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Website and Blog Audit Services: Get Your Site Reviewed

A professional blog audit is something every blogger and website owner should make use of from time to time.

Have you been wondering why your blog growth isn’t growing fast enough?

What is holding you back from being able to monetize your blog and turn a profit?  Why is your traffic slow? Why aren’t visitors subscribing, returning or converting into paying customers?

Allow me to give your entire website an audit, give you an insight into any problem areas you may be having, and provide you with my professional and actionable suggestions for how you can improve your blog, monetize it, and develop it into a business.

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When you’ve had a website or blog audit from me, you’ll gain the clarity you’ve been needing, to take your site to the next level.

Because here’s the thing – most bloggers can’t see the issues affecting their websites, because they get “owner blind” to their own content.

Being able to understand your website from a user’s perspective, along with gaining advice from a professional is incredibly powerful.

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affordable website and blog audits to grow and imrove your site

Why You Need A Blog Audit – And How To Get An Audit Today

Whether you are a new blogger or an advanced one, it pays to have a second set of eyes on your content.

You may not realize the many factors that could be at play here, and getting in the way of your blog’s success.

I offer two types of blog audits.

1 | The first type of blog audit I offer is a comprehensive private blog audit which is very in-depth.

With a comprehensive audit, I will do a deep dive into your content, website UX, SEO, rankings, and more.

I’ll find areas that could be improved, and give you step-by-step solutions for what you can do to improve the site.

You’ll be sent a video of me auditing your site, explaining what I discovered, what’s working and what’s not and what should be done to increase your traffic and revenue.

You’ll also take home a handy PDF of my notes which you can use to take action and get results.

Book a comprehensive blog audit here.

2 | The second type of blog audit I offer is the “Quick-Win” style based on my first impression look at your website.

A Quick Win audit is less in-depth than a comprehensive audit.

However, it gives you some useful advice on everything that stands out to me right away.

My quick win blog audits look like this:

@herpaperroute A few tweaks to this new blogger’s site will help readability, SEO and revenue! #bloggingtips #websiteaudit #blogtips #websiteoptimization #seo #contentcreator #contentmarketing ♬ original sound – Chelsea | HerPaperRoute

This type of audit will give you valuable takeaways and insight, delivered in a short Tik-Tok video format.

If you would like me to audit your website in this quick-win style, book it here.

What’s Important When Getting A Blog Audit?

Who do you buy from? If you’re like most people, you buy from businesses that you like and trust. You buy from people you consider to be credible experts and you buy from companies you care about.

The same is true for your audience. And the first impression they make of you usually happens when they land on your website.

What does your website tell them? Is your message clear? Is it even clear what services you offer? What is your branding doing for you, to relay these messages to potential clients visiting your website?

Your brand is what communicates your message to your audience. It’s what tells them you’re likable, credible, and trustworthy – it sets the foundation for a relationship. This means that creating your brand is an important part of your marketing strategy and plan.

Unfortunately, clarifying this message and seeing your website through a customer’s perspective can be tough to do yourself, on your own business.

That’s why it’s so important to have someone outside of your business give you some help, pointing out all of the things that you may be oblivious to.

I am a professional blog strategist, and I don’t miss a thing.

I offer personalized blog audits, where I will research everything that is going on with your website, discover problems, and offer suggestions on how to fix them. 

Your Comprehensive Blog Audit Will Include A Review Of Your:

  1. Awareness of any issues that may be causing you to lose traffic or revenue
  2. Visual Aesthetics, Graphics, Design, Layout
  3. UX – User Experience, Usability, Conversions, Pages & Blog
  4. Domain Authority
  5. Traffic
  6. Organic Search & SEO Ranking
  7. Backlinks
  8. Top Competitors
  9. Suggestions On How To Improve
  10. Suggestions On How To Monetize

^ These things are covered in my comprehensive blog audits only, not the Quick Win (Tik Tok) audits.

As a part of the blog audit, I will review your entire website.

My review is very thorough. I look for areas of improvement and scan everything from your design to your email opt-ins to your SEO-optimized blog posts, rankings and more.

After I complete the review, I will send you the video recording, and a list of actionable steps to help you improve your website.

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