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How To Make A Blog GDPR Compliant (Step By Step)

How To Make A Blog GDPR Compliant: Have you been hearing about the GDPR laws? The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) became law May 25th.

This legislation affects everyone worldwide who runs a website or does any kind of email marketing where European citizens may be subscribed or contacted.

No matter what YOUR nationality is! Read on to discover how to protect your blog and list to be within the laws.

How To Make A Blog GDPR Compliant

This regulation in EU law is of data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

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This includes your mail list, how you manage subscribers / opt-in forms and even the cookies and plugins you may have on your website.

Anywhere that EU citizens may be browsing or subscribing it’s is your duty to be within the GDPR laws.

The fines for not being GDPR compliant are in the millions!


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So, no matter where you are located, it’s time to make your blog and online business GDPR compliant.

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, I promise!

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Note: The information on this page is a general overview of available public information related to GDPR. I am not a lawyer, so consulting your own legal advisor about your business when it comes to such matters as this is always recommended.

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How Do You Collect Subscribers?

First, you need to look into how you collect subscribers, and you need to make it crystal clear that when someone signs up, they understand how their information will be used.

Make sure that all of your opt-in forms/landing pages clearly state that when someone enters their email, they are subscribing to your list.

Add a checkbox as an extra reminder for people.

You can also use a double opt-in aka ‘confirm your email’ email, before receiving any freebies from you.

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GDPR Makes Everyone A Better Email Marketer

Being GDPR compliant, and applying the regulations to everyone on your mailing list (not just your EU subscribers) is good for everyone.

When you make a blog GDPR compliant, you will not only ‘cover your butt’ but it will also make you a better blogger and email marketer overall.

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So, here are the main things you need to be aware of to make a blog GDPR compliant:

The Right To Be Forgotten

The right to be forgotten is a GDPR mandate that allows subscribers to ask to delete all of the data associated with them.

  • Make sure put an unsubscribe link in your email footer
  • Let your subscribers know they can unsubscribe at any time, and that they can contact you to request that you remove all of their information and data

Proof Of Subscriber Consent

You need to have proof that your EU subscribers consented to join your mailing list, by way of a time stamp. This information will solidify your documentation of where, when and at what time subscribers consented.

  • Use a double opt-in where they must confirm their subscription to join your list, and to receive the opt-in incentive.
  • ConvertKit signup forms automatically create the proof of consent by capturing the IP address, location, date, time, and the source of the consent form.


Identifying EU Citizens

You need to be able to identify EU citizens on your list.

ConvertKit provides a rule in the subscriber filter where you can sort your subscribers by location, to help easily sort GDPR subscribers.


Your Disclosure And Privacy Pages

You need to update your ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Privacy’ pages to mention that you are GDPR compliant, and explain how.

I recommend that you purchase the Website Legal Bundle which gives you fill-in-the-blank templates for your disclosure, privacy and terms and conditions pages – all drafted by a lawyer.

These documents include the GDPR notes you need to be within the laws.

Your Website Cookies

Oftentimes plugins will store cookies on your site without you being aware of. With the new GDPR law, you need to now be aware of them!

This free plugin has you covered:

Make A Blog GDPR Compliant – GDPR Checklist

If you follow these basic steps to make a blog GDPR compliant, you should have the right bases covered.

Always consult with your own legal counsel, as well as the official GDPR website for more information.

In a nutshell, to make a blog GDPR complaint:

  • When you offer a freebie opt-in incentive or have any kind of subscribe form, it should be clear as day for everyone that by giving their email, they are signing up to your mail list
  • Your subscribers must consent to receive emails from you, and be happy to receive emails from you.
  • If they aren’t happy receiving your emails, they are given clear directions to unsubscribe
  • If a subscriber requests to have their information deleted, you do so willingly
  • You have a clear GDPR statement in your Privacy page.

Check out This GDPR checklist for more information on being GDPR compliant.

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