Creating The Perfect Workstation When Working From Home


When you tell someone you work from home, they almost always respond with “how do you not get distracted?”. The truth is, many people do get distracted at home, which is why a perfect workstation is absolutely essential.

The key is getting into the mindset that your house is now your place of work. Sure, sitting in bed doing work is very chilled and relaxing, but are you at your most productive when you’re in bed?

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Creating The Perfect Workstation Is Key When Working From Home

Of course, you’re not, and it’s very easy to get distracted and do less work. If you’re running a blog or working from home as a freelancer, then time is money. The less time you spend working, the less money you’ll end up earning.

Creating a professional work environment in the house is the key to working better and making more money. Keeping all of this in mind, how can you create the perfect workstation at home?

Creating The Perfect Workstation Is Key When Working From Home - Home Office Before And After |

Set Up A Mini Office

The first thing you should do is get out of bed, stay away from your comfy sofa, and set up a little office area in your home. If you have a spare room, then that’s perfect, it can become your new office. If not, then find a quiet corner in a quiet room, and get yourself a desk, chair, and other essentials.

Having a designated area to do work will help you get into the productive mindset.

Wayfair, Wayfair Canada, and Joss&Main are both excellent places to get furniture for your home office. They have beautiful furniture in a variety of styles and the best part is shipping is free!


Creating The Perfect Workstation Is Key When Working From Home - Home Office Before And After |


Another stellar source for stylish home office furniture and decor is Houzz! Check out their Halifax Cabinet which is fantastic Ikea Alex alternative!

houzz halifax cabinet ikea alex alternative Creating The Perfect Workstation Is Key When Working From Home - Home Office Before And After |

I Recently Set Up My Home Office

After months of blogging from bed, I finally got around to fixing up a proper workstation for my home business. It’s amazing what a few coats of paint can do to a spare room! Check out the before and after:

Home Office Before And After |

Optimize Your Equipment

Having the right setup is only one part of the battle. It’s all well and good having a nice computer, but does it work as well as it should?

There are IT companies out there that can help you speed up a computer and make it more efficient. This is essential for your home office as it means you can work faster, with fewer disruptions. Also, make sure all your devices connect to one another for a seamless transition if you’re on the move. Optimizing your equipment means you’ll work a lot better at home.


Create An Ergonomic Working Position

Next, you need to ensure your workstation is set up ergonomically. This means it puts you in a position that’s natural and comfortable for your body. You won’t get a sore back or neck and can sit and work without nagging pain. Again, this helps you work more effectively and allows you to get more stuff done every day.


Block Out Annoying Sounds

If you work in a spare room, then you can try soundproofing it to prevent annoying sounds from getting under your skin. There’s nothing worse than trying to work and hearing a loud sound that keeps distracting you. If you don’t work in a spare room, and your desk is just in the corner of a random room, then buy some noise canceling headphones. They’ll do the same job, and ensure you can work in peace.

Now, you will have the perfect workstation in your home. This is the ideal setup for anyone that blogs for a living, does freelance work, or even runs their own home business. For 7 tips on how to make your home business appear as professional as possible, you must read this!




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