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Debbie Gartner Paying Off Debt, Earning $20,000 M/O Blogging

In today’s episode of the HerPaperRoute podcast, Debbie Gartner aka The Flooring Girl joins us.

She reveals how she uses SEO to earn $20k per month with her blog and gets 500k monthly page views!

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Incredibly, Debbie is paying off her $238k debt with her blog and digital products. She has some clever SEO strategies and blogger encouragement to share with you.

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Learn how this blogger is making major dents in her debt using her creative passions to make passive income as a blogger.

Debbie Gartner SEO Tips For $20K Months & Paying Off Debt By Blogging. How to make 20k monthly with a blog

How This Blogger uses SEO to earn $20k per month and Gets 500k Blog page views

Debbie Gartner goes by the name The Flooring Girl. She runs a successful hardwood flooring and interior design business.

Her blog gets over half a million monthly page views, earning her over $20,000 per month, thanks to her own SEO techniques, which she details in her books and courses.

Debbie is now known in the blogging community as a go-to SEO resource for her clever strategies and helpful traffic tips.

She is on the podcast today to shine some light on something that is always the hardest part of blogging for many: and that is how to get more traffic!

What we chat about in this podcast episode:

  • What Debbie does with her SEO strategy, to get consistent 500k monthly pageviews
  • What you should be focused on, to grow your blog traffic right now
  • SEO basics that every blogger needs to know
  • How bloggers can improve the ranking of an old blog post
  • Critical SEO mistakes to avoid
  • The best way to speed up a slow loading web page
  • How does Pinterest play into a solid SEO strategy?
  • Once a blog is getting significant traffic, how do we keep it consistent and increasing over time?
  • And more!

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PotPieGirl’s Book

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