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How To Monetize A Newsletter

If you are interested in learning how to monetize a newsletter, I have some real-life experience to share with you on the subject.

I’ve been testing two newsletter sponsorship platforms, ConvertKit and Beehiiv. Each offers different options for monetization and working with brands.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of newsletter sponsorship, best practices and more.

Using ConvertKit to monetize a newsletter with ads and brand sponsorship

First let’s look at ​ConvertKit​, which provides 2 ways to work with brands. 

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ConvertKit Ad Network

Their ad network allows you to place an ‘ad’ block in your emails, and ConvertKit will display ads of their choosing in your email. 

This is similar to, say, Mediavine or Raptive placing display ads on your website

You’ll need to be a ConvertKit customer to use this feature.

showing how to monetize a newsletter with ads convertkit

You’ll earn when people click on your ads. I’ve only had a few clicks since implementing these blocks into my newsletter, but I’ve made $79.90 from those clicks. 

example of how much ive made with convertkit ads monetizing my newsletter

ConvertKit Sponsor Network

convertkit sponsor network apply

The next level is to get into ConvertKit’s Sponsor network. This is where ConvertKit will act as an agent to connect you with brands in their network for paid campaigns. 

Again, to use this feature you’ll need to be a ConvertKit customer first.

You’ll get to approve the brand, copy, dates and rate. You will publish the agreed upon copy in your newsletter, and ConvertKit will take a small cut of your payment for arranging the deal. 

So far, I’ve done just 4 campaigns with them, and earned $2,350 gross, $1,912.50 net.

This would be the most lucrative revenue stream, but you have to wait until they have deals to present to you, so it can take a while.

Learn more about ConvertKit here.

Monetizing A Newsletter With Beehiiv

Next, let’s look at BeehiivBeehiiv is cool because: 

1) It’s cheaper than most other email platforms, 

and 2) because it has multiple built-in ways to earn revenue with your newsletter. 

Beehiiv Advertisments

This feature allows your newsletter to become visible to brands, and they can send you campaign offers. So far I’ve seen CPC offers which pay up to $3 per click. Not bad!

Once approved, you will inset an ‘ad block’ into your newsletter, and Beehiiv will embed the brand’s advertisement.

showing real life example of how much ive earned from beehiiv ads how to monetize a newsletter.png

So far I’ve just run just one campaign, and earned $38.40 from it.

Note – you’ll need to be a Beehiiv customer to use this and all of the following monetization features.

Beehiiv Boosts

Beehiiv Boosts is a feature that allows you to get paid to recommend other beehiiv newsletters.

I’ve yet to explore this one myself yet, but I’ve seen some offers pay up to $6.50 per subscriber!

how to monetize a newsletter boosts marketplace beehiv example

Learn more about Beehiiv and get a free trial here.

Top Proven Ways To Monetize A Newsletter

There are so many ways to monetize a newsletter.

  • Paid Newsletter – Both ConvertKit and Beehiiv let you host paid newsletters, where you can charge for your own subscriptions.
  • Brand Sponsorship
  • Display Ads
  • Affiliate Links
  • Your Own Products

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