101 Money Affirmations For Wealth, Finance, Abundance

101 Money Affirmations For Wealth, Finance, Abundance

Money and abundance affirmations can have a positive impact on your wealth. From helping you build self-discipline, set financial goals, and take action towards them.

Whatever you are seeking in your financial life, be it more income, less debt, more savings, and/or investment returns, it’s essential that your own thoughts, feelings, and overall beliefs actually align with what you want in life.

With enough repetition (and by actively working on making the affirmations a reality), positive money affirmations can completely change your thought patterns and perspective around money.

Here are 101 positive money affirmations to step into prosperity, wealth, and an abundant-focused mindset.

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101 Money Affirmations For Wealth, Finance, Abundance and Prosperity

A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart.

  1. I am worthy of making more money.
  2. I receive money happily.
  3. I am a magnet for money.
  4. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  5. I use money to better my life and the life of others.
  6. I’m able to handle large sums of money.
  7. Money creates a positive impact on my life.
  8. I deserve to make more money.
  9. I have more than enough money.
  10. I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.
  11. I realize that money is essential for living a good life, but I shouldn’t make it the #1 priority of life.
  12. Money and I are friends, and our friendship will never fall apart.
  13. Every day I am attracting and saving more money.
  14. Making money is good for me and everyone in my life.
  15. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  16. Money always flows to me easily.
  17. My wallet is overflowing with money.
  18. I am magnetic to money, and it is magnetic to me.
  19. My mind is constantly attracting money into my life
  20. I am attracting to my life opportunities about making money.
  21. Each day, I’m getting more comfortable around the idea of having more money.
  22. I am now accumulating large sums of money.
  23. Money is appearing in my life through many sources.
  24. Money is the root of joy and comfort.
  25. I have a positive money mindset.

25 Abundance Affirmations

Abundance: when you don’t need anything – you get everything

  1. I move from the poverty thinking to the abundance thinking.
  2. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  3. The more I give, the more I receive. The more I receive, the more I give.
  4. When I give, I get back, and then I have even more reasons to give.
  5. I am worthy of receiving.
  6. I am the creator of my reality.
  7. I trust in the Law of Attraction.
  8. I am deserving of abundance in my life.
  9. I see abundance everywhere.
  10. All my needs are met instantaneously.
  11. Abundance is coming, I deserve and accept it.
  12. I do not need to work more to get more.
  13. I am the only person who is thinking in my mind right now.
  14. I’m not longer limited to my past beliefs.
  15. I joyfully see every obligation met now.
  16. I am grateful for the positive things in my life.
  17. This is a rich universe, and there is plenty for all of us.
  18. I boldly conquer my money goals.
  19. As I do what I love, money comes freely to me.
  20. All my money is working for me to increase my joy and abundance.
  21. I feel good about all the money that I spend.
  22. Money flows freely and abundantly into my life.
  23. I am abundant.
  24. I am worthy of positive changes in my life.
  25. I am grateful for the opportunities that I get on a daily basis.

25 wealth affirmations

There are people who have money and people who are rich.

  1. I was taught that there is only one way to receive money and wealth in my life, and now I see that there are multiple paths to wealth and abundance.
  2. I am worthy of being wealthy.
  3. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.
  4. I am open to receive wealth in many ways.
  5. My mind is finely tuned for attracting massive wealth.
  6. I can and will have more than I ever dreamed possible.
  7. I release all my negative beliefs about money and invite wealth into my life.
  8. Being wealthy gives me joy, happiness, and peace of mind.
  9. I realize that I can help others with my wealth; so I stay wealthy.
  10. I release all negativity around building wealth.
  11. I’m getting used to the idea of being wealthy.
  12. I’m focused on becoming rich.
  13. I have an endless supply of cash.
  14. I release all negative energy over money and wealth.
  15. Every day, I am becoming wealthier and wealthier.
  16. I am building unlimited streams of income.
  17. I always have enough money.
  18. I have all of the money, time, and energy to accomplish what I desire.
  19. The more money I have, the more money I have to give.
  20. I am passionate to build wealth.
  21. All the resistance in me to receive more wealth has been dissolved.
  22. I let go of all of my fears about wealth.
  23. There is plenty of wealth in my life.
  24. Everything I need to receive wealth is available to me right now.
  25. I love myself as a wealthy person.

13 Financial Affirmations

I believe that through knowledge and discipline, financial peace is possible for all of us.

  1. I embrace new avenues of income.
  2. My finances are improving day by day.
  3. I have many financial opportunities.
  4. I attract financial abundance.
  5. I do have a source of financial flow.
  6. I know I’m not now, but I’ll become financially free.
  7. My bank account’s worth is always growing.
  8. I’ll achieve financial freedom.
  9. Being financially stable is a goal I’m working on every day.
  10. Financial success is mine, and I accept it now.
  11. I am creating my wildest dreams.
  12. My income exceeds my expenses.
  13. I always have more money coming in than coming out.

13 Prosperity Affirmations

There are many roads to prosperity, but one must be taken. Inaction leads nowhere.

  1. Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.
  2. I am prosperous, healthy, happy, and live in abundance.
  3. Today is filled with opportunity, and I will seize it.
  4. I am worthy of great success.
  5. I attract prosperity.
  6. I will be productive and prosperous today.
  7. My prosperity is unlimited, my success is unlimited now.
  8. I am destined to find prosperity in everything I do.
  9. I am prosperous in everything I do.
  10. I have the power to be successful.
  11. If other people achieved success, I can too.
  12. Prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me.
  13. Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.

Do Money Affirmations Work?

Research has shown that affirmations DO work, but aren’t magical. For the affirmations to work, you need to take action towards the things you are affirming to yourself.

Affirmations can help you stick with your plans and execute your goals. That’s because they prepare your mind with positivity and increase your confidence for the tasks you have to do.

Affirmations also help you challenge negative thoughts that can self-sabotage you.

Things like:

  • “Money is the root of all evil.”
  • “To become wealthy, you must do something bad to others.”
  • “I wasn’t born rich, it’s just not meant to be.”

With positive financial affirmations, you can reframe your mindset towards success by adopting a more positive outlook on your ability to get wealthy, abundant, financially free, and achieve your money goals.

For instance, the above examples can be turned into:

  • Money and I are friends.”
  • “I release all negativity around building wealth.”
  • “I can and will have more than I ever dreamed possible.”

For positive money affirmations to work, you need to actively work on incorporating the things you are telling yourself into your life.

If you are just sitting around all day listening to affirmations, you won’t become wealthy or achieve financial freedom out of a sudden.

Simply put – If you aren’t actually doing anything to back them up, they are not going to be beneficial.

A thought being played over and over becomes a belief in our subconscious minds. This part of our mind runs up to 90% of our daily actions and decisions.

So, if you:

  • Change your thoughts, you change your beliefs.
  • If you change your beliefs, you change your actions.
  • And if you change your actions, you change your reality.

We must change and shift any subconscious beliefs based on limitation into beliefs based on abundance.

101 Money Affirmations For Wealth, Finance, Abundance and Prosperity – Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, affirmations aren’t magical.

Just saying or listening to them alone won’t turn your life around overnight.

That being said, money affirmations can be an incredibly useful complement to other methods of building self-discipline and confidence about your financial goals!

In the long run, they can help change your thought patterns.

And when you think positively about things and believe in yourself, creating your own reality becomes a whole lot easier.

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