-love, and self-care.

Whatever you need in terms of self-improvement, he has an episode on.

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3. Shut Up Brain Podcast

The Shut Up Brain Podcast was the first podcast I listen to, and it’s actually the main reason I started my personal growth journey and this blog.

If you struggle with anxiety, productivity, or just setting goals and actually achieving them, then this podcast is for you.

Benjamin Schoeffler is a funny, down-to-earth guy who shares his life experiences with actionable tips and humor.

4. On Purpose With Jay Shetty

#1 New York Bestseller Author with his book Think Like A Monk, Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker and a very nice person.

Oftentimes he has inspirational guests over that share their experiences and life lessons, and I think there is an episode for every kind of liking.

5. The School Of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a motivational speaker, talks about life’s difficulty, how to overcome it, happiness, productivity, mindset, and business.

His motivational and heart-breaking story has inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Along with the solo episodes, he has guests who are motivational speakers, celebrities, business owners, and such on.

6. Detail Therapy with Amy Landino

Amy Landino is a truly inspiring person! She is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and time-optimization fanatic!

The topics she and her guests share are all about productivity, career and business, wealth, branding, relationships, and mental health.

7. Lead to Win

From productivity to personal development, and self-leadership to team leadership, Michael and Megan Hyatt are giving you the insights and tools you need to succeed at work and in life.

8. The Dave Ramsey Show

If you struggle with money management or you want help with getting out of debt, then this Podcast is all you need!

In each episode, Dave Ramsey answers his guest’s questions about personal finance, money management, and all things money.

8 Self-Improvement Podcasts You Need To Listen To – Conclusion

Self-improvement podcasts can be a great resource for people who are looking to enhance their personal and professional development.

Whether you are seeking new knowledge, inspiration, motivation, or support, there are many podcasts available that can help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

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  1. Hello Chelsea, great article! I like how you describe podcasts as a passive way to level up. Your emphasis on the necessity to shift one’s mindset in order to advance in life is so true- something I’ve realized as of late.

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