Christmas Budget Planner Printable To Organize Your Holiday Spending

Christmas Budget Planner Printable To Organize Your Holiday Spending

Make this year different and actually enjoy the holidays. If you’re always running around trying to remember who to buy gifts for and are stressed about money, then this Christmas budget planner printable will be a lifesaver.

Wouldn’t you like to stop overspending and going into debt for gifts?

Or how about keeping everything about Christmas in one organized location, including Christmas meal planning and card lists?

Holiday Budget PDF Worksheets You Can Print At Home

If this sounds like a nice change of pace, then this complete holiday planner will help you stay on top of everything you need to get done.

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Below I’ll go over all of the helpful worksheets and templates included.

Christmas Budgeting Printable Pack

Grab the Christmas Planner here >>

What Is The Christmas Budget Planner?

It’s a printable digital PDF planner whose pages can be mixed and matched to be fully customized to your holiday budgeting needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Worksheets?

Budgeting planners are useful for keeping you and your family accountable for where your money is spent. This one is focused on the Christmas season since this is the time of year when most people overspend.

The worksheets included will help you keep track of your budget, create sinking funds, record expenses and income, track gifts, plan out holiday dinners, and much more!

What’s Included:

The Christmas Budget Planner is available in an easily downloadable PDF format.

  • Binder Cover
  • Binder Spine Labels for 1 in, 1.5 in, and 2 in binders.
  • Holiday Budget Sheet
  • Expense Tracker
  • Sinking Fund Tracker
  • Christmas Gift Planning Form
  • Christmas Card List Sheet
  • Holiday Event List Tracker
  • Christmas Eve Plan Template
  • Christmas Plan Template
  • Blank November, December, and January calendars
  • To-Do List
  • Notes Page
  • Christmas Meal Planning Tracker
  • Shopping List
  • Holiday Recipe Card
  • BONUS: 5 Christmas Cash Envelopes

Additional Features

  • The planner is undated so you can reuse the worksheets every year.
  • Standard US letter size printing.
  • Unique planner design you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Includes a 3rd party print release so you can have the document printed professionally for personal use.

What Additional Supplies Are Needed?

Honestly, any binder you have laying around will do. I recommend a 1-inch binder and some colorful pens to write in it with.


How To Assemble The Christmas Budget Planner

If you already make a normal monthly or biweekly budget, then a holiday budget is simply an extension of that. It is a temporary detailed budget since there are typically more than usual expenses.

I recommend checking out the budgeting for beginners post if you’re brand new at budgeting. This will give you solid base knowledge.

Making a successful budget specifically for the holiday season involves accounting for EVERY expense that could pop up, including coworker parties and gifting events.

1) Download The File

After getting the printable document here, download the file and unzip the document.

2) Print The Pages You Need

Look through the worksheets to see if you want to use them all. Some people may only want the budgeting sheets whereas others may want to use the meal planning and gift planning lists too.

Once you’ve decided, you can choose to print your planner at home OR have it sent to a professional printer such as Fedex. The third-party print release is included in order to allow them to print it for you.

Keep in mind, as you fill up a template, you can reprint it again and again so you’ll never run out of space to record items.

3) Assemble The Binder

Hole punch the worksheets and put the cover and spine labels in the binder slots. Alternatively, you could have the entire binder spiral bound into a book format.

Super simple!

Don’t forget to check out this post about the Christmas cash envelopes.

How Do You Use The Christmas Planner?

Once your Christmas binder is assembled, you can follow along with the templates to keep track of your entire holiday season.

Below are descriptions of each page you’ll get in the planner.

1. Cover Page

After printed, place in the front pocket of your binder.

2. Binder Spine Labels

Make even the side of your binder themed by cutting out the size label you need. Page includes spine label for 1 in, 1.5 in, and 2 in.

3. Holiday Budget Worksheet

This is a quick glance overview of your month’s budget. Include monthly income and expenses.

4. Expense Tracker

This tracker is where you’ll record all of your spending. Reprint as many sheets as you need as you fill up the page.

5. Sinking Funds Block Color-in Page

A simple sinking fund coloring page made out of blocks. At the top, put the sinking fund’s category and goal amount. Then write how much each empty block is valued. As you save the money, color in the appropriate squares.

6. Christmas Gift Planning List

List the names of everyone you want to get gifts for this year and ideas. Once you know how many people you want to buy for, set the budget for their present.

7. Christmas Card List

Keep track of everyone you want to send holiday cards to. Record when you send the cards so that you don’t forget anyone.

8. Holiday Event Tracker

Have everyone in the family write down the holiday events in their lives so you don’t accidentally forget one.

9. Christmas Eve Plan Outline

An easy way to plan out everything you need to get done on Christmas Eve. Includes a schedule and to-do list.

10. Christmas Day Plan Overview

Just like the plan above, this one is focused on Christmas Day.

11. Monthly Calendars

Blank monthly calendars for November, December, and January for you to keep track of everything by date. I suggest color-coding categories such as bills due, events, and shopping days.

12. To-Do List Template

A general holiday to-do list page organized into categories. Check off the boxes as you complete the tasks.

13. Notes Page

A lined notes page to write extra details on.

14. Christmas Meal Planning

This page makes it easy to plan out your holiday meals. Write your meal budget at the top and then everything you need for the main, sides, and beverages.

15. Grocery Shopping List

Shopping list page with checkboxes broken down into different categories.

16. Recipe Card

A blank recipe page you can write down favorite recipes on and give to your guests. Also great to use to store all of your holiday recipes on in your binder.

17. Holiday Money Envelopes

These bonus Christmas cash envelopes can be used for both sinking funds and budgeting. To assemble, cut them out and tape along the edges.

Each envelope is labeled with a different budgeting category. The envelope back has a tracker that you can add and subtract from so that you can know how much is in there without needing to recount.

Where Can I Get A Copy Of The Christmas Budget Planner?

Head to the Money Tamer Printables Shop and add it to your cart. Be sure to check out all of the other budgeting printables before you check out.

Printable Christmas Budget Worksheets – Overview

If you want this Christmas season to have less stress and more organization, then this Holiday Planner is a great choice. It is designed to help you keep everything trackable in one easy-to-carry binder.

If you’ve purchased the Christmas Budget Planner, let me know how it helped you over the holidays.

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