How To Install WordPress Theme – Start A Blog Part 3/3


How to install WordPress theme on your blog – It is quite simple! This is part 3 of our ‘Ultimate Start A Blog And Make Money Blogging Tutorial.’

This part covers how to find a great WordPress theme, how to install your WordPress theme, how to install plugins and more.

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How To Install WordPress Theme


  1. Understand what self-hosting is and why it’s important
  2. Set up a self-hosted website with hosting & domain registration with Bluehost, or SiteGround including secure installation of https:// certificate.
  3. Install


  1. Change the permalink structure
  2. Set up Google Analytics
  3. Set up Google Search Console
  4. Submit your sitemap to Google



  1. How To Install WordPress Theme
  2. Set up website security
  3. Install plugins
  4. Create content
  5. Build your blog’s email list
  6. Begin a social media marketing campaign for your blog
  7. Monetize & make money from your blog


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How To Install WordPress Theme: Basics

Your new website needs a theme!

How to install WordPress theme: When it comes to choosing a theme, you have a ton of options. Most importantly, it should be one that is responsive (meaning that it automatically converts to a mobile-friendly version when viewed on cell phones and tablets) and also is one that comes with support from the developer.

There are many free WordPress themes out there, but I would recommend not using a free theme, and instead investing in a quality premium theme, for a few reasons.

Reasons to use a premium WordPress theme are:

  • You get more customization options with a premium theme
  • Premium themes come with support from the developer (So you can contact them for help at any time)
  • Premium themes come with lifetime updates, whereas free themes typically don’t.
  • Premium themes are more professional and look more professional.
  • You are guaranteed that a premium theme is bug-free, and up to date with your version of WordPress, which you can’t be guaranteed with a free theme

The themes from BluChic are highly recommended. 


Bluehost start a blog


The look and feel of your brand is going to be the first impression people see when they visit your site, and they will decide in a matter of seconds whether or not you are professional enough for them to follow, subscribe to and buy from.

So don’t let the look of your website let your business down! Investing in a quality WordPress theme for your blog is a must!

My recommendations for the best places to source a great WordPress theme are:

  1. Bluchic
  2. Envato Elements Subscription
  3. StudioPress where you can get the ever popular Genesis Framework
  4. Pretty Darn Cute – Themes from this designer work with the Genesis Framework
  5. More Recommendations, See Here!

By the way, if you purchase your theme via my links, and forward me your receipt, I will install it for you for free! Contact me to arrange.

I also have put together a list of the best feminine WordPress themes for entrepreneurs.


Choosing A Theme: WordPress Theme Examples


how to install WordPress theme Jacqueline WordPress Theme - Minimalist blog themes wordpress themes - 10 Stunningly Beautiful & Unique Minimalist Themes For Your WordPress Blog |

Jacqueline WordPress Theme By BluChic

Jacqueline is a power-dressed WordPress theme for the Boss lady, consultants and coaches. Always stylish, always on trend, she’s the one you go to when you need to make a great first impression.

Built with a list-building mindset, Jacqueline uses her most prominent piece of web real estate to help you convert leads the first time so they keep coming back for more. Try Live Demo >

Minimalist blog themes wordpress themes - how to install WordPress theme 10 Stunningly Beautiful & Unique Minimalist Themes For Your WordPress Blog |

Maggie WordPress Theme By BluChic

Maggie is a WooCommerce ready WordPress theme that allows you to get an online shop up and running in no time. You can disable the shop too if it’s not what you fancy.

Try Live Demo >



foodie-pro-studio-press - melyssa griffin theme best wordpress themes plugins sale Make money online - Affiliate marketing - Sales - Profitable blog - Passive income - Training - How To Start A Blog - How to blog - Work from home - SAHM - Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote |

StudioPress Themes

Some of my favorite themes from StudioPress are Foodie Pro and the Melyssa Griffin theme Authority Pro. All Studio Press themes include the Genesis Framework, or you can buy the Framework separately.

how to install WordPress theme foodie-pro-studio-press - best wordpress themes plugins sale Make money online - Affiliate marketing - Sales - Profitable blog - Passive income - Training - How To Start A Blog - How to blog - Work from home - SAHM - Tools And Resouces - Passive Income - Affiliates - Content - Social Media - Management - SEO - Promote |


Having the Genesis Framework allows you to use any of these themes as well:

Swank WordPress Theme - Minimalist blog themes wordpress themes - 10 Stunningly Beautiful & Unique Minimalist Themes For Your WordPress Blog |

Swank Minimalist WordPress Theme By Pretty Darn Cute

The Swank WordPress Theme provides a clean, airy design that keeps your content the focus while framing it in style. Swank is just as functional as it is gorgeous.

Boasting a portfolio custom post type and a custom widgetized home page designed for you to showcase whatever you like, you can truly make it your own with a few drags and drops. This theme is incredibly easy to setup and comes with detailed instructions as well as access to our unmatched support team. Try Live Demo >


Fun WordPress Theme - Minimalist blog themes wordpress themes - 10 Stunningly Beautiful & Unique Minimalist Themes For Your WordPress Blog |

The Fun WordPress Theme By Pretty Darn Cute

Why is this called the Fun WordPress Theme? Because it’s FUN and easy to get setup and move things around to make it your own. This theme keeps you from banging your head against the desk, and allows you to spend that time playing with the many features it has to offer!

Do you sell products or downloads? Great, this theme is WooCommerce ready! Don’t sell anything? Awesome, just skip the “install WooCommerce” part of your setup instructions and you’re golden. It really is that simple. Try Live Demo >


How To Install WordPress Theme, Step By Step With Pictures

Purchase the theme & download the ZIP

Once you have chosen a theme you like, purchase it and download it to your computer. It will be a ZIP file.

How to install WordPress theme

To install your new theme, in your WordPress dashboard go to ‘Appearance’, then ‘Themes.’


how to install WordPress theme


Upload the theme to WordPress

On the ‘theme’s page, click the ‘add new’ and then  ‘upload’ button.

how to install WordPress theme


Activate the WordPress theme

Once the file has uploaded, click the ‘Activate’ button, and that’s it! You have installed your WordPress theme!

Now for the next steps in setting up your blog correctly.


Set Up Website Security

It is important to check your website for malware and other harmful security issues. Malware slows down your website and can cause your website to be blacklisted by Google. Use MalCare WordPress Security to scan your website for malware, remove any found, and protect it from getting any more in the future.

Try MalCare WordPress Security Free >


Install Plugins

When you first start a new WordPress site, it is very basic, having little to no functions. You need to add plug-ins to your website to make it complete.

One of the many great things about blogging with WordPress is that you have access to so many great plugins. Plugins are like apps that you install on your site to improve its functions.


Must-Have Free Plugins

These are the free WordPress plugins that I use the most and recommend to anyone starting a blog.

To add plugins, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins » Add New

These are the top plugins I recommend:

  • RankMath SEO
  • Classic Editor
  • Askimet Anti-Spam
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Social Warfare – Social Share Buttons
  • Pinterest “Pin It” Button
  • Pretty Links
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Easy Google Font


Learn more about recommended free plugins here.


How To Add A Plugin

The easiest way to add a plugin is to go to Plugins » Add New from your WordPress dashboard and search for the plugin you want.

Then it’s as easy as clicking ‘Install’ and then ‘Activate.’

But you can also upload plugins too.

If you have downloaded a plugin to your computer, here’s how to install it on your blog:

1. You do not need to unzip the .zip file, just leave it as is.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard and on the left side tab click where it says ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Add New.’

How To Install Wordpress Theme - Start A Blog Part 3/3 1


3. On the next screen you will see a button that says ‘Upload Plugin’ Click that and upload the plugin that you saved to your computer. (You can also use this area to search for new plugins).

How To Install Wordpress Theme - Start A Blog Part 3/3 2

4. Once it has uploaded, you can go to your ‘PlugIns’ tab, find where it is and click ‘Activate.’


Create Content

Finally! It’s time to start writing blog posts and other content.

I’d recommend that you write at least 10 blog posts before you go live. That way, when people visit your site there will be a lot of content for them to read but also so that you can begin applying to affiliate networks right away. More on that later!

In addition to creating blog posts, you will need to create some pages too. Some pages you will need to create:

Check out my top tools apps and resources for bloggers and read these guides for help in this stage:

Dont Make These Common New Blogger Mistakes - Passive Income - Affiliates - how to install WordPress theme | 6 Things You Must Do Before You Launch Your Blog how to install WordPress theme |


Build Your Email List

Make it a priority to build your email list from day one. I recommend ConvertKit as the best professional email service provider to manage subscribers and send newsletters.

This platform starts at $29 per month, so it is a bit of a financial investment when you are just starting out.

Even so, I regret not using ConvertKit from the start, as when I started blogging, I wasted a ton of time using less professional email marketing tools that only caused me a ton of stress.

A more affordable alternative to ConvertKit is Mailerlite, which is free up to 1000 subscribers, and then when you have more than 1000 subscribers, plans start at $10.

Check out these pro tips for email marketing so you can gain more subscribers and earn money from your newsletters.


Creating Your Social Media Game-Plan - Passive Income - how to install WordPress theme |

How to install WordPress theme

Begin Social Media Marketing Campaign

Once you have a good amount of blog posts ready, and your website is looking great, it’s time to launch your website and officially ‘go live.’ This is usually done simply by clicking the button on your WordPress dashboard asking you if you are ready to go live, and then your site will become visible to the world.

If you haven’t already, set up social accounts for your blog. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are the big ones.

It is recommended that you post to social media every day. It can be a huge task but I have some tips on how to automate the process, and I’ve written an entire guide to creating a social media game plan here that I think you find super useful!

As well, automating your social media efforts as much as possible is very important and will save you a ton of time. Read this guide for more on how to automate.


Monetize Your Blog

Once your blog is live it’s time to monetize! So how do you monetize a blog? Simply put, to monetize means you have added features to your blog that will earn you money.

You should add all of these monetize features to your blog:

  1. Affiliate Links
  2. Sponsored Posts
  3. Ads
  4. Ebooks
  5. Courses
  6. Own Services/Products

To get started with monetizing your blog, I recommend you do the following:

Congrats On Starting Your New Blog Today!

Just think of how happy you will be by this time next year, for starting this blog today! Remember to take each day in stride, work a little bit each day, and don’t give up. I’m so happy that you have started!!

I’d love to see how your blog develops! Follow me on your social account of choice, I’m on:






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