Positioning Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai

Positioning Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai

How well are you positioning your offer? Is your product reaching the right audience?

You may have heard, Cobra Kai has held the #1 spot on Netflix for a couple of weeks, and it’s become one of Netflix’s fastest-growing hit shows.

The Internet is going wild for it, and I’m loving binging it this week too. But did you know that it’s not a new show at all? It’s also not a Netflix original.

Here’s what entrepreneurs and marketers can learn about product positing from the new-found success and resurrection of Cobra Kai.

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Positioning Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai

Positioning Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai (a modern-day reboot of the Karate Kid films, featuring the original cast) was actually released 2 1/2 years ago on Youtube’s premium streaming network Youtube Red.

I remember seeing Ralph Macchio on a talk show in 2018 promoting Cobra Kai, and I thought ‘Aw, that’s too bad it’s only on Youtube Red. Pass.

I already am subscribed to Netflix and get Amazon TV with my Amazon Prime membership. So I’m not about to subscribe to yet another streaming network.

It turned out that a lot of other people had the same thoughts. As hardly anyone watched it back then!

Cobra Kai was considered a flop and was canceled after 2 seasons.

The actors thought their show failed, and they went on with their lives.

Positioning Your Offer To Kick Ass Like Cobra Kai 1

Fast forward to late 2020 and Netflix picks up Cobra Kai, and releases it as a new show.

People freak out binge-watch it. Now it’s a blockbuster success and is renewed for a third season.

The actors are suddenly finding themselves trending on social media and getting media attention all over for being in the hottest ‘new’ hit show.

The thing is – Cobra Kai was always awesome. The content was never a flop. It’s just how and where it was initially released.

It’s how it was packaged that made a difference.

When it was released on less-than-popular Youtube Red, it flopped.

When it was released on Netflix where the majority of streaming customers hang out, it went from obscurity to success overnight.

So that’s what I want you to think about.

  • How are you packaging YOUR offers?
  • Where are you placing your ads and how are you selling to your audience?
  • Are you putting your offer in front of the best audience of potential customers?

Consider this: Are you putting up one blog post on your site, with a simple mention of your product, and then sitting around wondering why you aren’t getting any sales?

Or are you packaging your offer as a special event, getting on podcasts, putting together a promotion team of affiliates, getting it mentioned in big publications, in front of a wide audience and totally kicking ass?

I want you to be in the kicking-ass department.

Your course, ebook, program, affiliate review, whatever it is that you put your heart and soul into, it’s all quality.

But without a solid promotion plan, it won’t get the chance it deserves at being a success.

Here are some resources to help you position your offer for success:

1. Read the blog post (or listen to the podcast episode): How to create a social media promotion strategy for your content

2. Read the blog post: Useful tips to increase conversions on your sales pages

3. Learn the 6 P’s for writing successful sales copy

4. Use my digital profit planner to plan, organize, and execute your offer stack:

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5. Most importantly, if you want to be successful, you must work with a mentor who has achieved the level you are trying to reach. If you want to build an evergreen sales system and run a 6+ figure business, then we may just have the right bootcamp for you.

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