Sendible: Monitor Competitors Social Media Marketing Tool 1

Sendible: Monitor Competitors Social Media Marketing Tool

Monitor Your Brand (And Competitors!) On Social Media With Sendible: I have started using a social media tool called Sendible recently, and I am kicking myself for not using it sooner because it is proving to be an essential element of my social media strategy now.

The amount of time this app has saved me, along with the incredible amount of value I’ve gotten out of it is substantial.

How To Monitor Your Competitors On Social Media

Before I get into the details of sharing all that Sendible can do, first let me give you a free trial of the app so that instead of just reading along, you can follow along and experience it for yourself.

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Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |

What Can Sendible Do For You And Your Business?

Sendible is a powerful all-in-one social media marketing tool that can do everything that the other social media tools can do, but better. Plus it does even more, offering insights, features, and applications that before now I hadn’t thought was possible.

This is an extremely sophisticated app, while still managing to be extremely user-friendly.

So whether you are a veteran or a complete newb when it comes to online content monitoring and creation – you will be able to get the hang of the tool with ease.

More Social Media Integrations Than Any Other Tool

Connect to just about any social network including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Plus you have direct access to Canva, Google Drive, YouTube and Dropbox so all of your content is in one place, for on-the-fly edits, wherever you are.

Sendible makes it easy to effectively engage with your audience, monitor your brand and track results from one dashboard. No other tools needed. Getting started takes less than 60 seconds.


Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |


Here are just some of the things that Sendible can do for you and your business:

Organize Your Many Social Feeds Into One

One thing I found frustrating with other social media content monitoring tools is having scattered tabs of notifications from all of my many social accounts. Having messages all over the place made things messy, and I was more likely to miss the important ones.

Sendible solved this common issue that plagues other apps, by streamlining your messages and notifications from all of your accounts into one, clean, organized stream, organized by date.

Once you land on your new streamlined social inbox, you can identify which notifications are most important, set reminders, respond to your engagements and never again miss another important message.


Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |

Automate Your Social Media Strategy

Something many business owners struggle with when it comes to running a social media strategy effectively is that social media takes so much dang time!

Sendible saves you time and effort by automating the process of repetitive tasks on Twitter and Instagram to rapidly drive follower growth.

Your Twitter Strategy, On Auto-Pilot

With Sendible you can easily generate leads on Twitter by automating responses to brand mentions, hashtags and welcoming your new followers in a professional, effective manner.

Your Instagram Strategy, On Auto-Pilot

Easily configure Instagram automation tools to like relevant photos and follow their creators, which will boost your engagement and find you new followers interested in your niche.

Sendible allows you to keep your Instagram profile clean by automatically unfollowing those who don’t follow you back.


Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |

Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation

Simplify the process of monitoring your brand’s image by easily tracking your brand mentions. If someone says something about you or your brand, you will know about it, with up to the minute updates. You don’t even have to be logged in to your dashboard, if there is a mention of you, Sendible will send you an alert immediately via email or slack.

Sendible constantly monitors conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other website. This includes what’s being said about your brand on blogs, in the news, and in comments. Even if a good (or bad!) review is posted about you on Yelp – you will be alerted, so that you can respond right away.

But not only that, you can set Sendible to monitor mentions of your competitors too, so that you can stay one step ahead of them at all times.

Swoop In On New Leads Instantly, Across The Entire Internet

Use this same tracking feature to track hashtags so that whenever someone mentions the product or service you happen to provide, you will be right there to sell it to them.

Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |

Schedule, Post, And Curate Evergreen Content In Seconds

Keep your accounts actively posting, and repeating your ‘evergreen content’ for as long as you like so you are constantly generating new leads and traffic.

Drag-and-drop visual editors make creating and publishing content simple, while integration with Canva adds seamless, professional-looking graphics to your posts.

Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |

Discover And Automate The Best Content To Share

Something really cool and unique about Sendible is that it offers some pretty advanced content curation tools that will recommend buzz-worthy articles and re-share-worthy tidbits related to your niche, to keep your audience interested, engaged and coming back for more.

Sendible Will Even Write Original Articles For You

Sendible has an amazing SEO Article Creation tool that will write SEO-rich original content for you that you can publish to your blog and social profiles as if you were the one who wrote it!

“Our SEO Article Creation feature allows business owners to order a steady stream of original, SEO-driven blog articles delivered to your Sendible account, ready to be published to your blog as if you wrote it yourself. For agencies, it adds an additional way to support your clients and provide an even fuller solution to their social media and content needs. Generate additional revenue from existing clients by offering them the option to have customized content delivered to their content libraries.” – Gavin Hammar, Sendible founder.


Look at how easy it is to use the Sendible SEO Article Creation tool!

This is how you can subscribe to monthly blog articles, created just for you, rich in SEO and delivered straight to your Sendible account:

  1. From your Sendible account, select My Content from the Content (top main menu)
  2. Click the Add Content button
  3. You will see a pop-up menu with 4 options, as seen below


Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |


4. Select the Original Content option and choose your preferred content plan

5. The relevant article credits will be added to your content account

6. Now you can simply order your articles every month by following the same process, but now you will see this form when you hit Select:


Sendible - Social Media Marketing Tools |


7. Remember to add your selected SEO keywords to the description to make sure your article is searchable and ready for Google! Not just the backlinks to your site.

On Top Of All This, Sendible Provides Insightful, Detailed Analytical Reports

When you use Sendible, you will have up-to-the-minute in-depth reports on how your content and accounts are performing.

Analyze your reach, audience growth and engagement, while integrating Google Analytics to track what networks are driving the best traffic.

All Of These Features And More, Included In An All-In-One Dashboard

Sendible has taken what other various social media marketing apps have done, improved on them, compiled them into ONE efficient app and then added even more features, giving you an overall complete social media marketing super-tool.

This, from a content creator’s standpoint, is freaking amazing.

Pretty amazing, right?

To get started using Sendible, claim your FREE 30 day trial now!

In Conclusion, Sendible Allows You To:

  • Publish to social media platform, and the most popular blogging platforms
  • Recycle your never-expiring posts and offers via evergreen recycling
  • Curate the best content for your niche
  • Let Sendible write SEO-driven original content for you, which you can post to your blog as if you wrote it yourself
  • Automate repetitive social media tasks
  • Automate Twitter responses to brand mentions, hashtags and welcoming your new followers
  • Automate Instagram to like relevant photos and follow their creators
  • Configure Instagram to automatically unfollow your non-followers
  • Monitor mentions of your brand, your competitors, and hashtags
  • Track your performance with in-depth analytics reports
  • And More!

Start your free Sendible trial now!





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