15 Best Gifts For Entrepreneurs 2020

15 Best Gifts For Entrepreneurs – Business Owner Gift Ideas 2023

The 15 best gifts for entrepreneurs – Christmas is just around the corner, have you decided what kinds of gifts you want to purchase for your loved ones or yourself this year? As we have seen, this year is definitely one of the toughest years for everyone, especially for business owners.

Many people were forced to close their businesses forever, and many strived to make ends meet.

However, this Christmas, we should be proud of ourselves for navigating these difficult times and be grateful for every moment we share with our families and friends.

With this list of the best gifts for entrepreneurs, you can get your best friends a decent gift and treat yourself as well.

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15 Things Every Entrepreneur Wants For Christmas


1. Portable charger

A portable charger will be your lifesaver when your phone, iPad, or headphone’s battery is running low outside. For entrepreneurs, these electronic products are essential to help run any business anywhere.

With a lightweight portable charger in your bag, you don’t need to worry about low battery issues while you have long flights, attend multiple conferences, or have a full day booked with client meetings.

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It’s a really helpful and affordable gift option for you or friends.

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2. Productivity planner

Have you ever felt frustrated because you didn’t reach the goals that you set for a day or even a year? (Do you remember your last year’s resolution?) If so, the Productivity Planner is the right product for you!

The productivity planner is a planner designed based on the Pomodoro Technique which can help people to become more productive every day and conquer their prostration habits.

Followed by its format, you can plan your daily tasks and weekly goals clearly, all while it helps you prioritize and complete your most important tasks.

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What if you tried the planner but it didn’t increase your productivity in the end? No worries, they guarantee to give your money back! I love this benefit and it also shows that they are confident about their planner.

Therefore, I think it’s worth to purchase one and try it out. This time, you can actually make your new year resolution come true!

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3. Think board

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job, especially if you are just starting to grow your business with tight budgets.

Think board will be a perfect gift for you or your entrepreneur friends who are working at the co-working place or working at home.

Think boards can transform your space into a creative workplace in a flash, gathering your awesome business ideas more efficiently.

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The best part of Think Board is that you can peel and stick the board everywhere at your house and it will not damage or leave a sticky residue on surfaces as whiteboards do.

Most of the online customer reviews commented that they love the product because it’s easy to clean, has a convenient install, and causes no damage to walls.

4. Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are not just a product for music lovers to enjoy their music with zero distractions but also for entrepreneurs who work at home or cafes.

When you don’t have an individual and quiet workplace, you cannot stop the distracting noises while you are working such as kids’ crying, cars passing, or people talking.

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With fine sound quality Noise-canceling headphones, it can help you work more efficiently and effectively everywhere without distraction and you also can be immersed in your favorite music.

The most famous Brand for noise-canceling headphones is Sony, Bose, and Marshall.

5. Adjustable laptop table (standing desk for a laptop)

An adjustable laptop table (aka standing desk) is a beneficial product for people who need to work and sit long hours at their desks.

According to the studies, a standing desk is good for your health and may reduce back pain, promote weight loss, and lower blood sugar.

Most important of all, the standing desk helps you to increase concentration and boosts your creativity while working.

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A lot of companies avoid chairs to have better creativity at meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Therefore, no matter for your health or creativity, buying a standing desk is not a bad decision at all.


6. A robot vacuum

Buying a robot vacuum is one of the best investments for me.

Some people enjoy cleaning as their way to relieve stress but I’m the opposite.

Cleaning makes me feel stressed and I want to spend more time focusing on my work.

If you are working at home and need to take charge of daily housework, you should buy one and start to enjoy your hands-free carpet and floor cleaning machine.

A robot vacuum will save you hours of cleaning! Enjoy your extra hours of free time every day.

7. Instant Pot

Preparing a meal sometimes is time-consuming and it causes a mess to clean up afterward.

But you don’t want to eat unhealthy microwave food every day either. Instant Pot is your solution.

I really love my Instant Pot because it’s a 7 in 1 pressure cooker that allows me to cook delicious meals easily and quickly.

You can use Instant Pot to make rice, stew meats, steamed foods, yogurt, and sautéed dishes too. All you need to do is just throw everything in the pot and let it cook for you.

Christmas or Thanksgiving season is perfect timing to buy an Instant Pot because they offer a huge holiday discount up to 50% off during this time.

8. Subscription box

Subscription boxes have become a growing trend in recent years and there are now many box categories you can choose from.

You can select a box for you or your friends based on interests including clothing, makeup and beauty, snacks and candy, books, fitness, wines and etc.

This one is the most popular subscription box, it includes a bit of everything. 

If your entrepreneur friend loves cooking, maybe subscribing to meal kits for them is a good option.

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Home chef all offer recipes with fresh, pre-measured ingredients that people can use to make dinner within a short time. If you are in Canada, the best meal kit is Good Food, hands-down!

9. Portable coffee maker

For most people, drinking coffee is a ritual to start their energetic day. And a portable coffee maker is the best gift for entrepreneurs who are coffee lovers and like to go hiking or camping frequently.

It’s lightweight and easy to travel with. Also, a portable coffee maker doesn’t need electricity to operate, so you can enjoy your fresh-made Espresso in the wild or anywhere you want.

Relaxing & Self-Care

10. Lush

Lush is one of my favorite brands because their products look good, smell good, and do good.

They are a cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian brand that uses fresh ingredients to produce handmade products and offer a variety of product options from head to toe.

One of their renowned products is their handmade bath bombs.

Lush has over 40 fragrances of bath bombs to suit your mood, whether you want to relax, energize, or feel romantic.

Your skin will be soft and shimmery after a bath and it will give you a good night’s sleep too.

11. Scented Candle

Igniting a scented candle is my way to relax and help me to work more productively.

It also corresponds with the Christmas holiday vibe. You can light up the candle at Christmas dinner to create a warming and romantic atmosphere or relax in the bedroom while reading or watching movies with families.

As a candle lover, I recommend bath and body works, Diptyque, Atelier Cologne, and Jo Malone to you.

12. No working day- Spa treatment

You’ve been working hard for an entire year, it’s time to treat yourself better.

A spa treatment is the best reward for healing your exhausted body and soul.

Take a day off, enjoy an oil massage, and relax. You can book a reservation with your friend for a relaxing day together!

13. Getaway house

Getaway House is not just a cabin for couples to have a getaway trip from the city! They are also a place for people to enjoy their alone time and refresh their minds in the forest.

There’s no WIFI so you won’t be distracted by your phone. Instead, you will be reading a book or sitting beside the campfire and enjoy your handmade S’mores throughout the night.

I’ve been here once and it’s an unforgettable memory to me. I still want to go back again. They have locations all over the USA!

This is a wonderful gift for entrepreneurs who want to relax and clear their minds or have a romantic night with their lover, surrounded by the quiet forest.

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14. Books: An Audible Membership, A Kindle

Reading books might be a habit of an entrepreneur to relax, learn essential skills, gain new business ideas, or to seek motivation advice.

Therefore, subscribing to an Audible membership or purchasing a Kindle is a suitable gift for your entrepreneur friends who like to read.

One of the advantages of gifting these services is that people who receive it are able to choose their own reading preferences. This ensures they like their gift without worrying about knowing their preferences.

15. Online courses

As an entrepreneur, you need to keep learning related business skills to stay up to date with major business trends. So that you can grow your business successfully and steadily.

Udemy is an affordable online course platform for you to invest in and it covers courses on everything.

Therefore, you can choose a course for your friends based on their industry field or interests easily.

Of course, be sure to enroll in a HerPaperRoute class too. There you’ll find a variety of digital marketing courses you need for running your business.

From email marketing to social media, affiliate marketing, and blogging! 

15 Things Every Entrepreneur Wants For Christmas – Conclusion

Thank you for checking out our list of the top 15 best gifts for entrepreneurs for yourself and your business owner friends. We hope it helps you to find something you love, have a wonderful Christmas this year!

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