Fix For Amazon Broken Images Site Stripe embeds

Amazon Broken Images Fix For Site Stripe Removal

You may have heard the frustrating news that Amazon is removing its images from Site Stripe feature.

This means that if you are an Amazon affiliate and you ever used their code to embed an Amazon product image on your site, it is going to disappear soon.

But not only that but your site will soon be riddled with images that look like this: 

broken image amazon site stripe fix
Source: The Blog Fixer

This is very annoying – and creators are rightfully freaking out right now. 

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Because not only does this look awful but it’s going to cost you a LOT of money in lost conversions.

But there is a fix!

I can recommend this fix, where dedicated tech support will seamlessly replace all Amazon images that are about to break so that they don’t disappear, meaning your affiliate income won’t disappear with them! 

The team at The Blog Fixer will replicate the exact size and shape of all Image and Text+Image ads, so your formatting will be retained.

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​Alternative Fixes To The Broken Amazon Images Issue

if you don’t want to use a service, you can use a plugin that will pull new images from your Amazon API.

I can recommend this plugin.

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