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Monetized Travel Blog For Sale: 14k Social Followers & Email List

Monetized travel blog for sale: Did you know that you can buy a travel blog, and skip the process of growing one from the ground up entirely?

Buying a travel blog is a great way to save time and enter the travel blogging industry.

Inside But Away is a luxury travel blog that just hit the marketplace.

In this article, I’ll share details all about this travel blog for sale! Have a look at all of the available listings here

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Luxury Travel Blog For Sale With 14,000 Social Followers and Email List

For sale is “Inside But Away,” a six-year-old travel blog known for its focus on luxury travel, hotels, and spas globally.

With a social media following of 12,900 fans and an email list of 1,500 subscribers, this content site is ready for a new owner.

Originally launched as Luxurious Lifestyles in 2017, it includes the former domain

The blog features high-quality content exclusively written by an award-winning travel writer. This content encompasses a variety of destinations including Canada, Costa Rica, the U.S., England, Ireland, France, Italy, and various Asian countries.

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It’s particularly noted for its engaging articles and guides, offering insightful perspectives on luxurious travel experiences.

The included social media accounts (Facebook page and group, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter) collectively have over 12,000 followers, with the Instagram account alone attracting more than 5,000 followers.

This diverse and dedicated audience base underscores the blog’s appeal in the lifestyle and travel niche.

5K Instagram account included:

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instagram account included in travel blog for sale

In terms of monetization, the site has recently begun earning through affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates, and Adsense, with a monthly visitor count of 429 and a Domain Authority of 19.

The website is primed for revenue generation, offering numerous opportunities for affiliate commissions from travel bookings and local adventures.

The potential for growth is significant. Prospective owners can expand the range of content, boost community interaction, integrate more affiliate links into existing posts, and explore additional revenue streams like online courses, sponsorships, or exclusive memberships.

Acquiring a well-established travel website like “Inside But Away” presents a unique opportunity. It offers a ready-made platform with a loyal audience, quality content, and diverse monetization avenues.

This makes it an ideal investment for those looking to enter the lucrative world of travel blogging, leverage existing content for revenue generation, and capitalize on the growing trend of luxury travel.

With its strong foundation, the blog is well-positioned for future growth and success in the thriving travel industry.

The website comes with a blog in the hot travel niche, covering city guides, traveling, making money while traveling/being a digital nomad, traveling gear, and so on.

The posts are monetized with Adsense, Amazon and affiliate links.

Included In The Sale Of This Website:

  • 2 Domains
  • Website files (WordPress)
  • Socials: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter (over 12,900 followers)
  • 1,200 list subscribers
  • Several custom designed branded graphics, social cards and Pinterest pins
  • 30 day post-sale support to answer questions

This is a professional self-hosted WordPress website for sale, indexed in Google, and uses SSL security certificate.

The blog content is all related to travel, hotels, spa resorts, vacations, and adventure.


This website requires very little maintenance.

All that is required is to add new blog posts from time to time, reply to sponsored post emails, post on social media and focus on marketing the website.


There are no expenses to run this blog for sale, aside from regular website expense of the cost of web hosting.

No marketing efforts have been made to this website yet.

I would suggest that the new owner utilize Pinterest as part of their marketing strategy to bring traffic to the site.

See my other current blogs for sale. As well, sign up to be notified and I will let you know when my next blog for sale is available, here.

travel blog for sale

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