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Ultimate Tasty Pins Review – Pinterest SEO Tool

Tasty Pins review: Did you know that there is a Pinterest SEO tool that can help prevent your Pinterest account from being shut down? 

And that it can also be used to protect your affiliate clicks, so you stop losing affiliate commissions from lost pin clicks?

Yes and yes. The name of this Pinterest SEO tool is Tasty Pins. It offers superb spam-defending Pinterest marketing features that also protect your affiliate commissions from lost clicks. But it actually does a lot more than, too!

Read on to find out all about it! 

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WP Tasty Pins Review – Your Blog Needs This Pinterest SEO Tool

Tasty Pins is a lightweight and simple to use Pinterest SEO plugin. It is equipped with an impressive Pinterest marketing features that increase your pin visibility, make your blog posts easier to share, and improve your site SEO.

It also helps prevent your Pinterest account from being shut down for spam. And protects your affiliate commissions, too! 

What Does Tasty Pins Do?

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Set descriptions for your images that will perform well in Pinterest search. Include hashtags, keywords, and whatever else your heart desires.


Your image’s alt text should be used to describe what the image is, not to add a description for Pinterest. Tasty Pins allows you to do both!


Add a hidden Pinterest-specific image on your website front-end with the click of a button.


Not every image is perfect for Pinterest. Especially your ads and banners! Give your readers fewer, better options for saving to Pinterest by disabling Pinning on certain images.


Hover buttons are a great way to remind your readers to save your images to Pinterest. Tasty Pins automatically adds the default Pinterest hover button to your images so your readers can come back to your content when they are ready.


Force users to Pin your Pinterest-perfect hidden images with the click of a button.

tasty pins review best pinterest plugin features

How Tasty Pins Helps You Rock Pinterest Marketing

This is the feature that I love most about Tasty Pins!

It offers robust Pinterest marketing features that not only help you pin like a pro, but it also helps prevent your Pinterest account from being shut down for spam. 

How, do you ask?

First, Pinterest shuts down good, non-spammy bloggers for spam all the time.

It’s an automatic block that happens when an account shares the same pin too many times.

You need to set your pins to do a proper repin-x and also change the pin’s description.

The error message looks like this if a website has been blocked on Pinterest: 

protect website from being blocked pinterest tasty pins review

To avoid getting blocked, you should always set a repin-x for every one of your pins.

You do this by embedding the original PIN ID into your blog post.

This way, all of your pins repin-x the original, not create duplicates as new pins.

If you aren’t embedding the Pin ID from the original pin you saved to Pinterest for your blog post, then every time someone pins your article, Pinterest creates a copy of that pin as a brand new pin.

Think about it. If your article is being pinned hundreds of times a week, the same pin is being re-made over and over with a new Pin ID. Holy spam-oly!

This alerts Pinterest that your website is spam and should be blocked.

What you need to do is take the PIN ID from the first pin, and add it to the image code of the pin in your blog post:

<img src=”mypinurl.com/image.png” data-pin-id=”YOUR PIN ID GOES HERE”>

Tasty Pins makes it simple so you just enter the pin ID into its image settings from your image library!

tasty pins review best pinterest plugin

With Tasty Pins, you’ll have the ability to add a Pinterest Repin ID to each of the images within your post. The Pinterest Repin ID enables you to link Pins from your website to existing Pins on Pinterest. After you set the Repin ID for an image, the existing Pin on Pinterest will be re-pinned instead of saving a new instance of the image on Pinterest. That way, your existing Pin gets more repins which is useful because Pins that are more popular are more likely to show up in search results. You can read more about why repins are important and the Pinterest Repin ID field here. – Tasty Pins

How Tasty Pins Protects Your Affiliate Clicks!

Another awesome Pinterest feature Tasty Pins has is it allows you to disable pinning for any images you want to.

This is really helpful for when you have a graphic for an affiliate link, as this example of my Tailwind ad below:


When people click your affiliate graphics, you want it to lead to the affiliate page so they can buy the product you are advertising.

You don’t want clicks on those images to go and pin to Pinterest! 

Start using to Tasty Pins now, and your affiliate sales will no longer be lost to clicks that got caught up in a ‘pin it’ feature.

Tasty Pins offers these helpful Pinterest SEO features:

  • Have a Pin It button appear when an image is hovered
  • Make some images ‘no pin’
  • Hide pins in posts
  • Set a specific pin that is shared even if a different image is hovered
  • Set a minimum size requirement for images to be pinned
  • Repin-x individual images using the Pin ID
  • Set a pin description without affecting the image alt code
  • Protect your affiliate clicks
tasty pins review refund policy

Tasty Pins Review – Your Blog Needs This Pinterest SEO Tool – Conclusion

Ready to give Tasty Pins a try? Get started today, and if you aren’t satisfied, they offer a 15-day no questions asked refund policy!

And if you appreciate my Pinterest tips, I bet you will love my full Pinterest Marketing course!

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