12 lists to organize your life and improve your days

130 Powerful Lists To Organize Your Life

If you are feeling overwhelmed and scattered, you need to make these powerful lists to organize your life.

Lists are a great and very important tool to have in your arsenal if you want to operate at your best self.

They are also a productive way to stay on top of your tasks and responsibilities so you can get more done with less stress.

So, if you are interested in learning what lists to make to stay organized then keep reading. As I am revealing the best organizational list-making strategies that will totally change your life.

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130 Powerful Lists To Organize Your Life

Showing examples of different types of Lists To Organize Your Life

What are the benefits of making lists?

Using lists to organize your whole life can be a powerful tool for staying on top of your responsibilities and goals.

Benefits of using lists to organize your life:

Making lists helps you reduce anxiety. If you get the overwhelming feeling of having thousands of things to do but you don’t know where to start, you know what I’m talking about. Writing things down on a piece of paper lowers your stress levels.

They improve your focus. Using your list as a roadmap will help you to keep your eye on the prize.

Feel and be more productive. The act of crossing off tasks from your list gives you a positive productive feeling and this alone is worth keeping lists for.

They make you more organized. A To-Do list not only creates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done.

As you can see, the benefits of having a list are very important in making you more organized and productive.

Making lists can help you stay or get more organized, focused, and productive, making it a valuable tool for both your personal and professional life.

Finance and Money Management List Ideas:

Business Growth Lists:

  • Business Goals for the Year
  • Client Follow-Up Schedule
  • Marketing Strategies to Implement
  • Skill Development Goals
  • Networking Opportunities List
  • Financial Milestones Checklist
  • New Business Ideas to Explore
  • Industry Trends to Watch
  • Product Launch Checklist
  • Team Building Activities
  • Password Tracker Lists

Passowrd Tracker List

I’m surely not the only one who has over 100 accounts and passwords to keep track of.

A wise thing to do is to keep a password list because forgetting and having to reset your password all the time can be a pretty frustrating activity to do.

When you start keeping all of your usernames and passwords in one place, you will feel incredibly more organized.

Wellness Lists:

  • Skincare Routine List
  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Fitness Routine Tracker
  • Water Intake Log
  • Sleep Quality Journal
  • Healthy Recipes to Try
  • Meditation Practices to Explore
  • Self-Care Ideas List
  • Stress-Relief Techniques
  • Vitamins and Supplements Checklist
  • Regular Health Checkups Schedule

Fitness Goals List

Keep track of your gym sessions or at-home workouts.

You can track which days you worked out, how many reps and sets you did, the weights that you lifted, the miles (km) you ran, etc.

These lists will help keep you focused on your fitness goals.

Routines and Habits Lists:

  • Morning Routine Checklist
  • Evening Wind-Down Rituals
  • Daily Habits for Productivity
  • Monthly Review Checklist
  • Habit Tracker
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Digital Detox Plan
  • Time-Blocking Schedule
  • Weekly Planning Checklist
  • Decluttering Checklist

Healthy Habits List

Having a habit tracker is a great way and motivator to help you form new habits or to keep track of your current ones.

Read: 100 Healthy Habits To Drastically Improve Your Life

Gratitude List

Gratitude is the key to true happiness, and no, I’m not exaggerating this. There is scientific evidence that being grateful improves both your physical and mental health.

So making a gratitude list is a wise thing to do.

If you don’t know how to start practicing gratitude, here is a helpful guide.

When you download the Lucky Girl book for free, below, you’ll get a list of helpful gratitude list prompts!

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    Daily To-Do Lists:

    You’ve most likely heard of To-Do lists before, but still, they’re a great start for getting more organized.

    Daily To-Do lists help you stay on track and focused with your tasks, making you more productive and less likely to procrastinate.

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      Weekly To-Do Lists

      A weekly to-do list, just like a daily to-do list can be a life-changing tool to help you organize your life.

      I have a whole article about what you can do on a Sunday to have a productive week, check it out here: 9 Things To Do Every Sunday For A Productive Week

      • Daily To-Do List
      • Prioritization Checklist
      • Positive Affirmations for the Day
      • Gratitude List
      • Daily Reflections
      • Acts of Kindness Tracker
      • Learning Goals for the Day
      • Healthy Snack Options
      • Hydration Tracker
      • Creative Ideas Journal

      Career Advancement Lists:

      • Career Milestones to Achieve
      • Professional Development Goals
      • Achievements Tracker
      • Networking Contacts List
      • Work-Life Balance Strategies
      • Skills Showcase Portfolio
      • Career Aspirations List
      • Professional Certifications to Pursue
      • Industry Conferences to Attend
      • Performance Review Preparation

      Spirituality Growth Lists:

      • Meditation Techniques to Try
      • Inspirational Quotes Compilation
      • Spiritual Goals List
      • Places of Spiritual Significance to Visit
      • Mindfulness Practices
      • Books on Spirituality to Read
      • Gratitude Prayers List
      • Affirmations for Spiritual Growth
      • Reflection Questions
      • Spiritual Retreat Planning

      Personal Development Lists:

      • Personal Goals for the Year
      • Skills to Learn
      • Personal Development Books to Read
      • Areas of Improvement List
      • Bucket List
      • Positive Habits to Cultivate
      • Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection
      • Confidence-Boosting Affirmations
      • TED Talks to Watch
      • Inspirational People to Learn From

      Goals List

      These can be both short-term and long-term goals.

      Keeping a goals list is a great way to keep you inspired and motivated to work towards your dreams.

      Books To Read List

      Did you know that the average millionaire reads 1 book a week? That’s over 50 books a year!

      Listen to the best self-improvement books as audiobooks to dramatically speed up your reading time.

      I habit stack by listening to an audiobook when I’m on the treadmill each day, or while I’m cooking.

      Bucket List Ideas

      A bucket list is essentially a list of your life goals. It includes all of the things you want to do or accomplish in your life before dying.

      You know, before you “kick the bucket!”

      This can range from travel destinations to classes you want to take, to trying out every restaurant in your area, or asking a skateboarder to teach you how to drop into a half pipe.

      Whatever you want to do in life, this is the list you have to make.

      Bucket lists are a great way to set goals and create a sense of purpose in life.

      Here are some fun bucket list ideas that you might consider:

      • Travel to a new continent: Visit a place you’ve never been before.
      • Learn a new language: Challenge yourself to learn a new language.
      • Channel your spirit guides: Gain insight from your guides and higher self on what your life’s path and soul contract is leading you towards
      • Try a new extreme sport: Take up an extreme sport like bungee jumping, skydiving, or white-water rafting.
      • Attend a music festival: Experience the energy of a music festival, such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Glastonbury.
      • Learn to play a musical instrument: Take up a new hobby and learn to play a musical instrument.
      • Go on a road trip: Plan a road trip with friends or family to explore a new destination and create unforgettable memories.
      • Volunteer for a cause: Dedicate your time and skills to a worthy cause by volunteering for a charity or organization that you’re passionate about.
      • Learn a new skill: Take up a new hobby and learn a new skill.

      These are just a few of my bucket list ideas, but, your bucket list should be unique to you and reflect your personal interests and aspirations.

      Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and set goals that challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone.

      Travel and Adventure Lists:

      • Travel Bucket List
      • Packing Checklist
      • Dream Destinations to Visit
      • Travel Expenses Budget
      • Cultural Experiences to Seek
      • Travel Itinerary Planner
      • Packing List for Different Seasons
      • Travel Goals for the Year
      • Road Trip Destinations
      • Travel Journal Prompts

      Nurture Relationships Lists:

      • Family Fun Activities
      • Date Night Ideas
      • Relationship Goals
      • Family Values List
      • Birthday and Anniversary Tracker
      • Gift Ideas for Loved Ones
      • Quality Time Activities
      • Ways to Show Appreciation
      • Communication Goals with Family
      • Family Traditions to Start

      Home Management Lists:

      • Home Maintenance Checklist
      • Cleaning Routine Schedule
      • Grocery Shopping List
      • Emergency Contacts List
      • Home Improvement Projects
      • Budget for Household Expenses
      • Meal Planning for the Week
      • Home Organization Checklist
      • Appliance Maintenance Schedule
      • Garden Planning List

      Meal Planner List

      Keeping a meal planner list for the next 3-7 days can help you save time from wondering what to eat and also help you make healthier food choices.

      Look, you are what you eat.

      If you consume crappy food, you’ll feel crappy and you’ll have low energy levels. So try meal planning for a week, and see if it works for you.

      Shopping List

      This can be pretty handy for those people who go to the supermarket and forget half of what they came for.

      Been there, done that.

      Making shopping lists can save money and time in several ways.

      A great benefit I’ve found with keeping a shopping list is that it prevents you from impulsive buying because you only buy the things that are on your list.

      When we go shopping without a list, we tend to be more susceptible to impulse purchases.

      We might see something on sale or a new product that catches our eye and end up buying it, even if we didn’t plan to.

      However, when we make a shopping list, we know exactly what we need, and we’re less likely to be tempted by unnecessary items.

      Making a shopping list also ensures that we don’t forget anything we need, which means we’re less likely to make duplicate purchases.

      This can save money and reduce waste, as we’re not buying things we already have at home.

      Plus, a shopping list saves you time.

      You won’t need to wander aimlessly around the store looking for things, as you’ll know exactly what you need and where to find it. This saves time as well as reduces stress.

      Making a shopping list can also help you avoid multiple trips to the store.

      By planning ahead and making a list of everything you need, you can reduce the chances of forgetting something and having to go back to the store later.

      Budget and Spending List

      Just as making a shopping list is beneficial, a spending list can also ensure you know ahead of time how much you’re going to spend.

      Since I started tracking my incoming and outcoming money, it has helped me save more money and become more mindful of how and on what I spend my money.

      It may sound difficult or extreme at first, but if you try keeping a budget and spending list, you’ll see the areas of your life where you can save a bit more money and correct your spending habits.

      A spending list can help you stay on budget and avoid overspending on unnecessary items.

      Spending lists also help you save time. When you have a spending list, you can shop and make investments more efficiently, knowing you won’t be tempted by items that are out of budget.

      Fun Lifestyle Lists:

      • Adventure Bucket List
      • Movies to Watch
      • Favorite Songs Playlist
      • Hobbies to Explore
      • Places to Travel for Fun
      • Comedy Shows to See
      • Restaurants to Try
      • DIY Projects
      • Weekend Getaway Ideas
      • Fun Fitness Challenges

      Books To read Lists:

      • Books to Read This Year
      • Favorite Authors List
      • Book Club Reading List
      • Inspirational Books Collection
      • Genres to Explore
      • Books for Personal Growth
      • Books Recommended by Friends
      • Audiobooks for Commutes
      • Must-Read Classics
      • Books to Gift

      Get free access to Audible for 30 Days.

      How Lynn Used Lists To Organize Her Life And Completely Improved Her Productivity

      When my client Lynn signed up for my digital business launching program, she told me that she had always been a scattered and disorganized person.

      Her life was chaotic, and she felt like she was always running behind, unable to keep up with the demands of work, family, and social obligations.

      She had tried to get organized in the past, but nothing ever seemed to stick.

      Well, it wasn’t long before she found herself having trouble keeping up with the lessons in my program. And as much as she wanted to launch her business, her disorganized life was holding her back.

      That all changed when I suggested that she start making strategic lists.

      She started small, making a list of tasks she needed to complete each day. She would cross off items as she completed them, giving her a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

      As she got more comfortable with this system, she started making more extensive lists for work projects and personal goals.

      One of the areas where Lynn saw the most significant improvement was in her health.

      She had always struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, often making impulsive food choices and skipping workouts.

      However, once she started making lists of healthy meal options and exercise routines, she found it much easier to stick to her goals.

      She would plan her meals for the week, make a shopping list, and prep her food in advance, saving time and money while eating healthier than ever before.

      With her exercise routines, she would make a schedule of which days she would work out, what exercises she would do, and for how long, ensuring that she stayed on track with her fitness goals.

      Lynn also applied her newfound organizational skills to her home life.

      She made a list of chores that needed to be done each week, assigning different tasks to different days. This helped her stay on top of her cleaning and organizing, which, in turn, reduced stress and increased her overall happiness.

      This boost in organization surrounding Lynn’s personal life made her more attentive to focus on launching her business.

      So now Lynn began to use lists to manage her workload more effectively.

      She would make a list of all the business launching tasks she needed to complete each day and prioritize them based on importance and urgency.

      This allowed her to focus on the most critical tasks first, reducing stress and increasing her productivity.

      Overall, making strategic lists had a profound impact on Lynn’s life.

      She went from feeling overwhelmed and disorganized to feeling in control and productive. She was eating healthier, exercising regularly, and had a clean and organized home.

      Her work life had also improved significantly, with fewer missed deadlines and more efficient time management. She launched her ebook by the end of the year!

      Lynn was thrilled with her newfound organization and felt like she had unlocked the secret to a more fulfilling and successful life.

      130 Powerful Lists To Organize Your Life – Conclusion

      Just like Lynn, by starting the habit of making strategic lists to organize your life, you can dramatically improve yourself and become a more productive, efficient, and successful person.

      We hope you found this guide helpful. Be sure to download the Daily To-Do Checklist below, and follow me on TikTok and Instagram.

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