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How To Ask For A Raise – 6 Influential Persuasion Tactics

Knowing how to ask for a raise with confidence takes gusto. Pair sheer guts with the mindset that you can influence your boss to say yes, and the belief that you are deserving of receiving it.

But even if your mindset and confidence isn’t vibrating on as high a frequency as you’d like, not to worry. There are still many non-intangible things you can do that will help when it comes time to ask your boss for a pay increase.

So what impresses employers at raise-giving time?

How To Ask For A Raise And Get It – 6 Influential Persuasion Tactics

99% of the time here at, I write about entrepreneurship. I share advice on how you can create passive income from home and launch your own business (or find profitable work from home jobs) so that you can fire your boss altogether.

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But I know that not everyone has the entrepreneur-bone and that many people actually enjoy their careers and don’t mind working for someone else.

Therefore, if you go the route of being an employee, I at least want you to make the most money doing it!

So let’s discuss the sometimes stress-inducing act of how to ask for a raise from your boss.


How To  Ask For A Raise At Work

You like your job, and sometimes you actually love it. You’re good at what you do. Actually, there is only one thing keeping you from achieving real job satisfaction. You want a raise.

Should you feel guilty? Or, maybe ungrateful? On the contrary. If you have been working hard for a while, and have been improving the company, a raise is usually a fair next step in your career.

Now comes the big question, though. How do you get from “I want more money,” to “Thanks for the raise, Boss.”

Here is what the employers and employees I surveyed told me about asking for a raise.

1. Be Jenny Sunshine

In the weeks or months leading up to the day that you plan to set up a meeting with your boss, go above and beyond in your job performance.

  • Come in early
  • Stay late
  • Smile at everyone
  • Accept extra jobs with delight
  • Hand in work well before the deadline
  • Act upbeat enthused and happy (even if you have to fake it)
  • Participate in out-side-of work company events
  • And generally, be a hard-working pleasure of a human

All of these things are in part just good work ethic that you should do anyway. But it’s also a non-aggressive manipulation tactic. Your coworkers and employers will notice and build up the impression of you in their minds that you are an amazing person.

An amazing person who is deserving of a promotion.

1. Align Your Pitch With A Recent Company Win

Capitalize on your momentum of a recent company win, such as a sales streak. Bosses love to feel magnanimous, so give yours this opportunity.

Keep track of all the smaller and big wins that the company has experienced while you have been at the wheel. Be prepared to discuss what you specifically contributed to help make those wins happen.

It doesn’t have to be sales related either. If your job is answering the phones, remind your boss how you assisted X amount of satisfied clients this year and kept the front desk (or wherever you sit) a welcoming and efficient space for all.

2. Don’t ‘Just Wing It’

Plan out what you intend to say, and memorize it like a script. Tell your best friend, your cat, your mirror, and your car’s GPS why you deserve more money. Rehearse it until it feels natural and you believe in every word you are saying.

The more you practice, the easier it gets. And the less sweaty you’ll be when you say it to your boss. Your shirt will thank you.

Heck, speak it out loud in your home for a week before if you need to.

Put that energy out into the Universe and she will take note. If all aligns, she’ll give you an assist when it comes time.

3. Ask For A Raise In Person

When it comes to knowing how to ask for a raise this one is a no-brainer in theory. But in practice it’s awkward and (introvert like me or not) we probably all wish that we could ask for a raise by email.

Truthfully, you can request a meeting by email, but your actual request for more money needs to be face-to-face.

Not only is it professional, but it shows you are serious. Emails are ignorable, after all.

4. Dress Up

Be sure to dress nicely on the day of your meeting. Consider buying a new office-chic outfit. These little things will bring about a professional appearance to others and an inner confidence for you.

But obviously, don’t overdo it.

We all remember when Jim Halpert thought it would be funny to wear a tuxedo to the office to spite the new dress code.

…Unknowing that he’d be meeting his new boss (with no sense of humor) that day.

5. Ask With Confidence

When you sit down with your boss to ask for a raise, first bring up your recent accomplishments for the company.

Once you have noted on all the reasons why you are a valuable asset to the team, tell your boss that you are ready to take your position with the company to the next step. You believe you are deserving of a raise.

Brace yourself, the balls in your boss’s court now!

6. Leverage Another Job Offer Without Being A Jerk

If you actually do have a legitimate job offer from another company, you can use it as leverage, yes. But the key is to bring it up in a way that is meant to open up a discussion with your boss, not threaten her.

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How To Ask For A Raise And Get It – Conclusion

Know that you know how to ask for a raise, its time to take a deep breath and go do it. Be confident, be assured in your ability and just go for it.

The worst that can happen is you’ll be told no. And honestly, that doesn’t always reflect on your performance. Sometimes the company just isn’t at a place where it’s ready to promote, or they just need more time to see what you can do.

Surely it can sting to hear ‘no’ but don’t let it discourage you. If that happens, simply ask your boss what you can do to reach a ‘yes’ next time, and express that you are willing to do what it takes. Your ballsiness may impress her!

Knowing #howtoaskforaraise with confidence takes gusto. Pair sheer guts with the #mindset that you can #influence your #boss to say yes, and the belief that you are deserving of receiving it. Click to Tweet

Those are the best ideas for helping you get what you deserve. Now, go in there with a hop in your step, ask for a raise like a confident mofo, and come out with more moolah in your pocket.

And by the way, it doesn’t hurt to have yourself a side hustle business too. Some ideas for ways to make more money outside of your job:

Wishing you all the best in negotiating your salary and reaching your money goals!

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