Read This Before You Fire Your Boss To Become An Entrepreneur


Before you fire your boss to quit your job to blog full-time, read this. 

You may have to manage your time and your attitude as an employee for a little while yet and that’s OK. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a bit of preparation.

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How To Manage The Stress Of Working For Someone Else, Before You Go Self-Employed

Here are some entrepreneur tips to manage the stress and despair of having to go to work for someone else (before you fire your boss!)


Before You Fire Your Boss

Having to work a job as an employee for someone else can be stressful, soul-sucking and leave you filled with doubt, but it is often a necessary stepping stone to fund your own blog and business while you are growing it.

If it is your first day at a new job, no matter what kind of job you are working, whether it is some minimum wage one which you need to survive for the moment or a job you’ve been looking for since you can remember and is actually your passion, both can come with the very primal fear of instability.

It’s easy to say that “worrying only means you have to suffer twice”, but we just so happen to be hard-wired in a way that makes most of us worry about things. It is how it is, and while it’s not as simple as “stopping worrying”, there are a few things you can do to minimize that stress.

Take It In Stride


Sometimes we are forced to work in jobs that we hate, for bosses who are difficult. This can cause stress, and leave you worrying about the job and its duties – when really all you want to think about is your own business.

Issues at work come up, problems happen, fires need putting out. Before you start worrying about every single little thing, take a deep breath, stay cool and handle what needs handling, while remembering that you won’t be in the job forever. You have an end goal, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though it isn’t your own company, you still need to put on a brave face for the sake of the paycheque that will get you out. If there is a stressful problem at work that needs your attention, go and do some reading on the problem at hand.


Act Like You Care

When I was starting one of my companies a few years back, I needed some cash to fund the start-up costs, so I took a job in a showroom. The job required that I greet potential customers while updating the company’s website.

Hardly any people came into this business, and the website updates were minimal, so 90% of my day was freed up to work on my laptop developing my own company. It was the perfect way to be paid an hourly wage by someone else, to work on my own business.

Whenever the boss would come by, of course, I had to make it look like I was working on his business.

As entrepreneurs, it’s hard to care about someone elses’ business when you are just an employee, or another cog in their wheel. But remember why you took this job in the first place (to fund your own business while it grows), and do your best to pretend that you care about theirs.

Due to our very nature, it is impossible for anyone to act “perfectly”, or at least perfectly in your employer’s eyes. Even if you are intending to quit and go pro in your own business soon, your current boss doesn’t need to know it yet.

It’s important to display traits which show commitment and reliability in order to create a strong first impression within the first few weeks of your new workplace.

Later on down the line, even if you make a few mistakes, or come in late once or twice, your manager will know that generally you are a responsible, hard-working person, who would not come in late for no reason, or would not miss days of work with little reason. Getting in the management’s good books can work wonders.

You got this!

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