Two women discussing the Essential Revenue-Boosting Tools For Creators

6 Essential Revenue-Boosting Tools For Creators

The other day I posted a video on my TikTok where I said you only need 6 revenue-boosting tools to launch a business in the creator economy and make sales from the start.

Well, today I’ll share with you specifically what brands I use for those 6 essential tools, plus a couple of extras for when you want to do more and scale faster.

If making more paper in 2024 is your goal – this is your ticket.

 1. Sales Cart & Funnel System

A few years ago I was able to cancel my Teachable and Kajabi accounts, as well as Zapier and other third-party sales and funnel tools in favor of buying a lifetime deal on one all-in-one tool that does it all.

masterclass - Become A Content creator_banner_3

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Having done that switch that one time continues to save me over $1000 every year!

I’m able to sell and host my courses, deliver digital products, offer upsells and downsells, accept credit cards and multi-payments, host my membership and more, all without paying any monthly payments or vendor fees.

Want to know what tool it is?

 2. Email Service Provider For Email Marketing

Sales happen in people’s inboxes FAR more than social media.

It’s helped me build and monetize 3 different email lists of more than 50,000 subscribers. (I wish I could get this deal, but its for new customers only!)

Don’t sleep on email marketing.

 3. Camera + Microphone

If you want to make more money as a creator, you need your content to be high quality. A quality microphone and camera are a must.

Shure MV7 USB Microphone
My favorite podcasting mic! I use this mic for everything.
Logitech Brio 4k Webcam
I use the Logitec Brio 4k webcam. It’s perfect for recording my summit interviews and course lessons in high definition.

 4. A Website

This is an obvious one, but you need a website if you want to catch the attention of brands, clients and customers alike.

masterclass - Become A Content creator_banner_3

Your brand CAN NOT only exist on a social media platform.

My step-by-step website set up workshop shows you everything you need to do to get a website online in a weekend.

^ and you get FREE access to it!

Next, whether you are launching a new website or you just want to give your current one a makeover, I highly recommend these themes and plugin kits.

  • I’ve been a customer for a year (I bought their “Lifetime Full Bundle” BFCM deal last year) and I am so glad I did. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my website.
  • All plans are 40% off right now, including the Lifetime Full Bundle which gives you unlimited access to all of their themes and plugins for life, with just one payment.

 5. Lead/Social Automation Tool

I don’t know about you but I find posting to multiple platforms on social media super overwhelming.

Something that I have found to work really well is to use automation tools to schedule one piece of content, and then it automatically reposts to IG, Twitter, FB page/groups, LinkedIn etc.

1) I’ve used this social media automation tool for over 5 years and love it. It’s a huge time saver.

It’s on sale this week for 40% off when you sign up for a free trial before November 27th.

  • You can test it out and decide later if you want to upgrade to a paid plan or not, and if so, your upgrade price will be 40% off.

2) I also love this chatbot for Instagram DMs. You can create a conversational sales funnel that automatically sells for you when people DM you on Instagram.

You can set up a ‘trigger word’ – for example “VIP” and then anytime you are on a podcast say “DM me the word VIP to get free access to my toolkit”

Then, when people DM you that word, it triggers your chat bot sales funnel to reply with the access link and any other messages you pre-set.

It’s a slick way to increase sales without you having to manually do anything. You can even use it for anything you sell, even affiliate offers.

I’m not sure if they will have a BFCM sale but check their site in case!

6. Legal Pages

If you own a website it is your legal responsibility to include the correct disclaimers on your 3 required legal pages.

If you don’t have the proper disclaimers on your site you are at risk for fines.

Cover all of your bases with complete copy-and-paste templates created by lawyers.

I can recommend two places to get legal templates.

Other awesome tools that make life as a creator smoother:

Internal Linking Tool

Without the proper internal links linking related content on your site, Google and other search engines will spend less time crawling your site (bad) and lower your chances of higher rankings in SERPS (super bad).

But manually finding and linking everything to the proper anchor words is incredibly time-consuming. And how do you even know the right way to set up your content silos without linking too much?

I use a very smart little plugin to internally link all my content.

Amazon Image Fixes

Amazon is removing its Site Stripe image embed feature, meaning that your affiliate product images are going to disappear from your site, and your affiliate link will break, costing you money.

Fortunately, there are TWO ways to fix this.

Option 1) Have a dedicated tech support team replace all Amazon images that are about to break so that they don’t disappear.

This means your affiliate income won’t disappear with them. Right now you can get this service on sale.

Option 2) Use this plugin to pull new images from your Amazon API.

Adobe Creative Cloud

If you are a creator, Adobe Creative Cloud is a must. It includes Photoshop and InDesign for designing, Premiere for video editing, Lightroom for photo editing, Audition for podcasts, and more.

I also love their new AI image generation tool called ‘Firefly’ and its all included in Creative Cloud!

Acquire an Established, Profitable Online Business

We are featuring huge price drops on profitable online businesses for sale at Niche Investor!

This is your chance to buy an established, revenue-generating website, some with email lists, digital products, ad revenue, and social followings, for the lowest prices they will EVER be.

Plus, un-monetized starter sites are going for as low as $500.

@herpaperroute 5 tools every creator needs for growing a successful digital products business this year. Ive posted all the creator tools that I use and recommend on the HerPaperRoute blog today including “🖤Friday” details – check it out! #digitalproducts #digitalproductscreation #sellingtips #creators #creatortools #businesstools ♬ original sound – Chelsea | HerPaperRoute ✨

​6 Essential Revenue-Boosting Tools For Creators – Conclusion

Thank you for reading and checking out these resources.

I hope you score some excellent tools that will help your business thrive this year.

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