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12 Tips To Send Newsletter Emails Your Subscribers Will Love

Are you stopping yourself from sending a weekly newsletter, because you are afraid you don’t know what type of emails your subscribers will love? 

Or, when you start writing your newsletter, do you just wind up staring at your computer for an hour, hitting backspace a million times, and never feeling satisfied with what you wrote?

The truth is your subscribers actually do WANT to hear from you. And email marketing is an incredible way to make money online.

All you need is a proper newsletter strategy to get going. Allow me to share my tips for how to send newsletter emails your subscribers will love!

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How To Send Newsletter Emails Your Subscribers Will Love

Picture this.

You sit down at your desk, open up your laptop, and log in to your email service provider. It’s time to write your weekly newsletter to your list.

But instead of overthinking it for an hour, staring hopelessly at that blinking cursor, feeling like anything you could possibly write wouldn’t be good enough, helpful enough, or interesting enough…

You feel totally confident, bang out an incredible newsletter in twenty minutes flat, and even more than that, you know your subscribers are going to love it.

Over the years I’ve come up with a list of do’s and dont’s for sending newsletters my subscribers will love.

And today, I want to share those with you.

7 Email Newsletter Do’s

Just like your social media and blog content, your emails should always be focused on helping, educating, and inspiring your subscribers.

By showcasing your expertise and building trust and connection with your subscribers, you’ll make the sales process a lot easier when it comes time to promote something.

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Here are 7 tips to help you knock your email newsletters out of the park.

#1. Do send emails regularly and consistently

Once a week is a great starting point and what I generally recommend.

If you want your subscribers to anticipate your weekly newsletters, try sending them on the same day and at the same time each week.

#2. Do be consistent with your visuals

Stick to your brand colors and fonts in your emails.

Your emails should look similar from one to the next so your subscribers get used to your aesthetic and instantly recognize your brand when they see an email from you.

#3. Do use images in your emails – but not too many

Big chunks of text can be boring, so break up the text by adding relevant and branded images in your newsletters.

I personally love using funny GIFs every now and again to add a touch of humor to my emails.

I’m a firm believer that there is a Schitts Creek Gif for every occasion.


#4. Do create a fun name for your newsletter

Melissa Cassera’s newsletter is called “O.M.G. – Original Melissa Goodness.”

What a cute name, right? And so much better than “Melissa’s Weekly Newsletter.”

#5. Do build a sense of community among your subscribers

Your subscribers all have something in common: an interest in whatever your niche is.

So you have a starting point to work from here.

Why not create a Facebook group for your email subscribers?

Or start a Twitter chat? Anything to connect people and bring them together will go a long way.

#6. do ask for feedback and start a conversation

Don’t just assume your subscribers are enjoying the content you’re sharing with them in your newsletters.

Send out polls and surveys and ask your readers what their favorite topics to learn about are, what they struggle with the most, and how you can improve your emails to serve them better.

At the end of each email, ask an open-ended question and then encourage your subscribers to hit reply and send you their answer.

#7. do include bonuses, freebies, and discounts

One of your main goals with your email list is to provide extra value for your subscribers and share things they can’t already get on your website.

Surprise-freebies are a great way to do that!

Members of my newsletter get rewarded for staying subscribed, as I send out free gifts to them all the time.

You can also try pre-selling your newest product to your email list before releasing it to the general public.

Either for free or at a discounted price, as a way to show your subscribers how much you appreciate them.

5 Email Newsletter Dont’s

On to the not-so-fun part. Here are five things to avoid doing in your newsletters.

#1. DON’T treat your subscribers like numbers

Talk to your subscribers like they’re your friends because honestly, that’s kind of what they are. Use your brand voice in your emails.

Be friendly and relatable. You don’t want to sound overly stuffy, or worse, like a robot.

#2. DON’T just re-hash your latest blog post

You might think that a simple RSS feed of your blog is the easiest way to generate content for your email list, but that’s not providing any extra value for your subscribers beyond what they can get on your website.

No one wants to join an email list just to get weekly recaps of that person’s blog posts. The best newsletters teach extra content that wasn’t already covered on your blog.

So go the extra mile.

Share a bonus tip that wasn’t included in your recent blog post in a newsletter.

Give your email subscribers a content upgrade you created just for them.

Trust me, they won’t forget the extra effort you put in.

#3. DON’T constantly pitch your products

If you want to use your email list as a way to earn income, you need to spend a large chunk of time educating your subscribers.

Then a small chunk of time can be devoted to selling, as long as you keep it genuine.

Focus on how your paid offerings will benefit your subscribers instead of thinking about how their money will benefit you.

#4. DON’T send all of your subscribers the same emails

Segment your email list so that different groups of people get different emails from you.

As an example, let’s say that half of your subscribers are interested in one specific topic (let’s call it Topic A), but the other half isn’t interested in that topic.

They’re more interested in Topic B.

If you send all of your subscribers a bunch of emails about Topic A, the second half might unsubscribe because your content just isn’t relevant for them.

If you use ConvertKit as I do, you can send different emails to different groups of subscribers by tagging people when they complete a specific action.

Such as opting into a certain freebie or clicking a specific link in one of your emails.

#5. DON’T stress about it

Every email you send to your list doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner. Have fun when writing your newsletters!

Be chatty. Be yourself. And don’t feel like you have to write a thousand words in order for your emails to be “worth it.” Just be you and have fun.

How To Send Newsletter Emails Your Subscribers Will Love – Conclusion

There you have it. My 12 email do’s and dont’s for sending newsletter emails your subscribers will love.

Before you go, be sure to sign up to get my weekly love letter. My emails are packed with juicy tips and strategies to help you grow, scale and sell your online business.

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Have you started your email list yet? How do you feel about sending regular newsletters to your list? What have been your most popular newsletters?

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  1. Charlotte Monnoyer says:

    Thank you for this! I’m finally setting up an email list and following your advice religiously! I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on. I’m still deciding on what to offer as my free opt in!

  2. Allie Williams says:

    I love these tips!! 🙂 I definitely always make an effort to type like I would speak to my subscribers if we were all in a room together. Imagining them sitting cross-legged on the floor, sprawled around on the couch with notebooks and eager faces helps me craft a better newsletter. Thank you for this post!

  3. Omar S Kenawy says:

    Marketing via email is an extremely powerful tool. But, it needs to be done in a way that speaks to the needs and desires of your readers.They’re short on time, limited in patience, and only willing to do so much at your command. So, be brief, provide value, and always give them a tangible action to complete.

  4. Brianna Nash says:

    I definitely need to focus on list building. I have 0 new people. ZERO!But, I find I’m torn between focusing on traffic or email growth.

    1. Hey Brianna! I think your main focus will depend on the goals you have for your blog. Are you hoping to make money with ads or affiliate links? If so, growing your traffic should be your biggest priority! On the other hand, if you plan on launching your own services and products, then I think building your email list is a must :)I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by

      1. Brianna Nash says:

        Can my answer be both of those? LolAffiliate sales would be great, but eventually I want to sell my own products and services.Services now would be a Yes, products is a later thing. I’m not sure what I want to create yet.

        1. Definitely! In that case, my next question would be: Which do you think you could get started with first, and which could you make more money with?

          1. Brianna Nash says:

            Hmm. Right now it would be services, but if I create a course it would be that (or at least I would hope lol).

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