7 habits that are ruining your life how to fix them

7 Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Life

Let’s address the everyday habits that are ruining your life.

Many of us, if not all of us have certain toxic habits that are ruining our lives, our mental health, and overall success.

I want to make sure that you aren’t doing any of the habits mentioned on this list.

On this site, I want you to be successful, happy, to look your best, to fight your inner “demons” and to have the confidence to do whatever you want in life.

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So, here is the list of everyday habits ruining your life and how you can stop them from doing so.

7 Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Life

1. Being on your phone 24/7.

The first habit that is probably ruining your life, and you’re most likely doing it right now, is spending too much time on your phone.

I get it, it has never been easier to be on your phone.

But you’ve got to control that screen time. If you go to the settings on your phone, it literally tells you how much time you’ve spent on it.

You’ll be blown away.

And I’m guilty of this habit too.

This is something that I struggle with every single day because Mental Style Project is on my phone and desktop. I’m into social media a lot, I’m checking out what my friends are doing… It’s a lot.

There is always new information. If I close my phone and pick it right back up and refresh my feed, there is a new Instagram feed or a new FB feed.

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The world keeps going, there are new notifications, new things popping up every single second.

The point is, it’s pretty easy to find an excuse to keep being on your phone 24/7.

But you have to remember, there is a life outside the little, bright screen in front of you. Whether is being active, going outside with your friends or partner, you get the point.

2. Being lazy.

The second thing on our list of everyday habits that are ruining your life is laziness. Lacking the motivation to do just about anything.

It’s really important to work on being motivated to get things done.

You may be in the habit of binge-watching Netflix all day long. Watching shows once in a while is totally fine, but not if other things in your life aren’t being cared for first.

Try to think of things you enjoy, and find a passion project.

Try and think of something that inspires you, that gives you that passion that everyone craves, and use that as fuel to really get things done.

3. Watching TV all day.

As I said, the content nowadays is ENDLESS.

We’re talking hundreds upon hundreds of shows, series, movies, podcasts, YouTube videos. You’re starting to feel a little tired and decide to sit down, relax, and watch an episode or two of your favorite series.

And out of a sudden, you finish the whole season in one night, or you start watching an informative video on YouTube and you find yourself watching: “Top 10 most bizarre animals” or something like that.

It can get really addictive. The time seems to fade away.

But you have to set a time for that, don’t spend ALL day watching TV.

Here’s how I view it that might help you: I consider it like a reward. I do like watching series on Netflix, who doesn’t, honestly?

So, I make sure to get things done throughout the day, and then I can reward myself. You should do the same.

Set your goal for the day, work on achieving it, and then reward yourself.

4. Focusing too Much on others.

Successful people practice boundaries and good habits for personal growth. The habit of focusing on others’ lives instead of yours is definitely ruining a lot of lives.

Focusing on other people, focusing on the drama and things that are coming from other sides, that have nothing to do with your life.

Sometimes it can be entertaining to look at someone else’s life, to see what’s going on, but don’t let that take control of your life.

This doesn’t just go for celebrities, I’m talking about a friend, or a friend of a friend or about people that you think you know, and all of a sudden you’re gossiping.

Let all of these go, and start worrying about your life and how you can improve it.

5. Obsessing over the gym.

Next on the list is something that I’m the most guilty of, and it’s obsessing over your body at the gym.

A few years ago, after a breakup, I was literally living in the gym, going 7 days a week, and some days going twice at the gym.

I weighed all of my food, I tracked (or at least I tried to) all the calories that I was burning and consuming, so I could be as precise as I could.

And if we view it from a physique perspective, I was at my best. But, this got me feeling really awful on the inside.

I was constantly worrying about how other people viewed me, and since I was tracking every single calorie that I consumed, I had food and social anxiety.

I didn’t want to go out with my friends because I didn’t want to eat food that I couldn’t measure.

The thing is, you shouldn’t obsess over your body unless that’s your job, or you’re a bodybuilder and competing, then I get it.

But, if it’s a hobby and you just wanna look good and feel healthy, don’t obsess about every single pound or every inch, and don’t weigh yourself and your food every single second.

It is not healthy for your mind. Food anxiety is a real thing and can really damage your mental health.

6. Procrastinating.

This is something that we all do, it’s a habit that will literally ruin your life. Procrastination is probably the #1 thing killing your motivation and goals.

The reason is, it’s so easy to make an excuse, to say:

  • “I’m gonna do that later, I don’t feel like doing it right now”
  • “My back hurts right now, I’ll work out tomorrow”
  • or “I’m hungry now, I’ll eat and I’ll write an article later

The thing is, we humans are experts in making excuses and getting our way out of a difficult situation, and going straight into our comfort zone.

But, the reality is that it has to get done, so why push it back? Just get it over with now.

Tomorrow or “later” comes and you’ll find excuses to push it back again.

This can only lead you to feel awful about yourself and can cause you stress and anxiety, because the thing that you’re postponing all the time will be in the back of your head, “haunting” you.

So do not procrastinate, try to get things done as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your day/ life.

Read: How to motivate yourself.

7. Drinking soda.

As kids, we were drinking soda all the time, we just didn’t care.

It’s something that you don’t even realize has negative effects on your body.

If you’re drinking soda every day, or a few of times a week, it isn’t good for your body.

It has a lot of sugar, it isn’t fulfilling as it contains “empty” calories, which means no proteins, no essential carbs, no fiber, nothing, Just processed sugar.

Drinking soda every once in a while is fine but you feel so much better when you cut it out completely.

7 Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Life – Conclusion

Once you stop doing these everyday habits that are ruining your life, you will feel amazing.

For more tips on how to balance mental health as an entrepreneur, read this.

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