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Bluchic WordPress Theme Review

Bluchic has announced a brand new feminine WordPress theme today, called ChicServe. This is a powerful and beautifully elegant website theme that would suit any fierce businesswoman.

I’ll show you what this new Bluchic theme can do in this post.

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How is this new feminine WordPress theme different than other Bluchic themes?

Bluchic is known for designing world-class feminine WordPress themes. But it has been a minute since they’ve added a new theme to their portfolio. The last one was Maggie, more than a year ago.

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There are two main reasons why this new Bluchic theme ChicServe stands out, and why it is going to be a game changer for bloggers.

Simple Drag And Drop Editor

First, ChicServe has a built-in drag and drop page builder that makes it incredibly easy for you to customize your entire website in any way you desire.

So you can have a gorgeous blog that looks exactly like the theme demo, without needing to know any code or do anything technical.

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Until now, when you purchased a new Bluchic theme you would need to spend an hour or so setting it up to look like the demo.

If you aren’t tech savvy, following theme setup instructions typically made people feel like they were staring at a heap of not yet assembled Ikea furniture…with no allen key in sight.

Not anymore!

Now with ChicServe,  even the most severely tech-un-savvy WordPress newbie can have a beautiful theme up and running in just minutes.

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Ready to see the theme in action? Have a look at how easy it is to use the drag and drop editor:

This Feminine WordPress Theme Is Customized To Perfection For A Service-Based Business Model

Certain types of businesses require specific website functions. Frankly, most theme developers aren’t concerned with the specific needs of individual service providers.

But Bluchic makes it their mantra to take these needs into consideration, and build their theme to suit your business.

The ChicServe themes is perfect for service-based entrepreneurs. Such as:

  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Online Business Managers
  • Online Marketers
  • Bookkeepers & Accountants
  • Business Coaches
  • Freelance Writers & Bloggers

ChicServe Is Part Of An All-New Line Of Bluchic Themes For Female Entrepreneurs

ChicServe is the debut theme from Bluchic’s new fleet of WordPress themes, under the name Chic Line. They intend to release a new theme under this line once per quarter.

Each theme under our Chic line will be geared toward a specific type of female entrepreneur. Whether you’re a service-based entrepreneur, an online shop owner, or course creator, there will be a theme that is built with their specific needs in mind. -Kathy @ Bluchic

Why should you choose this theme?

Responsive design, a variety of blog layouts to choose from,  built-in SEO tools and schema markup that make search engines love you.

With this new Bluchic feminine WordPress theme you can completely customize the entire site’s design using the drag and drop builder.

I can’t stress enough how easy this drag and drop builder is!

It’s now so much easier to have your site look exactly like the demo. Simply create a page, upload the page template and it’s there to edit! No more wondering “how do I set up my site to look like the demo?!”

Websites aren’t one-size fits all. The ChicServe theme includes specific features that work best for service-based business models.

What Is The Cost Of This New Feminine WordPress Theme From Bluchic?

ChicServe costs a one-time payment of $129.

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