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Why you need a blog audit |

Why You Need A Blog Audit

A professional blog audit is something every blogger should make use of from time to time.

Have you been wondering why your blog growth isn’t growing fast enough? What is holding you back from being able to monetize your blog and turn a profit? Why is your traffic slow? Why aren’t visitors subscribing, returning or converting into paying customers?

You may not realize the many factors that could be at play here, and getting in the way of your blog’s success.

But fortunately, I’m a professional blog strategist, and I don’t miss a thing.

Allow me to give your entire website an audit, give you insight to any problem areas you may be having, and provide you with my professional and actionable suggestions for how you can improve your blog, monetize it, and develop it into a business.

Your Audit Will Include A Review Of Your:

  1. Visual Aesthetics, Graphics, Design, Layout
  2. UX – User Experience, Usability, Conversions, Pages & Blog
  3. Domain Authority
  4. Traffic
  5. Organic Search & SEO Ranking
  6. Backlinks
  7. Top Competitors
  8. Suggestions On How To Improve
  9. Suggestions On How To Monetize


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