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Time-Saving Email Marketing Templates

Imagine having a collection of email marketing templates at your disposal. Do you ever feel stuck, not knowing what to email your list about?

Sure, you could send a weekly update about your latest blog post…but isn’t there a more exciting way to engage with your audience? 

Especially if you want your subscribers to love and trust you and be thrilled to buy your offers?

You don’t have to be a copywriting pro to successfully connect with your subscribers and excite them to want to buy from you. Because these email marketing templates do the work for you.  

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Time-Saving Email Marketing Templates: Always Know What To Send Your List

Introducing The Email Marketing Templates, word-for-word email templates!

These email marketing have a proven track record to propel open rates, clicks & sales while saving you countless hours of time. It also comes with over $160 worth of free bonuses too!

Within minutes of purchasing these templates, you will be able to immediately start using it. Instantly save yourself tons of time!

You can choose to copy these done-for-you email templates, word for word if you like. Or you could just use them as a jumping-off point as inspiration, as you tweak the content with your own words.

Now, Let’s dive in!

These Email Marketing templates come equipped with powerful sales copy to help bail you out of those times when writer’s block hits.

sales funnel email templates

You get full 300+ word copy-and-paste sales emails for all of the steps in your sales funnel! Including…

  • Pre-launch lead magnet
  • Welcome email
  • Coming soon…hint engagement email
  • Announcement cart open sales email
  • Bonuses expiring sales email
  • Value stack sales email
  • FAQ & objections sales email
  • Cart closing email
  • Follow up thank you email
  • Down sell email
  • Next step upgrade email

Outline For How To Use These Email Marketing Templates In Your Emails

To also ease the burden of writing weekly emails, you can use these email marketing templates in your own weekly email outline.

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So that each week, you will be able to sit down and write out a weekly email to your subscribers with prompts. Stress-free and quick!

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